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The Complete Healthy Dog Handbook is a superb, reassuring, and comprehensive work. "Dr. Spock for dogs."—Elle magazine wrote of its first edition, originally published as The Hound Health Handbook, and now completely revised and updated.

Today's dog owners are more attuned to their pets' health and well-being than ever before. And with good reason: Americans spend upward of $10 billion annually on their canine companions. The Complete Healthy Dog Handbook is the one essential and truly readable book for these devoted dog owners. Surpassingly clear and complete, with more than 100 illustrations and diagrams, it covers everything from choosing the best dog to puppy care, nutrition, vaccines, behavior, first aid, and senior care, plus thorough discussions of more than 100 canine illnesses. Reflecting the latest advances in veterinary medicine, this edition offers up-to-the-minute advice on "design dog" breeds, pet food safety, homemade diets, changing vaccine protocols, new medications for allergies, car sickness, obesity, and heart disease, developments in surgery and cancer treatment, pet insurance, and more.

With The Complete Healthy Dog Handbook, the vet is always in.


Author Bio:

Betsy Brevitz, D.V.M., had a ten-year career as a magazine writer and editor before becoming a veterinarian. A 1998 graduate of the highly regarded Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine, she now lives and practices in northern New Jersey. The Complete Healthy Dog Handbook: The Definitive Guide to Keeping Your Dog Happy, Healthy, and Active originated with her "Ask the Vet" column for the acclaimed website Urbanhound.com.

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June 8, 2019

Host - Jon Patch

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Special Guest - People Magazine's Sexiest Veterinarian Dr. Evan Antin at 630pm ET to discuss dental care

It started on a skateboard.   When I had the idea to exercise my energetic dog by running him next to my electric-powered longboard on the streets of Chicago, the beginning of a revolution in dog fitness began. However, it didn’t take me long to decide there must be a better way. Fast-forward to the DoggerJogger.
First the backstory:
Every day I’d go out into the world and return home to an enthusiastic greeting from Sedgwick, the black and white dog in many of the photos and videos on www.doggerjogger.com.  He’d sit by the window for hours wondering when I’d be back to play with him.  My day was ending but from his perspective it was just beginning…So I thought, “How can I meet Sedgwick’s goals of exercise, excitement and FUN while meeting my own goals of getting the dog out in an enjoyable, entertaining and most importantly, EASY way?”  First I tried the skateboard, then the bike and hand-held leash.  Then came the invention of the DoggerJogger!
The breakthrough of connecting the bike dog leash to the bike frame AND the pedal was the absolute key to success.  There are many features of the DoggerJogger included in the patents pending, but the pedal attachment is the cornerstone.  The multi-point attachment to the bike allows a nylon leash to maintain its shape while positioning the dog in the “safety zone” alongside the bike!
Sedgwick literally smiles at me as we cruise the city paths and country backroads because he is doing what he loves. Imagine when you see your dog grinning, too!
I know you and your dog will love the DoggerJogger, I guarantee it!  If you have any doubts or trouble getting going, contact me personally and I will do what I can to help you make your DoggerJogger experience a success.  If it’s not right for you, send it back for a full refund, no problem!
Our mission is simple:  to provide the best DoggerJogger products and service to our customers and the dogs they love.  We take great pride in our company, our commitment to customer service and the products we sell.  Our online store is designed to provide you with a safe and secure environment to browse our product catalog.  Thank you for shopping at DoggerJogger.com.
Additional information:
Since introducing the DoggerJogger to the public at the Iowa Pet Expo in October, 2013, DoggerJogger sales have increased at an increasing rate.  The word of mouth publicity has gone viral, the interest is high and dogs everywhere are getting the workout they need in the limited amount of time their owners have.
Currently the DJ is available online only, but DOGR USA LLC, the owner of the DoggerJogger, is preparing for its "retail initiative" by enabling a few test markets around the country this summer.  Full wholesale distribution is slated to gain traction in 2015.
Personal information:
Bill is the happy father of five kids, lives in Chicago, actively coaches multiple sports teams in multiple sports, enjoys playing basketball and most of all riding his bike with his beloved dog, Sedgwick.

Peggy Frezon is an author, pet columnist, and multiple award-winning freelance writer from New York. She contributes regularly to Guideposts and Angels on Earth magazines and is published in more than a dozen Chicken Soup for the Soul books. Her work can also be seen in magazines such as Woman’s World, Teaching Tolerance, Pockets and others, and in books including The Ultimate Dog Lover, Miracles and Animals, Soul Matters, and David Jeremiah’s Grace Givers. She writes two web columns, Pawsitively Pets and Animals 4 People, is a staff writer for Be the Change for Animals, and blogs at Peggy’s Pet Place. Her first book is Dieting with my Dog (Hubble & Hattie, 2011).

Kelly--photo by Jennifer May

photo by Jennifer May

A native of the Green Mountain State of Vermont, Frezon studied Journalism at Syracuse University’s Newhouse School of Public Communications. Writer’s groups include the League of Vermont Writers and Marbleshapers. Peggy and her husband Mike have two children, and share their home with their spaniel-dachshund rescue dog, Kelly.