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About GreenGobbler

Sometimes the smallest problems can cause the biggest headaches: a clogged drain, a dirty fridge, a stained carpet. What a mess. That’s why Green Gobbler makes powerful products to solve everyday problems, both big and small.

Green Gobbler is small business based in Copiague, New York. We are made up of genuine people who simply want to deliver solutions.

We carry a full line of industrial-strength surface cleaners, bathroom deodorizers and herbicide alternatives (among many other items) to answer cleaning’s biggest questions. Whether you want to lift a small stain in your carpet or make your bathroom shine, we have exactly what you need to get the job done.

We make our products with our customers’ health and happiness in mind. Our conscious creations are safer, stronger and more reliable than the cheap cleaners that you’ll find at the big-box supermarket.

It’s not in our blood to create products that only get half the job done. We make powerful cleaners, degreasers and drain openers for everyone, no matter if you’re a stay-at-home mom in California or a restaurant owner in South Carolina.

Fill your home with safer and more effective cleaners from Green Gobbler today.

Calming Mud Bath with MadraMór Mud


New York, NY -   Veterinarians report that anxieties of all types in dogs are very common. Up to 20 percent of dogs of all ages and breeds suffer from noise phobias so severe that their owners have to seek professional help.

MadraMór Mud has a solution for canine anxiety – all natural – and completely beneficial for your pooch’s skin. Imagine how great and relaxed you feel after a day at the spa? Well it’s no different for Fido. Everyone deserves a little rest and relaxation. Simply apply MadraMór Mud into your dog’s coat and gently massage through, leaving it in for a recommended 10 minutes.  You’ll immediately notice your pups fear reduce as the calming smells of natural oils and the comfort of hardened clay provides the feeling of protection while restoring balance and pH levels to your companion’s skin. Plus, it’s a great way to bond with your dog!

Detoxifying and healing with mud is as old as mankind. In fact it’s known that animals instinctively seek mud therapy to heal their ailments. Imagine that your pup could have a massage that also rids her of loose fur, provide joint and flea relief, as well as soothe her skin? She’d probably be delighted. Give her the best of both worlds with Madra Mór Mud Bath!

Madra Mór Products include Mobility Mud, Shed Safely Mud, Soothing Mud and Flea Relief Mud. For anxiety we recommend Soothing Mud - an all-natural hot spot dog treatment for irritated, itchy, blemished skin, loaded with antioxidants and astringent ingredients to promote healing and comfort.


MadraMór Mud understands the importance of properly caring for a dog’s skin with a goal in mind to make products that cleanse, protect, and rejuvenate our canine companions. What they created is nature’s way to clean and treat with Mother Nature’s finest, time-tested ingredients.

The mud’s provide three experiences in one application; aromatherapy, relaxing massage & a skin treatment.  These muds will provide skin nourishment, aromatherapy & comforting, relaxing massage.

A dog’s pH is more alkaline than humans, making their skin not only delicate but also susceptible to absorbing toxins. By blending the finest medicinal clays that ABsorb(impurities, dirt, smells, toxins) & ADsorb (nourish with vital minerals) Madra Mór nourishes, strengthens, and encourages healthy cell regeneration.

Meaning ‘Big Dog’ in the Gaelic language, Madra Mór was created by pet lover, Jacqueline Hynes, who wanted to figure out a way to treat a cluster of comprising immune conditions between her two dogs - a series of events which lead Hynes to enroll in grooming school.

 “Instead of finding answers, there were cabinets full of shampoos and a growing population of dogs with skin issues. Within days of a baths, the undesirable scent of bacteria and yeast/candida were back. I came to the conclusion, most vets treat the symptoms but didn’t provide long term, healthy, life-style solutions,” says Jacqueline Hynes, president of Madra Mór Mud.

How did you begin to understand canine skin conditions?

“Realizing it’s more about the skin than the fur, I read through veterinary Dermatological books. To understand the basic foundation of skin and the anatomy, I became a human Esthetician and Massage Therapist. I sought help from a natural and organic chemist that has a back-ground in immunology.”

How has MadraMór Mud made a difference in your dogs’ lives?

“Skin is our largest organ, yet last in line to be fed. Utilizing what has been around for thousands of years, we found natural solutions in our earth’s clays and oils. Clays both absorb (remove undesirables) and adsorb (nourishes) the skin. As we age, the metabolism slows down yet my aging dogs wore the most vibrant coats of their lives, thanks to the mud.”

About Jaqueline Hynes, president of MadraMórMud Canine Treatments: Jacqueline Hynes is the president of MadraMór Mud Company. But Hynes started from a very different path. Having had a long, stable, and successful career in the swimming pool industry her biggest challenge was leaving all of that behind as a result of solving her own dog’s skin problems. As a dog lover and owner of two, Jacqueline Hynes set out to find a natural treatment that would heal her dogs skin conditions while rid them of odors and bacteria. Her desires to share her findings with others lead her to a new journey where MadraMór Canine Mud Treatments were formed. 

MadraMór MUD…. Magically Unleashing Delight. For more on MadraMór Mud visit: http://www.madramormud.com/ .

Connect Socially: https://www.facebook.com/MadraMorCanineSpaTreatments.



Spring Naturals™ Sponsors Adoptable Dog, Names Her “Spring”
All natural line of food and treats announces “Spring Into Action” community initiative
Mitchell, SD – Spring Naturals, the newest line of all natural dinners and treats for dogs, recently
announced they are sponsoring an adoptable dog in honor of their new “Spring Into Action” program.
The 1.5 year-old mixed breed female has a beautiful blonde coat and lots of sweet puppy energy,
making her the perfect namesake for the program. The newly dubbed pup, Spring, was rescued from
Chicago’s Animal Welfare League by Spring Naturals and nonprofit group Project Rescue
Chicago on March 21st. Trio Animal Foundation paid for her spaying, and she is currently being
cared for at Project Rescue Chicago until she finds her forever home.
Spring’s sponsorship was inspired by the “Spring
Into Action” initiative, which officially kicks off this
May. Throughout the program, Spring Naturals
will recognize everyday heroes who help animals in
need. Each month an everyday hero will be selected
and the animal rescue group they support will be
highlighted on the Spring Naturals Facebook page.
Each honoree will receive a 26 lb. bag of Spring
Naturals dog food along with a 6 oz. treat pouch
(estimated retail value over $75.) Next March, the
selected grand prize winner’s favorite animal
rescue organization or shelter will receive $2,000
(retail value) in Spring Naturals dog food plus a
$500 cash donation.
For a full year, Spring Naturals will provide Spring the dog with food and treats. By sponsoring the
pup, Spring Naturals hopes to encourage others to do good deeds for animals in need and support
pet adoption.
Bridgid Nolan, founder of Project Rescue Chicago, says Spring is adjusting well in foster care. As a
dog trainer, she is also working with the pup to teach her basic doggy manners to prepare her for her
new family. Bridgid noted, “Project Rescue Chicago is a proud partner of Spring Naturals. We believe
Spring the dog is a perfect example of all the wonderful, loving animals you can find at your local
shelter. It’s because of dogs like Spring, Project Rescue Chicago works around the clock
to save as many pets as we can in Chicago.”
To learn more about Spring the dog or to adopt her, please visit www.projectrescuechicago.org.
For more info on Spring Naturals and their Spring Into Action program, please visit
www.springnaturals.com or find them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/SpringNaturals.
About Spring Naturals
Spring Naturals is a fresh, new family of nutritionally balanced dinners and treats for dogs. Each
carefully blended recipe is made with real meat, whole vegetables, whole fruits and whole grains. Real
meat, poultry or fish is the number one ingredient. Then whole chickpeas, green peas and eggs are
added for a unique blend of high-quality proteins. And for every pet parent’s peace of mind, each
recipe is sourced and made by a family-owned company right here in the USA.
This fresh approach to feeding pets hasn’t been ignored. Pet Business, a leading pet products trade
magazine, recently named Spring Naturals the winner in the dog food category of their prestigious
2011 Industry Recognition Award.