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Dog-E-Glow Launches New Line of Stylish, Safe LED Collars and Leashes

Technology Meets Fashion to Offer New Illuminated Style Designs


March 7, 2011, Ft. Lauderdale – Dog-E-Glow LLC (http://www.dogeglow.com/), the makers of the Dog-E-Glow LED collar and Dog-E-Glow LED leash, announced today the launch of their new line of LED lighted dog collars and leashes as the latest necessity and accessory in canine style and safety.  With collars and leashes illuminating in their entire length for maximum visibility at night, they can be seen up to 1,000 feet away providing the ultimate safety in night time walks.


Coming in medium and large collar sizes, there are 12 stylish illuminated designs available for purchase to match any dog’s personality from girlie to sporty, or rough-and-tough.  All of the Dog-E-Glow collars and leashes are safe and are made of high quality nylon sewn around several highly-efficient (100,000 hour) LED bulbs. The lights are only visible when turned on, either in a steady glow or flashing mode and contain batteries that are easily replaceable after 150 hours of LED use.


With all of the Dog-E-Glow collars and leashes being lightweight, highly durable and fully weather-resistant, they are helpful for keeping an eye on your canine companion when traveling, enjoying outdoor activities or exercising with your dog on bike riding adventures or jogging paths in addition to everyday walks.


“Our company firmly believes in the numerous benefits of the Dog-E-Glow™ brand, from both the safety and fashion perspective,” said Greg Brauser, Dog-E-Glow CEO.  “As a company, we continue to improve our product technology and design to keep dogs everywhere visible and looking good for years to come!”


Dog-E-Glow was founded by dog and outdoor lovers who above all wanted to keep their pets and others safe while looking their very best.  The founders of Dog-E-Glow have a combined 50+ years of manufacturing and distribution experience in the pet product industry launching several new and innovative pet products over the years that visibly distinguish themselves.  In the near future, Dog-E-Glow plans to expand their current line in new design styles and sizes for all dogs.


For additional information on Dog-E-Glow, please visit http://www.dogeglow.com/ or call (954) 239-1833.




About Dog-E-Glow

Dog-E-Glow LLC is the world’s leading innovator in the LED dog collar and leash market.  The company manufactures and distributes collars and leashes with LED technology, allowing you to easily spot your dog from a distance when it is dark outside.  Dog-E-Glow products are truly one of a kind, combining high quality materials with catchy, fun designs and the functionality of bright LED lights.  For more information on Dog-E-Glow, visit: www.dogeglow.com





Angel on a Leash

Therapy Dogs and the Lives They Touch


By David Frei

Release Date: 10/2011

ISBN: 978-1-935484-63-9

Price: $16.95

Paperback, 208 pages, full-color photographs



Angel on a Leash will make you smile and cry and appreciate the great things that our dogs do for us and for people in need...” —Betty White


“David and his dogs love and trust each other, and this has enabled him to make it his life’s work to share hope with people in need. It has also given him many wonderful stories to share with us in this heartwarming book. I couldn’t put it down.” — Cesar Milan, The Dog Whisperer


“When a dog wags his tail, it is connected to his heart. When David tells these stories of the dogs he has known and the good they’ve done, they are connected to his.” —John O’ Hurley, from the foreword



Dogs are more than just man’s best friend. They are guardians and messengers. They can lift spirits and even save lives. Some would say they aren’t just friends, but angels. True stories of dogs touching humans in ways that will inspire readers both young and old are told in Angel on A Leash: Therapy Dogs and the Lives They Touch by the very familiar voice of David Frei who has been the announcer of The Westminster Kennel Club for the past 21 years and also helped to found the Angel on a Leash charitable foundation along with Westminster.

Part of the proceeds from the sales of Angel on a Leash will benefit the organization of the same name and thus bring a smile to countless sick individuals who are in dire need of what may be a last smile. As one reads the book they will see almost as through their own eyes:

    • a six-year-old play and laugh as if he hasn’t a care in the world after a day of tests and treatments
    • a combat-traumatized soldier connect with the world around him as he pets a new friend
    • a cancer survivor enjoy the familiarity of a warm nose
    • an eighty-five-year-old widower smile as his weekly canine visitor bounds into his room
    • the weary parents of a pediatric oncology patient comforted by a nuzzle of a warm nose of an angel with  four legs

Angel on a Leash will touch the soul of any reader who looks through the pages of photographs of patients with their four legged angel. It will warm the heart of any reader who has ever dealt with any illness or loss of a loved one. It will change the way the reader looks at man’s best friend forever.




David Frei is well known to millions of television viewers as the longtime co-host (21 years) of the popular Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in February.  He is also the co-host on NBC of the National Dog Show on Thanksgiving since its inception. With Westminster, David helped to create Angel on A Leash, a charitable activity supporting therapy dog programs at health care facilities around the country. David is an active volunteer as well, visiting each week at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and the Ronald McDonald House of New York. He is a member of the Sports Council of the St. Jude Children’s Research.


About BowTie Press:


BowTie offers the finest animal care and pet books for dog, cat, horse, bird, fish, reptile, small animals, and farm animals as well as rural living and transportation topics. From how to house-train a new puppy to winning a “Best in Show,” homeowners, experts, and professionals look to BowTie Press for the best and most relevant publications. More information can be found at: www.bowtiepress.com



Traditional holiday TV special, hosted by John O’Hurley & David Frei,

has become America’s showcase for the canine, man’s best friend



New York, NY (October xx, 2011) – NBC will present the 10th edition of its popular holiday special “The National Dog Show Presented by Purina®” this Thanksgiving Day, reaching an unusual milestone for a broadcast television offering that has shown uncommon staying power in the volatile landscape of network TV.


The family-oriented celebration of dogdom airs from noon -  2 p.m. in all time zones following the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade again this year, providing America and its 65 million pet-owning households a show with mass appeal before football takes over the day.


It is a celebration of America’s fascination with man’s best friend, hosted by John O’Hurley, the Seinfeld ensemble actor (catalogue king J. Peterman) and ultimate champion on ABC’s inaugural “Dancing With The Stars.”  O’Hurley is joined by expert analyst David Frei, who is the  voice of the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show on USA Network and America’s foremost authority on the sport.


 Unlike traditional dog show coverage, the special offers family-oriented features, facilitated by the open format of the Kennel Club of Philadelphia event, one of only five remaining “benched” shows in which dogs from over 170 breeds are on display all day for the visiting public.


“We have actually generated a legion of long-term fans and established a family holiday tradition,” stated Jon Miller, President of Programming for NBC Sports and VERSUS, who conceived the idea.  Miller had rented the movie Best In Show, the Christopher Guest-produced “mockumentary” which famously pokes fun at the character-rich show dog world.  “I believed that a major dog show could attract and entertain the mass audience that network TV provides.”   


The show more than quadrupled the previous year’s time slot rating and ten years later is averaging almost 20 million total viewers as part of a five-hour block of family programming on the most family-centric holiday of the year. 


“My hope is that my grandchildren get to watch the show with their grandchildren on Thanksgiving Day,” Miller concluded.


The host of the National Dog Show (www.nationaldogshow.com), O’Hurley, has written two humorous books on the subject and provides the whimsical, “everyman” viewpoint.  Frei is the industry’s most knowledgeable voice, an owner, handler, judge, author and social media personality who advocates for the increased use of therapy dogs in hospitals and medical care facilities.


But the stars of the show are the purebred dogs, up to 2,000 of which compete for the title of “Best In Show” during the telecast, which will introduce to the American viewing public six new American Kennel Club-sanctioned breeds - Entlebucher Mountain Dog, Norwegian Lundehund, Xoloitzcuintli, American English Coonhound, Cesky Terrier and Finnish Lapphund.




Responders provide daily care of animals in Garland County Sheriff’s Office’s animal cruelty investigation

NEW YORK—The ASPCA® (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals®), at the request of the Garland County Sheriff’s Office, has spent the past three days managing the medical triage and sheltering of 175 dogs removed from a puppy mill facility on November 7 in Hot Springs, Ark. The animals are currently housed at an emergency shelter where veterinary and sheltering teams, led by ASPCA medical director Dr. Rhonda Windham, are assessing, diagnosing, treating and providing enrichment for the dogs.

Many of the dogs exhibited various signs of neglect and suffered from skin problems and flea infestation, among other medical conditions. Several deceased dogs were discovered on the property, and were sent for forensic necropsies to determine the causes of death.

“One of our concerns was the spread of deadly diseases, and we were able to complete forensic examinations and provide vaccinations to all dogs seized from the property,” said Dr. Windham, medical director of the ASPCA’s Field Investigations and Response team. “The forensic examinations are being processed and will be submitted to the Garland County Sheriff’s Office to support their investigation. We will continue to monitor the conditions of these animals and provide supportive medical treatments and environmental enrichment while they are being housed at our emergency shelter.”

A search warrant was executed on November 7 for the removal of the dogs, and Pam Thomas, the owner of the facility, was subsequently arrested and charged with three counts of felony animal cruelty. This came after a two-year investigation led by Garland County Sheriff’s Investigator, Corporal Angela Graybeal. The Garland County Sheriff’s Office, through undercover visits and purchases, and with support from investigators with the Humane Society of Garland County, in cooperation with Stop Animal Cruelty, determined that Ms. Thomas was operating a puppy mill.

“Any additional charges against Ms. Thomas will be determined based on the medical conditions reported by the ASPCA,” said Lieutenant James Martin of the Garland County Sheriff’s Office. “The Garland County Sheriff’s Office appreciates the outpour of support from the community, and hopes these animals can move on to a better place soon.”

The ASPCA’s anti-cruelty behavior team will be conducting evaluations of the animals in order to assess each animal’s personality and temperament. The ASPCA will work on placement of the animals once the final disposition has been determined by the prosecutor.

More than 30 responders are assisting with the daily care of the animals, including staff and volunteers from the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) and the Humane Society of Garland County. The operation is also being supported by PetSmart Charities, Inc., which provided much-needed sheltering supplies for the ASPCA’s emergency shelter.

About the ASPCA®
Founded in 1866, the ASPCA® (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals®) is the first humane organization established in the Americas and serves as the nation’s leading voice for animal welfare. One million supporters strong, the ASPCA’s mission is to provide effective means for the prevention of cruelty to animals throughout the United States. As a 501©(3) not-for-profit corporation, the ASPCA is a national leader in the areas of anti-cruelty, community outreach and animal health services. The ASPCA, which is headquartered in New York City, offers a wide range of programs, including a mobile clinic outreach initiative, its own humane law enforcement team, and a groundbreaking veterinary forensics team and mobile animal CSI unit. For more information, please visit www.aspca.org. To become a fan of the ASPCA on Facebook, go to http://www.facebook.com/aspca. To follow the ASPCA on Twitter, go to http://www.twitter.com/aspca.



Neutricks Save a Life Campaign

Get your FREE bottle of Neutricks

Neutricks is an exciting new approach to help brain function for senior dogs and gives Veterinarians a new tool to deal with the growing incidence of Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome (CDS). Neutricks is only available from licensed veterinarians.

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Based on the success of the jellyfish protein ‘apoaequorin’ in human trials, Quincy Animal Health is launching Neutricks as a new chewable supplement for your patients’ cognitive health. Neutricks has been specially formulated as a tasty chewable tablet that dogs love. In taste tests, dogs not only like the flavor, they were asking for more!

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Give a Lick for New Lickety Stik


 Unique, all-natural liquid treat lets parents reward their pups, one yummy lick at a time

KNOXVILLE, TN (July 27, 2011)


– Now there’s a smart, healthy and convenient way for pet parents

to get their pooches’ tails wagging. Introducing


Lickety StikTM, an innovative liquid pet treat. Made

with 100% all-natural ingredients, it’s the latest creation from PetSafe

behavior and lifestyle product solutions and services since 1991.

Developed for thoughtful pet owners, Lickety Stik is perfect for pets who deserve a tasty treat

while on-the-go. The natural flavors are delivered via a special roller-ball top. So dogs can

experience all of the tastiness and excitement of a moist treat without the sticky mess.

Lickety Stik also offers pet parents a healthy alternative to conventional treats, especially those

concerned about the weight of their dogs. “The ingredients are all-natural, dogs simply love the

flavor, and their owners love the fact there’s just 1 calorie in every 10 licks,” comments Randy

Boyd, PetSafe president and CEO.

Thanks to its pocket-friendly, compact size, Lickety Stik is handy at a moment’s notice. Boyd

mentions that pet parents can use it as a training aid to reward good behavior, or just to show how

much they care. “Plus, Lickety Stik is easy on the pocketbook, since each bottle dispenses over 500

licks,” Boyd explains.

Lickety Stik is available in three irresistible flavors – Savory Chicken, Braised Liver or Smoky Bacon.

The suggested retail price for each 1.69 fluid ounce bottle is $7.99 – less than a penny

a lick!

Pet parents are invited to look for the entire Lickety Stik line at their neighborhood specialty pet

store. To view a brief video showing Lickety Stik in action, visit



About PetSafe

Headquartered in Knoxville, Tennessee, PetSafe leads the industry in the development of

innovative pet behavior, containment, lifestyle product solutions and services. For details, visit





Explosive campaign on Change.org calls on St. Petersburg Police Department to immediately adopt non-lethal standard operating procedures for canine encounters in wake of tragic shooting of 12-year-old family pet.  

WASHINGTON, DC – More than 3,000 people have joined a popular campaign on Change.org calling on the police department in St. Petersburg, Florida, to stop using lethal force on dogs.

Nancy Smith, a member of the volunteer group Hand4Paws, launched the campaign on Change.org after hearing that a St. Petersburg police officer had shot and killed Boomer, a 12-year-old arthritic golden retriever owned by couple Roy and Lauren Glass. Smith had been taking action online for animals for more than two years, but because of her own senior golden retriever, Boomer’s story felt even more personal, inspiring her to start the petition on Change.org. Boomer was only the latest in a series of dog killings by the St. Petersburg police.

“Seven dogs have been shot by St. Petersburg officers this year,” said Smith. “In just a few weeks, more than 3,000 people have signed our online petition campaign on Change.org. The animal community is extremely passionate and thousands more worldwide are sure to join if the police don’t stop this deadly trend by immediately improving their officers’ training on dog handling techniques and adopting a clear policy that lethal force should only be used as a last resort.”

The campaign is in support of Boomer’s owners, Roy and Lauren Glass, who want to see their local police department change the way it deals with dogs.

“The grief is real, severe, and continuing, passing from sorrow to anger,” said Roy Glass. “With the help of others, we established the ”Boomer’s Voice” Facebook page and a campaign on Change.org to improve pet handling in police training and education and to sponsor and promote legislation to provide a means of statutory redress for the deliberate or reckless injury of killing of pets by others. Many fine and caring people from all walks of life have joined in our effort.”

“What these pet lovers have accomplished in just a few days is remarkable,” said Director of Organizing Stephanie Feldstein of Change.org, the world’s fastest-growing platform for social change. “By using social media and Change.org, Nancy and Hand4Paws have managed to recruit thousands of people demanding action from the St. Petersburg Police Department. Change.org is about empowering anyone, anywhere to demand action on the issues that matter to them, and it has been incredible to watch Nancy’s campaign take off.”

The U.S. Department of Justice Community Oriented Policing Services Office recently issued a publication on dog-related police incidents, stating that “the use of a weapon is seldom required in dog-related incidents or encounters.”

Live signature totals from Nancy Smith’s campaign:

St. Petersburg Times coverage of the campaign:

For more information on Hand4Paws, please visit:
Hand4Paws is a group of world wide animal activists that use social media to promote animal rights and fight for animal welfare. Hand4Paws informs the rest of the world and brings together people that take action and give a voice to the animals. All work is done on a volunteer basis, just people who truly care.

For more information on Change.org, please visit:
Change.org is the world’s fastest-growing platform for social change — growing by more than 400,000 new members a month, and empowering millions of people to start, join, and win campaigns for social change in their community, city and country.


with Assistance from IFAW & PetSmart Charities

ASPCA manages forensic evidence collection & removal of animals
to support Garland County Sheriff’s Office animal cruelty investigation in Hot Springs, Ark.

NEW YORK—The ASPCA® (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals®), at the request of the Garland County Sheriff’s Office, is managing the evidence collection and sheltering of more than 100 dogs living in a substandard commercial breeding facility—commonly known as a puppy mill—in Hot Springs, Ark., approximately 55 miles southwest of Little Rock. The operation is being supported by responders from the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), PetSmart Charities, Inc. and Garland County Humane Society.

A search warrant was executed Monday morning for the removal of the dogs, and the animals are being transported to a nearby emergency shelter where they will receive medical care and treatment. The ASPCA is also collecting evidence for the investigation as well as lending the services of its veterinary forensics teams, led by Dr. Rhonda Windham, medical director of the ASPCA’s Field Investigations and Response team. The owner of the puppy mill facility, Pam Thomas, has been arrested and charged with three counts of felony animal cruelty.

“The ASPCA has been invaluable in the coordination, investigation, processing and forensic evidence collection of the endangered and mistreated animals,” said Lieutenant James Martin of the Garland County Sheriff’s Office. “The successful completion of this operation would not have taken place without their experience, resources and expertise, as the magnitude of this operation is beyond the capabilities of Garland County resources.”

“The ASPCA is pleased to be in a position to lend our assistance and help the Garland County Sheriff’s Office put an end to abusive puppy mills in their community,” said Kathryn Destreza, director of Investigations for the ASPCA’s Field Investigations and Response team. “Puppy mill dogs suffer from living in extremely unsanitary conditions, without adequate veterinary care, food, water and socialization, and we appreciate the efforts of the local authorities in pursuing this investigation. Our goal is to help the local authorities by providing experts and resources to support the case, and see that these animals move on to a better place.”

Garland County Sheriff’s Investigator, Cpl. Angela Graybeal, began a criminal investigation in 2009 after allegations of health issues and charges had been brought against Ms. Thomas, owner of the Happy Times Kennel at 210 Barbershop Drive, also known as Rainbow Kennel and Spa City Pets, for violation of the Rabies Control Act.

During the two year investigation, Investigator Graybeal received numerous complaints regarding the living conditions, medical issues and mistreatment of more than 100 animals housed on the property. The Garland County Sheriff’s Office was able to determine that Thomas was operating a puppy mill through undercover visits and purchases, with support from the Garland County Humane Society, which connected investigators with the ASPCA for assistance.

The dogs—mainly small breeds such as Chihuahuas, West Highland white terriers, Boston terriers and dachshunds—were discovered living in feces-encrusted pens and deplorable conditions on the property. Many of the dogs exhibited various signs of neglect and appear to have severe skin problems and flea infestation, among other medical conditions.

The ASPCA is assessing and treating each animal by utilizing its fully equipped Northeast “Mobile Animal Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) Unit,” a specially-designed vehicle outfitted with state-of-the-art forensics tools and medical equipment tailored for animal patients. Additionally, the ASPCA’s custom-built animal transport trailer is also being utilized to help transfer animals to the emergency shelter.

More than 30 responders are on the scene, including staff and volunteers from IFAW, which is providing sheltering services and assisting with evidence collection; PetSmart Charities, which is providing much-needed supplies and helping set up the emergency shelter; and volunteers from the Garland County Humane Society, who will be assisting with the daily care of the animals housed at the temporary shelter.

“Upon learning of the deplorable conditions these animals were subjected to, IFAW took immediate action to help protect them from further suffering,” said Shannon Walajtys, IFAW Emergency Relief officer. “IFAW works around the world to ensure that dogs live in healthy conditions and we are dismayed to encounter, yet again, such appalling conditions here in the U.S.”

“Our Emergency Relief Waggin’ program offers assistance to animal victims, like these dogs, who need immediate care and attention,” added Susana Della Maddalena, executive director of PetSmart Charities. “Some of these dogs will experience, for the first time, what it’s like to be well fed, clean and comfortable. Our hope is that the pets rescued from cruelty cases, low-quality breeders and hoarders can be rehabilitated and placed into the caring homes they deserve.”

Tim Rickey, senior director of ASPCA Field Investigations and Response added, “With the support and collaboration of these agencies, the ASPCA is able to continue its life-saving work in the field. We truly appreciate our partnership with these national animal welfare groups to rescue animals like these from inhumane conditions.”

The ASPCA Field Investigations and Response team has rescued countless dogs from puppy mills across the nation and aided in the prosecution of their owners. Furthermore, the ASPCA’s Government Relations department has been active in drafting and promoting legislation that would strengthen regulations and raise minimum standards of care for dogs in puppy mills, most recently in Texas and Pennsylvania. Additionally, the ASPCA launched a national “No Pet Store Puppies” campaign, which seeks to raise awareness about the connection between puppy mills and pet stores.

For more information about puppy mills and how to fight animal cruelty, visit www.nopetstorepuppies.com.

About the ASPCA®
Founded in 1866, the ASPCA® (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals®) is the first humane organization established in the Americas and serves as the nation’s leading voice for animal welfare. One million supporters strong, the ASPCA’s mission is to provide effective means for the prevention of cruelty to animals throughout the United States. As a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation, the ASPCA is a national leader in the areas of anti-cruelty, community outreach and animal health services. The ASPCA, which is headquartered in New York City, offers a wide range of programs, including a mobile clinic outreach initiative, its own humane law enforcement team, and a groundbreaking veterinary forensics team and mobile animal CSI unit. For more information, please visit www.aspca.org. To become a fan of the ASPCA on Facebook, go to http://www.facebook.com/aspca. To follow the ASPCA on Twitter, go to http://www.twitter.com/aspca.

About IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare)
Founded in 1969, IFAW saves animals in crisis around the world. With projects in more than 40 countries, IFAW rescues individual animals, works to prevent cruelty to animals, and advocates for the protection of wildlife and habitats. For more information, visit www.ifaw.org. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.



Hallmark Channel Original Movie World Premiere
Saturday, November 19 (6p.m. ET/PT, 5C)
Hallmark Channel

A pair of passionate pooches fall head-over-tails in love and conspire to get their owners to fall for each other in the World Premiere of “A Christmas Wedding Tail,” a Hallmark Channel Original World Premiere.  Susan (Jennie Garth, “90210” and “Accidentally in Love”), an unemployed Los Angeles museum curator and widowed single mom temporarily lives in a small California town with her three sons.  Jake (Brad Rowe, “General Hospital”) is a single dad of two tomboys who owns a local winery.  When Rusty, Susan’s Labrador (voice talent of Jay Mohr, “Suburgatory” and “Ghost Whisper”) falls for Jake’s French Poodle, Cheri (voice talent of Nikki Cox, “Las Vegas”) these canine matchmakers conspire to help their owners fall in love too.  Now with a Christmas Day wedding to plan – and major complications threatening to unravel it all – can two mismatched broods find a way to make one happy family?


90-Minute Star-Studded Special Highlights the Many Ways Dogs
Enrich, Prolong, and Save Lives Everyday
Troops Overseas will Have Opportunity to Watch the Broadcast Via Armed Forces Network


Studio City, California – November 3, 2011 – Hallmark Channel is proud to present the inaugural “American Humane Association Hero Dog Awards™”, a moving celebration of our four-legged friends and the innumerable contributions they make on our behalf.  Presented by CESAR® Canine Cuisine and produced by Emmy® Award winning MRB Productions, the Hero Dog Awards will premiere on Veteran’s Day, November 11, 2011 at 8:00pm ET/PT.  In salute of Veteran’s Day and honoring our many enlisted servicemen, women, and dogs overseas, the Hero Dog Awards will be broadcast for our troops worldwide through Armed Forces Network, following its debut on Hallmark Channel.  A digital screener (for review purposes only) of the entire broadcast can be found at the following hyperlink: HeroDogAwardsScreener (User ID: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; Password: Herodog1)

Hosted by Emmy® Award-winning Carson Kressley and taped before a live audience in the Beverly Hilton’s historical International Ballroom on October 1, the Hero Dog Awards pays tribute to eight remarkable dogs and their handlers — each partnership a powerful testament to the age-old bond between dogs and people.

Following a nationwide online search that elicited some 400,000 votes, each dog was selected among hundreds of nominees from all 50 states in one of eight categories: Law Enforcement and Arson Dogs; Service Dogs; Therapy Dogs; Military Dogs; Guide Dogs; Search and Rescue Dogs; Hearing Dogs, and finally, Emerging Hero Dogs a category that highlights ordinary pets who do extraordinary things.  The finalists and their handlers were flown to Los Angeles to walk the red carpet, mingle with celebrities, and take the stage to accept their special “Hero Dog” award, following a presentation of a special video tribute telling each of their incredible stories.  At the end of the evening, one dog was named the overall “American Hero Dog.”

            Celebrity judges and presenters on hand for the festivities included Betty White, Peter Fonda, Faith Ford, Pauley Perrette, Michael Vartan, Jason Lewis, Candy Spelling, Victoria Stillwell, Joey Lawrence, among many others. 

For more on each of the eight dogs and their inspirational stories go to:  www.herodogawards.org

 About Hallmark Channel
Hallmark Channel, owned and operated by Crown Media Holdings, Inc., is a 24-hour basic cable network that provides a diverse slate of high-quality entertainment programming available in high definition (HD) and standard definition (SD) to a national audience of 87 million subscribers. The top tier program service is distributed through approximately 5,492 cable systems and communities as well as direct-to-home satellite services across the country. Hallmark Channel is the nation's leading network in quality family programming with an ambitious slate of original TV movies, lifestyle and general entertainment content, and is the home of "The Martha Stewart Show", which anchors the channel's daytime original programming block. Hallmark Channel's sibling network is Hallmark Movie Channel, also available in HD and SD, which focuses on the family-friendly movies with a mix of classic theatrical films, presentations from the acclaimed Hallmark Hall of Fame library, original Hallmark Channel movies and special events. 

About American Humane Association
Since 1877 American Humane Association has been at the forefront of virtually every major advance in protecting children, pets and farm animals from cruelty, abuse and neglect. Today we’re also leading the way in understanding the human-animal bond and its role in therapy, medicine and society. American Humane Association reaches millions of people every day through groundbreaking research, education, training and services that span a wide network of organizations, agencies and businesses. You can help make a difference, too. Visit American Humane Association at www.americanhumane.org today.


About MRB Productions

MRB is an Emmy-winning production company specializing in producing content across all media platforms.  MRB's recent projects include the acclaimed web series The Confession, staring Kiefer Sutherland, which acquired paramount success, leading to a feature deal with Image Entertainment.  MRB's feature department is currently in post-production on a Stephen Gyllenhaal film Grassroots, slated to premiere later this year.  On the television side, MRB produces the pre-taped segments, coordinates talent logistics and the VIP program for the past decade for ESPN’s ESPY Awards.  Most recently, MRB garnered two Emmy nominations for the 2010 NBA Draft Opening Sequence.  Additional TV projects include two seasons of the mockumentary comedy show Free Radio on VH1 and Comedy Central.  MRB’s commercial repertoire includes collaborations with Leo Burnett, Periera O'Dell, Team Detroit, Goodby, Silverstein and Partners for clients such as Geico, Kellogg's, Ford, Sprint, Mattel, Corona, Miller Lite, Smirnoff, Sony, NBC, Wal-Mart, Hyundai and University of Phoenix.


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