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Crypton Fabric Technology
Crypton began as a problem-solving idea: creating fabric that was stain, moisture and bacteria resistant, yet soft
and breathable. The only options before Crypton were sticky vinyls and hot, rough, unpleasant-to-touch treated
fabrics. Armed with decades of experience in the textile industry as well as advice and assistance from
researchers, chemists and textile engineers, the Rubins set to work on that clearly defined problem in the
basement of their Michigan home. The eureka moment came in 1993 with the development of Crypton Super
Fabrics, which the Rubins protected with multiple global patents. Fast forward over twenty years, 16 patents
later, Crypton has become a household name. This American Made fabric has been used by top brands all over
the country. From La-z-Boy to ABC Home and Carpet, to Raymour and Flannigan to the Hilton Hotel chain,
Crypton’s innovative fabric has changed the way consumers and families live.
Crypton manufactures textiles through a process that transforms every woven fiber for permanent moisture,
stain, bacteria and odor resistance. It also creates an integrated breathable barrier beneath those fibers, resulting
in a perfect, impenetrable shield. As a result, Crypton Super Fabrics always perform as promised. They feel
wonderful to the touch, and are available in an array of patterns, colors and textures for a wide variety of
interior and exterior uses.
Crypton offers a range of consumer fabrics in textures such as woven, print, suede, leather and velvet, and
products ranging from upholstery to furniture, pillows, Throvers, pet beds, aprons and more. The range of
applications continues to grow, including Crypton Outdoor, an interior/exterior fabric; and INCASE Crypton
Technology, which is a fabric treatment that offers the same stain and odor
protection, but is used in applications where a barrier is not required.
Crypton’s introduction and the Rubins’ marketing savvy have generated an entirely new category of upholstery
options, achieving unprecedented growth. Designers who use Crypton tend to be loyal customers, often giving
Crypton the highest marks for fabric performance. According to a 2009 study conducted by Interior Design
magazine, Crypton increased the brand’s familiarity 28 percent in the contract fabric market and 31 percent in
the residential fabric market from 2008 – 2009.



Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique Offers Safe and Comfortable Environment with a Wide Array of Pet Grooming Products & Services
Premiere Pet Groomerie and Boutique Offers Selection, Technology, and Knowledge of a Large Pet Store With the Passion and Dedication of a Small Grooming Business
St. Petersburg, FL – October 8, 2014 –  Splash and Dash for Dogs (http://splashanddashfordogs.com) is one of America’s go-to sources for all things pet-related. Priding itself on being a big box pet store, yet remaining personable and compassionate like a mom and pop business, Splash and Dash implements the best of both worlds to customers globally.
“With a connection to customers being an integral part of the company’s business model, Splash and Dash created a signature bath membership, where members pay a monthly premium to bring in their pets for unlimited bathing and brushing,” says CEO Dan J. Barton. “Along with this, members also get the opportunity to receive other grooming services as well.”
At a three-year growth rate of over 2000% annually, Splash and Dash for Dogs is featured as one of Inc. 500’s America’s Fastest Growing Companies for 2014.
As an innovator in the PET Industry, Splash and Dash offers the following services as well:
·         Pet taxi – Splash and Dash will pick up your dog and bring them home after. They even pick up items from their pet store boutique for clients. This is perfect for those with disabilities.
·         One Stop Shop - They offer all the services and products you need in one location.  Whether you are looking for dog grooming with nail polish or an embellished collar, you will find it there.
·         Free Online Training – Splash and Dash’s online courses will teach you about dog nutrition. This will help you to ensure you are feeding your pets the food they need to be truly healthy.
·         100% Money Back Guarantee - This is their Founder’s Promise. Every product or dog service in their pet store comes with a money back guarantee from founder, Dan J. Barton.
·         Technology – Splash & Dash embraces technology that improves their customer’s experience in the pet store.
·         Rotational Diet Experts - They believe a rotational diet is the healthiest option for your dog.  Splash and Dash can assist you with getting your dog on this diet.
·         10 Point Wellness Review - This is an exclusive Splash and Dash service that looks at 10 key points of your pet’s wellness including: teeth, gums, mouth, skin, coat, overall physique, behavior, eyes, ears and nose.  You will get a print-out showing you the overall wellness as well as suggestions for how to improve this.
·         Pet IQ Tracking - You will get updates throughout your dog’s visit to Splash and Dash so you will know right where they are in the process.
The boutique offers a wide selection of goods and products for customers including: dog food, cat food, collars, leashes, beds, bowls, treats, chews, toys and wellness products.
Currently, Splash and Dash is offering franchise opportunities for aspiring business owners in the pet industry (which is currently bringing in a yearly revenue close to $60 BILLION). While other franchises have a strict division between franchisors and franchisees, Splash and Dash are your partner in success, as they have created an atmosphere designed for mutual growth and success. With this opportunity, franchisees receive powerful branding, proven marketing materials, expert training, a recurring revenue model, and the lowest franchise costs in the industry.
Splash and Dash currently has locations in: California, Connecticut, Florida, Indiana, Maine, New York, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Texas, Utah and Australia.

BIOGRAPHY - Dr Roger Mugford

Dr Mugford obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree in Zoology and Psychology in 1968, followed by a Doctor of Philosophy Degree from the University of Hull in 1973, where he studied aggression in animals. Subsequently, he studied at the University of Pennsylvania in the USA and began research on the behavior of dogs and cats, again with a particular interest in their social and aggressive behavior.

After 9 years' full time research with Mars Inc. who manufacture pet foods, Roger began an applied referral practice (at The Animal Behaviour Centre, Surrey, UK) to service the needs of veterinary surgeons and their clients having problems with their pets. In the 32 years of this practice, more than 80,000 pets have been seen, in the UK, France and elsewhere.

Dr Mugford is widely known in the veterinary profession and beyond for his work in animal behavioral therapy and is a frequent contributor to International Symposia, books, radio and TV programs about dogs and cats. In particular, he is generally regarded as an authority on aggression in dogs. On several occasions each year, Roger teaches applied animal behavior at veterinary schools such as the 5 British Veterinary Schools, at Hannover, Oslo, Shanghai and Barcelona Vet.Schools.

Dr Mugford has written three books, "Dr. Mugford's Casebook" (Hutchinson 1991) ; "Dog Training the Mugford Way" (Hutchinson 1992) and in 2013 his latest book,” The Perfect Dog” was published by Hamlyn in both N. America and UK.

In addition to his interests in behavior therapy, Roger has invented and commercialised a number of accessories designed to restrain or in other ways improve the behavior of dogs. He is best known for invention of the HALTI headcollar, which was the first of its kind in a new product category. There have been other inventions after the HALTI, such as the CLIX range of training products and more recently important safety accessories for dealing with aggressive dogs : the Pet Corrector sound aerosol and the treat-friendly Baskerville Ultra muzzle.

The Company of Animals was formed in the UK in 1979, but is now represented in over 40 countries. Key markets for their unique training products are across all of Europe ,in Canada, Australia and Japan. In the United States, the company distributed the HALTI via Coastal Pet for almost 20 years, but in 2010 formed a wholly owned LLC subsidiary in Bridgeport Conn. It has seen dramatic growth of all brands in the USA and Roger takes great pleasure in spreading a more gentle and British approach to training dogs in America, where the widespread use of shock collars, choke chains and macho methods still distinguishes the two cultures.    

As founder of "The Company of Animals", Roger has near constant contact with owners, trainers, veterinarians and others whose concern is the welfare or reform of problem pets. Both the Animal Behaviour Centre and the Company of Animals are based upon a farm where a wide variety of domestic species are maintained, some for the purpose of animal-assisted psycho-therapy with disabled and learning-impaired visitors.

Dr Mugford is proud to maintain a link with his Devonshire farming heritage and personally takes care of a herd of 70 Pedigree South Devon cattle, 100 sheep, horses, Llamas and more: Ruxbury Farm is a busy and varied place to find work and pleasure amongst animals.

Roger is a Patron to the charity Dogs for the Disabled and a trustee to the charities Medical Detection Dogs and the Pet Care Trust. This work continues his lifelong interest in the Human Animal Bond and the psychological benefits which follow from the company of animals: thus the inspiration for naming the Company of Animals Ltd! Scientific study of the man-animal relationship remains a key interest of Dr Mugford, together with application of new knowledge to the benefit of all but especially for vulnerable and disadvantaged people.

In the last 25 years, Roger has given evidence as an expert in many British Courts and some overseas on matters concerning animal behavior and animal welfare. More cases have involved dogs than any other species, on topics varying from dogs in murder trials, civil damages from injuries by animals, cruelty prosecutions and many cases brought under legislation intended to control dangerous dogs.

earthbath Offers Comprehensive Line Of All-Natural Ultra Mild Puppy Grooming Products

earthbath’s puppy shampoo, grooming wipes and a deodorizing and conditioning spritz use only all natural ingredients. Safe, gentle and effective these products are formulated specifically for use on the sensitive coats and skin of puppies.  
San Francisco, CA (Aug. 4, 2014) – Puppy season is in full swing and that means many homes are experiencing the joy of a new pint sized family member. These roly poly bundles of fur bring with them endless hours of fun and happiness, but they also need special care and attention for things like diet, exercise and grooming. That is why earthbath has created a full line of grooming products that have been specially formulated just for use on puppies. “Most people are surprised to find out just how sensitive a dog’s skin is especially when it comes to puppies,” says Paul Armstrong, President of earthbath. “Even baby shampoo can cause irritation and flakey skin so that’s why we have created a full line of grooming products that are specifically designed to be ultra mild for use on puppies.”
earthbath has created three just-for-puppies grooming products. earthbath’s Puppy Shampoo is SLS/SLES, soap, parabens & phthalate free and made here in the USA with all-natural human grade ingredients. This shampoo is naturally non-toxic, soap free, biodegradable, free of artificial dyes and fragrances, and pH balanced for a puppies' special needs. Its no tear formula gently cleans and conditions leaving puppies with a shiny supple coat.
earthbath’s just-for-puppies line also includes two products that are designed to keep puppies looking and smelling great in between baths. Puppy Grooming Wipes are the quick and easy solution to those little messes that puppies always seem to be getting into. Dirty paws, dander and drool are no match for the all natural cleansers and conditioners contained in these extra-thick, moist wipes. Made with aloe vera, Hawaiian awapuhi extract and vitamin E to moisturize and condition coats and skin these wipes also contain a wild cherry essence that will leave them with a great puppy smell. The Puppy Grooming Wipes are available in either a 100-count dispenser or a 28-count soft re-sealable pouch that is perfect for clean-ups on the go.
earthbath's Deodorizing Spritz for puppies is the quick and easy way to deodorize and condition a puppy’s coat when there just isn’t time for a bath. Contained in a simple to use spray bottle this premium three-in-one deodorizing spritz is formulated with some of nature’s finest skin and coat conditioners including colloidal oatmeal, aloe vera and vitamin E. When sprayed onto a puppy’s coat they re-moisturize while leaving a healthy shine and softness without any oily residue. This spritz is specially blended for the needs of sensitive young dogs and will shine and soften while leaving them with a great puppy smell.
“All three of these products were created to help pet owners meet the special grooming needs that puppies present,” added Armstrong. “You would not consider feeding them a food that was intended for a mature dog so why take a chance when it comes to grooming? Puppies are wonderful and the last thing that you want to do is use some harsh product that might irritate or harm them.”
About the Company earthbath was voted the #1 selling pet shampoo brand in Pet Age Retailer Survey 2013-2014. Earthwhile Endeavors, Inc. has been a pioneer in natural pet grooming for almost 20 years. The original line of three shampoos and one conditioner was developed and sold locally in San Francisco, CA. The products have now grown organically into a comprehensive line including Totally Natural Shampoo, Totally Natural Grooming Wipes, Totally Natural Deodorizing Spritz and Totally Natural Grooming Foam used by conscientious animal lovers around the world.  earthbath products are natural, non-toxic, SLS/SLES, soap, phthalate, paraben free, phosphate free, biodegradable, and made in the USA with human grade ingredients.
People-Tested and Pet Approved!TM Founder Paul Armstrong believes so much in the company's products that he uses only earthbath products in his own shower. He also unconditionally guarantees satisfaction on every product sold.




Introducing Pixie Dust Naturals, a solution-oriented collection of organic, vegan and cruelty-free bath and beauty care products that are equally elegant in appearance and effective in nature. Invented out of necessity, Pixie Dust Naturals was developed by Michelle Touchstone, a Northern California native who grew up among a plethora of naturals herbs and plants. Now living in Miami, Michelle Touchstone called upon her natural and organic background to produce an enviro-friendly skincare line that wouldn’t aggravate her own sensitive skin and scalp.

Pixie Dust Naturals is passionate about producing products that keep painful and embarrassing conditions such as acne and eczema at bay. The eco-friendly, handcrafted collection is comprised of a variety of natural scents and mixes in artisan beauty and spa soaps, lotions, exfoliators, moisturizers, candles and more. Specifically, Pixie Dust Naturals infuses powerful natural plant botanicals and herbs such as Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA) and the fatty acids 3-6-9 found in Borage Oil which is brimming with medicinal properties to help relieve the symptoms of chronic inflammatory conditions. 

Developed for normal and sensitive skin alike, the artisan skin collection is completely hand blended and cold processed keeping all nutritive properties inside. Pixie Dust Naturals face creams such as their Bright Eyes & Face Line Defense and Monoi Anti-aging C Cream are both safe for Cancer recovery patients and those in search of a Paraben free skin care line.

Pixie Dust Naturals products are skin balanced and carefully formulated with the highest grade plant extracts, nutrient rich antioxidants ie: Lavender Absolute, Co-q10  and an array of nutritious oils such as Argan, Evening Primrose and Borage Oil, all properties known to help combat the sign of aging by reducing free radical damage.  

The collection embraces the natural beauty of the skin and enhances these features with enticing, holistic ingredients free of any Parabens, SLS, Propylene Glycol and harsh chemicals. Vegan Spa Bars, soaps and candles are available in a variety of scents from Dead Sea Mud Spa Bar & Mask to French Lavender to Sakura and Palmerosa, all containing soothing aroma therapy; ideal for unwinding from stress. 

Pixie Dust Naturals range in price point from $9.50-$50, making them an affordable, eco-friendly, natural and effective alternative to the chemically-enhanced and induced skin care products most commonly found in the beauty market today. The collection is available online and at numerous locations in South Florida. For additional information on Pixie Dust Naturals please visit www.pixiedustnaturals.com         







New Gourmet Goodies Line Brings Boutique Bakery Flavors to Heritage Brand




(Tewskbury, Mass. – January 27, 2014) Old Mother Hubbard® is going beyond biscuits and adding three new varieties of artisanal doggie delicacies to the treat mix. Old Mother Hubbard Crispers®, Soft Bakes® and Fruit’ins® combine a variety of tastes and textures that will turn every Fido into a foodie – without a trip to the doggie boutique bakery.




The Old Mother Hubbard Gourmet Goodies line delivers irresistible flavors made with natural ingredients pooches will love. With seven new options to choose from, every day can be a new canine culinary adventure.




Old Mother Hubbard Gourmet Goodies are available in 6 oz. resealable packages for $5.99 in the U.S. in the following varieties:




  • Crispers: Crunchy, cheesy and savory, Crispers are available in Cheddar, Chicken & Rosemary and Parmesan, Bacon & Tomato.

  • Soft Bakes: Moist cookies come in three varieties -- Peanut Butter & Carob, Applesauce Oatmeal and Carrot & Pumpkin.

  • Fruit’ins: Two delicious cookie and fruit layers are available in Honey, Oatmeal & Blueberries and Honey, Apple & Bacon.




Pet parents have trusted Old Mother Hubbard to give their best friends high-quality, natural dog biscuits, and now they can put that same trust into giving their pooches distinctive treats like those found in dog boutiques,” said Chanda Leary-Coutu, Marketing Communications Manager for Old Mother Hubbard.



Old Mother Hubbard natural dog snacks are available nationwide at pet specialty stores in nationwide and in Canada. To find an authorized retailer, visit http://www.oldmotherhubbard.com/store-locator.aspx.



Visit www.oldmotherhubbard.com to learn more. Find Old Mother Hubbard on Twitter - http://twitter.com/OMHdogsnacks. Join Old Mother Hubbard on Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/OMHpetsnacks.



Old Mother Hubbard® – “Give ‘Em Some Snack Love®”


Since 1926, Old Mother Hubbard, a proud member of the WellPet family of brands, has used the same simple methods to bake our snacks for dogs. Each home-style recipe is carefully crafted from wholesome ingredients that allow dog owners to feel good about giving their dogs a reward that is healthy and heartfelt.






Sweetness from your pet deserves sweetness from our hive. All natural beeswax pulls moisture from the air and feeds the skin while providing a protective barrier from the elements. Subtle scents of Clary Sage and Basil are said to calm, soothe, and focus your pet.

Apply Savannah Bee Doggie and Me Balm to your pets nose, paw-pads, dry spots, hotspots, and sores. Our easy to use applicator is pet tested and pet owner approved. Give your pet the very best in skin care.

Doggie and Me Balm is also perfect for pet owners! Use Doggie and Me Balm on dry human elbows, hands, knees and heels. Doggie and Me Balm is good for you, good for your pets, and good for the bees. Made with 100% all natural ingredients.

Click here to view a complete ingredient list for all Savannah Bee Health and Body Care products.

Dinosaur Digital LLC. Announces PooBagger

Press Release

Dinosaur Digital LLC.


Eden Prairie, Minnesota — October 19, 2013 — PooBagger® is an easy-to-use apparatus for removing animal waste from your lawn and property. With the PooBagger®, you attach most any household plastic bag or common poo-bag, scoop up the waste, unsnap the bag into the trash. It is a durable, simple and economical solution to dispose of dog or cat waste, goose droppings or any other animal waste that might be preventing your property from being clean and safe.

Delivery and Availability

PooBagger® is available at PooBagger.com, retail pet supply stores and Pet Supply web sites.

PooBagger Spec’s

PooBagger® is molded of super-strong polymer composite material. Handle grip is made of high-density NPVC foam. Handle extension is black aluminum tubing with die-cast thread and composite plastic hand grip. PooBaggerRing® is made of poly vinyl chloride “PVC” for strength and spring shape memory. Simply snap bag into place with patented PooBaggerRing®, pick up waste and unsnap bag into trash container.

About Dinosaur Digital LLC.

Founded in 2012, Dinosaur Digital LLC. is the umbrella company of products designed to make processes more convenient and eco- friendly.

MOTOROLA Introduces SCOUT 1™ The Digital Wireless Video Pet Monitoring System With Wi-Fi Connectivity and Two-Way Communication

The Wi-Fi connected SCOUT 1™ video camera allows pet owners to view, listen and speak to their pets when away from home. Owners can now check on and communicate with their pet from any location using the secure Monitor Everywhere app on internet compatible viewing devices such as a computer, tablet or smart phone.

Given the choice, most pet owners would prefer to have their pets with them at all times.  But in most cases this is simply not an option. For those pet parents who cannot always be there, Motorola has created the next best thing, the SCOUT 1 digital wireless interactive video pet monitoring system. This system allows pet owners to watch, listen and communicate with their pets from virtually anywhere 24 hours a day.

“The SCOUT 1 Wi-Fi Monitor is a great way to stay connected with your pet,” said Jordan Riggs, President of Binatone North America. “You could be in the next room, at work, or out for the evening and this system allows you to check in and make sure that everything is OK.  Whether you have an ailing cat,  a new parrot, or a mischievous puppy – you can keep an eye on them wherever you go. The camera even has a built in intercom that also allows you to speak to your furry or feathered friend, enabling you to reassure an anxious pet or admonish bad behavior.” 

The MOTOROLA  SCOUT 1 is a self-contained video camera that can be placed on any flat surface. When connected via Wi-Fi to a wireless home router, users can access the camera via the secure Monitor Everywhere (ME) app on any internet enabled device.  The ME app enables users to control the pan, tilt, and zoom of the camera; view video; and communicate via
two-way audio in “Walkie-Talkie” mode.


Features of the MOTOROLA SCOUT 1 include:
•    Remote monitoring via smartphone, tablet, or computer
•    Free Monitor Everywhere app
•    WiFi 802.11b/g/n connectivity
•    Remotely controlled, motorized pan and tilt of camera
•    Digital zoom
•    Two-way audio communication (Walkie Talkie mode)
•    Infrared night vision
•    Image snapshot / video recording
•    Room temperature monitoring alert
•    Pre-recorded soothing pet sounds
•    Connect and view up to four cameras in multiple rooms

“The SCOUT 1 gives you peace of mind when you can’t be with your pets,” added Riggs. “It is a great way to stay connected with your pets when you are away from home.”

The SCOUT 1 and a full line of indoor & outdoor monitors are available at PetSmart locations nationwide. For more information about the MOTOROLA SCOUT 1 please visit the website at www.motorola.com.

About Motorola Mobility
Motorola Mobility, Inc. (NYSE:MMI) fuses innovative technology with human insights to create experiences that simplify, connect and enrich people's lives. Our portfolio includes converged mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets; wireless accessories; end-to-end video and data delivery; and management solutions, including set-tops and data-access devices. For more information, visit motorola.com/mobility.

About Binatone Electronics International Limited
Binatone was established in 1958 and is headquartered in Hong Kong. Binatone is a privately owned company engaged in the design, manufacturing and marketing of innovative consumer electronics products. The company markets products under the Binatone, iDECT and Voxtel brands in over 55 countries worldwide and is an OEM manufacturer for major telecommunications operators. Binatone is the global distributor for Motorola Digital Photo Frames, Baby and Video Monitors and the North American distributor for Motorola Cordless and Corded Telephone.s.

Sunday, Nov. 17 is National Take a Hike Day, and what better way to celebrate than bringing along man’s best friend. Whether it’s a solo walk in the park, a hike on your favorite trail or a leisurely stroll around the neighborhood, Petmate has several items great for Fido’s jaunt into the great outdoors – including the Petmate Portable Pop-Up Tent.

Designed to spring into shape in seconds, the tent features an extra-large front zipper flap for easy entry and a durable waterproof bottom to prevent leaks and allow for easy clean-up of pet messes.

The tent’s See & Go side mesh panels protect pets and provides a safe and shady shelter while allowing them to see what's going on outside. The door can also be rolled up which allows pets to use it as a den in their home or backyard.

Available in Navy Blue and in two sizes: Small ($44.99 MSRP) and Medium ($59.99 MSRP).

Perfect for fun outdoor adventures and pets on the go!

About Petmate
Founded in 1963, Petmate is the nation’s leading maker of innovative products pet families prefer for home, travel and play. Arlington, Texas-based Petmate is the trusted authority in innovative, functional, high-quality pet products including bedding, kennels, dog houses, feeding and watering products, litter maintenance products, toys, collars, leads and travel solutions, available at pet supply retailers nationwide. Petmate also makes pet family favorite brands Chuckit!, Wetnoz, Aspen Pet, JW and more. For more information, visit www.petmate.com.

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