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Cabo San Lucas, Mexico,  July 28, 2014 --(PR.com)-- July marks the beginning of sea turtle nesting season on the coasts of Los Cabos, Mexico and Casa Dorada Los Cabos Resort and Spa, a five-star beachfront resort in Cabo San Lucas, leads the way in protecting these marvelous creatures.
Having created the Casa Dorada Sanctuary Project back in 2008 and working together with other local entities, the resort has dedicated significant financial and human resources to ensuring that adequate measures are in place to safeguard nests, protect eggs and eventually successfully release baby turtles into the sea.
Every late summer and fall, guests staying at Casa Dorada are fortunate to witness the arrival of female turtles on the beach right in front of the resort to lay their eggs. Then, 6 to 9 weeks later baby turtles are born making their way to the sea for the very first time, offering one of nature’s most touching spectacles. The most common turtle species encountered in Los Cabos is the olive ridley, whose regular nesting period is from July to October, while the release of baby turtles usually takes place in September and October.
Casa Dorada and its turtle conservation efforts To date, the Casa Dorada Sanctuary Project has protected more than 160,000 turtle eggs and released nearly 140,000 offspring into the sea. These efforts have helped in making the Cabo San Lucas Bay and Los Cabos a vitally important nesting area for the olive ridley.
Local involvement In order to continue protecting turtles in the area, regional governments have created The Los Cabos Sea Turtle Conservation Program. In 2005 many of the community’s hotels, resorts, restaurants, and organizations have joined in, creating The Los Cabos Sea Turtle Protection Network. In 2008, Casa Dorada was officially added to this strategic coalition. Later, the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources granted the hotel federal permission to establish a working nursery for the safekeeping of olive ridley eggs, a privilege only a handful of institutions in the Southern Baja have enjoyed.
About Casa Dorada With an incomparable location on Medano Beach--the best swimmable beach of Cabo, Casa Dorada is just steps away from world-class shopping, dining, entertainment, and the marina. As a member of Preferred Hotels & Resorts, a collection of the world’s finest independent luxury hotels, Casa Dorada Los Cabos brings the upscale service and family-friendly features to the Cabo San Lucas oceanfront. The Resort grants visitors a more convenient, yet equally spectacular, alternative to the more remote hotel zone of the Tourist Corridor. Boasting unobstructed vistas of Land’s End and the famous Arch, Casa Dorada is just 30 minutes away from Los Cabos International Airport. All of the 185 spacious one-, two- and three-bedroom suites and penthouses, open up to Los Cabos’ most dazzling ocean view, while the luminous and contemporary interiors ensure your comfort and satisfaction.

Warner Bros. Pictures, Legendary Pictures and Cruel & Unusual Films present an R Rated, 102 minute, 3D, IMAX, action, drama, war film, directed by Noam Murro, written by Zack Snyder and Kurt Johnstad with a theater release date of March 7, 2014.

Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures present a 131 minute, PG-13, 3D, action, adventure, sci-fi, directed by Guillermo del Toro, written by Guillermo del Toro and Travis Beacham with a theater release of July 12, 2013.

20th Century Fox, Fox 2000 Pictures and Walden Media present a PG, 97 minute, based on a true story, sport, drama, directed by Michael Apted, Curtis Hanson, screenplay by Kario Salem and story by Jim Meenaghan with a theater release date of October 26, 2012.


By Robert Wintner AKA Snorkel Bob

It’s time to put on your diving gear! You’re about to be transported to the depths of the ocean to explore some of Hawaii’s most beautiful and unique sea creatures. Neptune Speaks (Skyhorse Publishing, October 2012) is packed with 540 full-color photographs of tropical fish on every page, but this book is more than just a beautiful guide. It’s a call to defend the creatures of the sea that are under attack by fierce predators—humans.

Neptune Speaks delves into the perils of trafficking in wildlife for the pet trade. The popularity of keeping tropical fish in home and office aquariums, and the overfishing of waters around the world to satisfy the demands of diners looking for ever-more exotic fare have put these amazing species in danger of disappearing entirely. The author, most commonly known as Snorkel Bob, will explore and explain all the factors that perpetuate the destruction of fish and their habitats, while his photographs demonstrate the beauty and grade of the creatures we need to protect. Humorous commentary brings lightheartedness to the text. But make no mistake; the issues discussed are serious ones! If we don’t stop the destruction of these beautiful creatures, the images in books will be all we have left.

About The Author
Robert Wintner, AKA Snorkel Bob, works tirelessly and with great charm to educate the public about the need to protect our marine life from the devastating effects of the restaurant and aquarium industries on marine life and habitat. Snorkel Bob owns dive shops that sell Snorkel Bob scuba gear, and is the founder of the Snorkel Bob Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to reef defense. He lives in Kihei, Hawaii.

Snorkel Bob is a waterlogged, gill-breathing reef addict, owner of the only fin and snorkel manufacturing company in Hawaii, and the state’s largest reef outfitter.

Out of water he’s immersed in that least destructive of human behaviors—the pursuit of art. Under the nom de plume Robert Wintner, his literary fiction has met with mixed reviews—raves from the literarily astute; ravings from the values-challenged.

Wintner’s most recent books are Flame Angels, a novel of Oceania (Iguana Books, Toronto, Ontario: 2012) and Neptune Speaks (Skyhorse, NY: 2012)

Wintner’s short fiction has appeared in Hawaii Review, (U of Hawaii) and Sports Illustrated. His third novel, Horndog Blue (E.R. Smallwood, ’94) was favorably reviewed, including a personal note from the ex-wife, who said, “I marveled at (Wintner’s) literary ability. Did I already tell you this? I may have, but have forgotten.”

Wintner’s 2007 novel, In a Sweet Magnolia Time (Permanent Press, Sag Harbor, NY) was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize. Toucan Whisper, Toucan Sing (Permanent Press, ’02) was widely reviewed as a triumph of lyrical fiction in a Mexican tourism setting. His adventure novel of the sailing charter trade Whirlaway (Smallwood, ’95) was a Maui County Library Hot Pick for 15 years and still resonates with the charter community.

Whirlaway and The Modern Outlaws were both optioned for film rights by Hollywood production companies. Many other novels and accolades have come forth over the years, though the building blocks for Every Fish Tells a Story and Some Fishes I Have Known (Skyhorse, NY) were set into place long ago.

Robert Wintner recalls the day in 1955 when his father took him to Walgreen’s in Miami for a $2 mask & snorkel—the deluxe with the ping-pong ball—then down to the beach and into the shallows. The old man’s wingtips got soaked as Bobby put his face in the water. A 3” sand crab waved a claw, and Bobby took it for a greeting, looking up and sputtering, “Oh, God! You can see everything!”

Today, Robert Wintner is Executive Director of the Snorkel Bob Foundation and an active member of Hawaii’s conservation community, working diligently to protect Hawaii’s reefs. The Snorkel Bob Foundation was instrumental in protecting the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands (NWHI) as Papahanaumokuakea Marine Monument. 

Wintner has worked the point position against the aquarium trade in Hawaii and around the world for the last few years. He is known in Hawaii business for media substance that entertains and sells and uses his professional skills to conserve Hawaii reefs.

The Snorkel Bob Foundation was instrumental in underwriting and producing a “reef etiquette” video PSA that airs in hotels and other tourist venues. Wintner also produced a PSA that aired statewide, advocating the end to gillnet fishing. This gillnet PSA was effective in completely banning gillnets on Maui.

Neptune Speaks; Skyhorse Publishing, NY: 2012; $30; hardcover; 278 pages in 8-1/2 x 11 format
Flame Angels, a novel of Oceania; Iguana Books, Toronto, Ontario: 2012; $26; softcover & electronic format


Universal Pictures, Anonymous Content and Working Title Films present a 107 minute, PG rated, drama with a touch of romance directed by Ken Kwapis, written by Jack Amiel and Michael Begler with a theatrical release of February 3, 2012.

Dolphins aren’t just beloved, they are brilliant and conscious. So why do we treat them so terribly?

Diana Reiss is one of the world’s leading experts on dolphin intelligence. In addition, as a dolphin advocate, she is a leading rescuer who helped inspire and served as an adviser for the Oscar-winning film The Cove.

Here, she combines her science and activism to show just how smart dolphins really are and why we must stop mistreating them. Readers will be astonished at their sophisticated lifelong creativity and playfulness, their emotional intelligence, their level of self-awareness, and their ability to communicate with humans. Her beloved mentor dolphins (as she calls them), each with distinct personalities, create their own toys, use underwater keyboards, tease and scold her playfully, and give us glimpses of their intelligence that often seem very familiar. The Dolphin in the Mirror is both a scientific revelation and an emotional eye-opener, revealing one of the greatest intelligences on the planet.
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