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Give the gift of safety with Bully Buddy! Dogs can now enjoy a custom size bully stick without the hazard of choking thanks to this one-of-a-kind device. Bow Wow Labs, Inc., the makers of innovative products to help keep dogs safe and healthy, launched their company in November 2018 with the Bully Buddy and their line of premium Bully Sticks. This safety first product pair has become very popular among pet parents.

Bully sticks make for a fun and beneficial treat for dogs because they encourage your pup's natural instinct to chew. The Bully Buddy is a durable, easy-to-use, veterinarian-vetted, and dog-approved device that tightly secures bully sticks, preventing dogs from choking on the tail-end of the treat. The screw twist technology keeps bully sticks secure, and dogs can really appreciate this feature as opposed to working their paws to keep a loose bully stick in place. It's a light-weight device and is BPA free and dishwasher safe. Bully Buddies are available in five sizes.

Bow Wow Lab's healthy and nutritious Bully Sticks are hand sorted to fit each size of Bully Buddy. They're low-odor and are sustain-ably sourced from free-range, grass-fed cattle that are 100% hormone free, and never treated with chemicals. The Bully Buddy and Bully Sticks are a "paw-fect" match, so be sure check out the Starter Kit for the ultimate dog-loving gift.

Starting at $33.13, the Starter Kit includes a Bully Buddy (choose the right size based on the dog's weight), one pack of (5) Bow Wow Labs premium, hand-selected 6-inch bully sticks that match your size Bully Buddy, and one sealable stay-fresh jar. Both dog and owner will love and appreciate the many benefits and safety features that the Bully Buddy and Bully Sticks from Bow Wow Labs provide to our most precious companions. Cheers to safer snacking this holiday season! Learn more and order yours today! https://bowwowlabs.com/products/bully-buddy-starter-kit?variant=29600217858113

About Bow Wow Labs, Inc.:
The team at Bow Wow Labs is made up of a diverse group of men and women on a mission to keep dogs healthy happy and safe with products and services that make life easier and fun for dogs and their owners. We offer innovative products that build lasting bonds and we do it all in the name of creating happier dogs with empowered owners, maximizing the enjoyment of having a dog while minimizing many of the risks dogs encounter in everyday life.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bowwowlabs/
Twitter: @bowwowlabs

Instagram: @bowwowlabs (https://www.instagram.com/bowwowlabs/)

Noah’s Bark Launch’s All Natural Dog Biscuits

Cha-Cha Chicken, Peanutty Perfection, and Bodacious Beef

Noah’s Bark was originally conceived when founder, Michelle Volk’s dog, Sheba, was consistently sick. Noticing a tie between chronic sickness and her diet, Volk realized that a change had to be made. When Volk began introducing holistic, more nutritious foods into Sheba’s diet, she recovered and the concept for Noah’s Bark was born.

Noah’s Bark is a new line of all natural dog biscuits that are made from healthy lean proteins such as chicken, beef, and peanut protein blends and are most notably different for the ingredients you won’t find in the products: potentially harmful fillers like wheat, corn, soy, added sugars, and animal by-products. Another major differentiator of Noah’s Bark dog biscuits is that the products focus on freshness, using liquid by-products of the ingredients used, instead of water during the production process. This allows the product to retain more nutrients from its ingredients.

Noah’s Bark Founder and CEO Michelle Volk explains, “If it isn’t good enough for me, it isn’t good enough for my dog or yours. Eat healthy. Treat healthy. The healthier the food, the healthier and happier the dog. Ingredients do make a difference!”

Each biscuit is held to the most stringent quality control checks in the industry and are crafted in a facility that is Safe Quality Food Certified. Noah’s Bark biscuits are currently available in the following flavors:

Cha-Cha Chicken: Made from Chicken, Brown Rice, Pearled Barley, Carrots, Peas, Green Beans, Flaxseed, Oat Hulls, Chicken Fat, Natural Chicken Flavor, and Rosemary Extract

Peanutty Perfection: Made from Oat Flour, Peanut Butter, Ground Apples, Cane Molasses, Flaxseed, Oat Hulls, Natural Yeast Flavor, Mixed Tocopherols (Preservatives), and Rosemary Extract

Bodacious Beef: Made from Pearled Barley, Beef, Carrots, Peas, Green Beans, Celery, Flaxseed, Oat Hulls, Chicken Fat, Natural Chicken Flavor, and Rosemary Extract

Noah’s Bark All Natural Biscuits are currently available online atbuynoahsbark.com and a 14 oz. bag retails for $12.99. With every purchase of Noah’s Bark, a donation is made to local pet rescues and shelters. Wholesale opportunities are also available.

Noah’s Bark is based in Fort Worth, Texas and they are proud to sponsor local community events such as the SPCA of Texas’ Home for the Holidays campaign and the Dallas Jingle Bell Run.


For more information on Noah’s Bark, please visitbuynoahsbark.com.


Animal Nutritionist Marc Ching & Rescue Pet Foods Deliver Delicious

Fourth generation herbalist and nutritionist Marc Ching and owner of the PetStaurant has teamed up with Rescue Pet Foods to create dog treats with supplemental support. Available in two varieties including Allergy Support and Immune Support, these probiotics are essential for a healthy lifestyle, and the snacks are both a supplement and a treat!

Both formulas feature USDA human grade, restaurant quality beef, venison, organic chicken or organic turkey fortified with heat stable probiotics and organic herbs. No wheat, corn, rice, potato, soy, sugars, salt, fillers, preservatives or other harmful ingredients. The treats are non-GMO and gluten free.

“We’ve added immune boosting properties specifically targeted at improving your dog's health and resistance to illness with delicious restaurant quality meats to create a savory probiotic infused treat and vigorously healthful snack,” says Marc.

Additionally, the treats have been formulated to improve your furry friend's skin. Each bag is infused with over 100 million CFU* of friendly beneficial bacteria as well as fully absorbable Omega 3 and 6. Recommended by Veterinarians and Animal Nutritionists across the U.S., probiotics work to boost the immune system and help fight off immune invaders that can cause inflammation and other health issues.

The first of their kind, these proven Probiotic Treats are perfect for picky eaters who have allergies and skin problems or need added immune boosting benefits.

Each bag retails for $11.95. For more information please visit www.rescuepetfoods.com


Snack. Play. Namaste.

Longmont, CO, October 17, 2016 -- Snack. Play. Namaste. These are the three words that are prominently displayed on each of the five flavors of Colorado-based Down Dog Snacks’ new, brightly brilliant colored packaging.

According to Jessie Walker, owner, “Our new packaging was designed to reflect the personality of each of our current five flavors - Peanut Buddha Bones, Sweet Pawtato Pups, Apple Berry Zensations, Banana Bliss and Peas, Love & Carrots.  We now have a BIG 16 oz. bag of BIG Peanut Buddha Bones for large size breeds too! Our dog treats are grain-free and plant-based.  They do not contain any dairy, corn, soy, eggs, sugar or wheat -- just wholesome, limited, human-grade ingredients that are locally sourced whenever possible. We do use local honey so we call ourselves bee-gan.” 

Walker boasts that the company only uses pronounceable and recognizable ingredients.  “Oh, and you can snack on them too! After all, you are what you and your dog eat,” she notes. 

A former Ad Executive and current Yoga Instructor, Walker has expanded her family's business across the country to Colorado, where she founded these gourmutt treats. Walker’s family owns a dog treat business based in New Jersey, Fat Murray’s Doggy Treats. Murray was Walker’s big boned basset hound that sadly passed away several years ago.

“Down Dog Snacks was created to keep your Barking Buddhas happy and healthy. I knew I wanted to stay in the family business of dog treats but ‘basset hound,’ ‘fat,’ and ‘Colorado’ didn’t seem to jive. Thus, I infused my love for dogs, yoga and health and created my own grain-free, plant-based enterprise. Yes, my career has gone to the dogs.”

Each treat is baked by hand with all-natural ingredients that keeps your dog zen, one snack at a time. And now these treats can be found in brilliant, bold and colorful packaging. Special holiday packaging is also available.

For more information visit Down Dog Snacks at http://downdogsnacks.com.

Pet Me Happy Gifts & Treats
Holiday Gift Guide 2016


SANTA CLARITA, California, October 17, 2016 [Press Release]From all-natural dog treats to fun, useful gifts, thePet Me Happypet gifts and treatsonline boutique at http://www.PetMeHappy.comhas the perfect holiday gifts for Pet Parents and their dogs or cats, for all the special occasions celebrated between Halloween and the New Year.

Almost everyone has a pet they’re crazy about. What better gift than something for their special furball?

Gift-givers can choose from all-naturalArtisan Dog Treats with Oregon Blueberries, quality pet-shaped gifts by Charm Ceramics, and the Original and Deluxe editions of the innovative Pupper Pouch dog leash accessory.

Made in the U.S.A. from the finest ingredients and materials, Pet Me Happy’s products are definitely worthy to give as holiday gifts.Read the customer testimonials.

In the holiday spirit, Pet Me Happy is offering a 20% discount on purchases made online through December 31, 2016, using the coupon code “ARTISAN” at checkout.

All-Natural Artisan Dog Treats with Oregon Blueberries

All-natural, just 10 ingredients – no wheat, corn, soy, chemical additives, artificial preservatives or by-products. For stocking stuffers, the 2 oz. re-sealable bags are just $4.99 each. For larger gifts, the 6 oz. size is $8.99 each – great for families with two or three dogs. For even larger packs of pups, there are 12 oz. bags at $14.99 each. Larger sizes available.

Pupper Pouch – Original and Deluxe

For the dog parent who has everything, the Pupper Pouch dog leash accessory makes a useful gift. It’s a small, wallet-sized nylon pouch that clips easily onto a dog’s leash or harness during a walk or a run. Phone, keys, cards and cash slip inside the pouch, secured by a Velcro flap, keeping hands free.

The single-pocketOriginal Pupper Pouchis just $19.95 and comes in black. Thedouble-pocket Deluxe editioncarries twice the stuff and comes in black, red and blue for just $25.95.



Cat-Shaped Salt & Pepper Shakers

Cat parents love Shiro & Kuro, Pet Me Happy’s cat-shaped ceramic salt and pepper shakers. They’re dishwasher-safe, made from tough, high-quality restaurant-grade materials, and stand 3-3/4” tall. Shiro & Kuro are $26 per pair.As featured on BuzzFeed!

Tasteful Memorial Urns

Anyone who’s lost a pet, especially around the holidays, can appreciate the thoughtfulness of a gift like a ceramic memorial urn for a grieving Pet Parent. Like Shiro & Kuro, these tasteful cat and dog memorial urns were created by a gifted ceramics artist exclusively for Pet Me Happy. The cat urn is black, 8” tall, holds about 8 fl. oz., and lists for $65. The dog urn is white, stands 7-1/4” tall, holds about 14 fl. oz. (for small- to medium-sized dogs), and is $80.

About Pet Me Happy Gifts & Treats

Pet Me Happy Gifts & Treats is an online pet supplies retailer founded in Santa Clarita, California in summer 2015 by three passionate Pet Parents – Stephen K. Peeples, his wife Nadine A. Peeples, and his longtime website development collaborator Paige Hagen.

Pet Me Happy’s premiere products are Artisan Dog Treats with Oregon Blueberries, the Pupper Pouch dog leash accessory, and exclusive pet-themed ceramic gifts created by Charm Ceramics. All Pet Me Happy gifts and treats are made in California, U.S.A. by pet-loving humans. For more information, visit PetMeHappy.com.

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Lindy & Company Launches Pet Treats That Help Homeless Teens & Young Adults

Dayton, OH Summer 2016Lindy & Company officially announced today the launch of Lindys Bakery brand of gourmet pet treats. Its not just dogs & cats that end up on the streets after being abandoned. In the United States alone, there are close to 2 million teens and young adults without a place to call home. Created by the nonprofit Daybreak, Lindys Bakery is a gourmet pet treat bakery that teaches homeless teens and young adults valuable work skills so they will never be homeless again. 100% of proceeds from the sale of Lindys Bakery pet treats go directly to Daybreak. These funds provide emergency shelter, housing, and support for over 500 homeless teens and young adults each year.

The launch lineup of Lindys Bakery gourmet pet treats includes 10 SKUs with many more in development. The line includes indulgent flavors as well as grain and gluten free offerings. Treats range in price from $5.99 to $6.99 and comes in unique flavors such as Apples & Cheese Please and Grain Free Carrot Cake. To learn more and support a great cause, please visit www.daybreakdayton.org.

About Lindy & Company

Created by the nonprofit Daybreak, Lindys Bakery is a gourmet pet treat bakery that teaches homeless teens and young adults valuable work skills so they will never be homeless again. 100% of proceeds from the sale of Lindys Bakery pet treats go directly to Daybreak. These funds provide emergency shelter, housing, and support for over 500 homeless teens and young adults each year! Please visit www.lindyandcompany.com for more information.

About Daybreak

Daybreak is a non-for-profit that provides emergency shelter, housing, and support for over 500 homeless teens and young adults each year! Daybreaks program is designed to move homeless teens and young adults out of homelessness, poverty, under-education, and crisis and into housing, financial independence, educational achievement, and self-sufficiency. Daybreaks employment program helps Daybreak youth develop the skills necessary to get and keep jobs. Work-readiness training is provided at Lindy & Company, Daybreaks gourmet pet treat bakery. In addition, youth receive job assessment and job placement services. Please visit www.daybreakdayton.org for more information.

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One Rewards

o One Rewards dog treats are all-natural pieces of 100% meat. Unlike the majority of dog treats created for pets, One Rewards do not contain additives, grains or fillers.

o These simple, savory treats come in:

§ Chicken Breast

§ Duck Breast

§ Chicken Liver

§ Ocean Whitefish

o Benefits of One Rewards pet treats:

§ Tasty flavor that dogs love

§ Easy to chew

§ Highly digestible

§ Low fat

§ High in protein

o The Process: One Rewards are freeze-dried to remove roughly 97% of moisture while locking in essential natural vitamins and nutrients of the meats. The treats come in a re-sealable bag to maintain their freshness for a minimum of 12 months from the production date. Proper feeding guidelines, developed by a leading independent pet nutritionist, are listed on each One Rewards package.

o Availability: One Rewards are currently available at Target stores across Canada with expected distribution to the US market in 2013. They can also be purchased online at OneRewardsTreats.com

One Rewards website: http://onerewardstreats.com/


Hillside Farms

o Hillside Farms start with natural, lean meat. All ingredients used are premium grad, fit for human consumption. Our jerky starts with cage-free, natural chicken. The only other ingredients are vegetable glycerin derived from natural plant sources and salt. These delicious treats contain no fillers, soy, grains, sugar, animal by-products or artificial colors and flavors. In this very simple process, lean meat is mixed with vegetable glycerin and a bit of salt. The meat is sliced, cooked, dried and then packaged - that's it!

o These wholesome, savory treats come in:

      • Chicken Jerky
      • Duck Jerky
      • Jerky Twists
      • Jerky Wraps

o Availability: Hillside Farms are currently available at CVS locations, Winn-Dixie stores and various other retailers nationwide. They can also be purchased online at Hillside-farms.com.

Hillside Farms website: http://hillside-farms.com/