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“Doctors Reveal You Can Enjoy Up to 5 Cups of Coffee Per Day - If You Drink the Right Kind…

Enjoy delicious, healthy, single origin, chemical-free, non-GMO coffee from small farms in the mountains of Nicaragua


Dr. Charles Livingston,
Natural Health Expert

From the desk of Dr. Charles Livingston:

Johns Hopkins Medicine recently reported that, according to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, “it’s safe for most people to drink three to five cups of coffee a day with a maximum intake of 400 milligrams of caffeine.” (source)

They reported multiple benefits of drinking coffee, including the following:

  • Coffee drinkers are less likely to die from some of the leading causes of death.
  • Coffee...contains antioxidants and other active substances that may reduce internal inflammation and protect against disease.
  • Dark roast coffee decreases breakage in DNA strands, which occur naturally but can lead to cancer or tumors if not repaired by your cells.
  • ...coffee drinkers - decaf or regular - were 26 percent less likely to develop colorectal cancer.
  • Coffee is chock full of substances that may help guard against...Alzheimer's disease and heart disease.

With all these benefits, however, there’s a big risk in drinking coffee: pesticides, mycotoxins, and molds.

One research study found that 91.7% of the coffee samples they tested contained molds. (source)

So what do you do?

This coffee is clean, healthy, non-GMO, pesticide-free, and as pure as you can get with just one simple ingredient:

  • ★★★★★

    “This coffee brings harmony to my morning.”

    “I think my patients are going to love it! I have been through mold and mycotoxin illness myself in the past and amazing what I had learned about coffee...scary! I had found a good product before yours but your coffee is much smoother and vibrant.”

    Julie Bender-Sibbio RDN, LDN, cWC

    JBS Nutrition & Wellness, LLC
    Certified Functional & Integrative Nutritionist


Oh. My. God.

This was it.

I don’t even remember the name of the coffee shop.
But I remember the taste. Like heaven in a cup.

It was to that coffee that I’ve compared everything else.

And nothing measured up, until now.

What I’ve found is that regular mass-produced, blended coffee is loaded with chemicals and additives that destroy the flavor.

The best tasting coffee, it turns out, is also the healthiest coffee.

The coffee I’ve found is delicious and is the cleanest, purest, healthiest coffee I’ve ever seen.

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Here’s Just a Few of
The Qualities of This Coffee:



Coffee is delicious, but poor quality coffee can be toxic. You want coffee that’s clean and pure to ensure there are never any pesticides…


Single Origin

Most of the coffee for sale in retail stores and coffee shop is a mix-match of beans from various plants and countries around the world. With blends, you might get beans mixed with pesticide-soaked beans. It’s also possible you can get premium dark roast beans mixed with under-dried, toxin-filled lighter roast beans.

Single Origin coffee ensures you’re getting what you pay for - and nothing you don’t want in your coffee. Every bag of this coffee, however, is guaranteed single origin. Each bag is filled with beans from the same farm, the same plant, and the same roast profile.



Mycotoxins are mold toxins that can occur in many substances. Naturally, that means they can grow inside coffee beans too. (Unfortunately, they’re far more common than you may think.) Mycotoxins can trigger anything from painful, full-body-inflammation to debilitating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Several studies have also strongly linked mycotoxins with kidney diseases.


shade grown

For the best-tasting coffee, you don’t want the sun beating down on the beans harming the natural maturation and rich, complex flavor. Only 2% of the world’s coffee is shade-grown. With shade-grown coffee, no pesticides are needed. You deserve natural, unharmed, pure coffee.



One of the biggest complaints about coffee is the digestive discomfort from some brews. You probably know all about it yourself… the heartburn, indigestion, bathroom trips, and more. Sometimes you just don’t know what a given coffee is going to do to your stomach!

Now, a lot of that discomfort has to do with the acid in your stomach. And you may also know the discomfort depends on the type of roast you drink. (Hint: Medium and Dark Roasts are easier on the stomach!) So it can be a gamble as to how your stomach will handle a new coffee.

But because of the steps you’ve just read about above, Lifeboost Coffee guarantees its coffee won’t bother your stomach! There’s nothing inside that can trigger excess stomach acid or affect digestion.

Light, medium, dark or espresso, you choose your beans and your stomach is happy.


On top of low acidity, Lifeboost Coffee has none of the junk swimming around in most coffees that aggravates your stomach. That means no pesticides, chemicals, GMOs, or mycotoxins.

That means nothing that careless farmers and profit-hungry manufacturers use to get their brews out the door fast.



Our coffee contains only one, simple, pure ingredient. You’re getting the cleanest coffee available directly from the highest quality farms located in a nationally-protected area of Central America. The coffee is then carefully roasted according to exact specifications to produce delicious, low-acid coffee you’ll love.

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And that’s not all. This coffee includes
all the above qualities and more:


High Elevation Grown

High-altitude specialty coffees, generally command a far better market price due to their exceptional flavor and vibrancy, lower yield per coffee tree, and challenge to coffee farmers in remote mountainous areas. This means truly superb coffee beans that represent one of the world's most affordable luxuries.



Once washed, the beans are sun-dried until they've achieved a moisture content of 11.5%. (Too much moisture and you risk mold; too dry and the flavor of the coffee is spoiled.) Finally, the beans transition to a 30-day "rest" period which allows the flavor profile of your beans to deepen in richness, complexity and taste.


fairly traded

This coffee is grown in a sustainable environment. Farmers grow their coffee which is an environmentally friendly way of producing crops. Not only is this good for the environment, but it is better for the coffee. By employing farming methods, the fairly traded coffee is grown by farmers who are paid a fair wage for doing so.


specialty bean

Specialty coffee represents the very best of the world’s coffee yield or the TOP 3% of global production. These beans are the largest beans that are hand picked out because they are perfect with no defects. Only the very best.



Some other coffee farms slash and burn the rainforest and spray their coffee beans with toxic pesticides to keep the bugs away. We think it's better to grow our coffee in chemical-free, nutrient-rich virgin soil.

If you’re anything like me, I prefer to grow our coffee the natural way, in the cool shade of ancient trees, where the beans can ripen slowly and migratory birds, like the beautiful Scarlet Tanager, can naturally manage bugs like the coffee farmer's archenemy - the coffee borer.



Conventional coffee farms soak the ground with harsh chemical fertilizers - as much as 250 pounds per acre! When you grind up beans that have chemical residue and add hot water to them, you concentrate those chemicals into your cup of coffee.



Our beans are grown from single origin plants that have not been genetically modified. We believe in keeping our coffee as clean and pure as possible not just for health reasons, but to protect the environment and the delicate flavor profile that you get with every perfect cup.

As Seen On


Real people experiencing Lifeboost Coffee for the first time (watch above)

I love this coffee so much, I’ve had to share it with everyone I know.

What People Have To Say

This coffee is very expensive, and worth every dime. I can drink without adding anything, no sugar or cream. So mellow and tasty! Thank you
Bonnie B. Verified Buyer
Best coffee out there! Great taste!
Edward T. Verified Buyer
Love the product and you certainly can taste the difference.
Gay M. Verified Buyer
This coffee is great tasting!! Best so far!!
Edward T. Verified Buyer
This coffee is everything they say it is. So smooth no acid at all. So glad I found it.
Lisa R. Verified Buyer
Lifeboost shipped my order so fast that it felt like my first cup came right off the tree! This was the most vibrant experience of coffee I've ever had, and I highly recommend Lifeboost to anyone who wants to experience coffee as fresh and wonderful as it gets!
Karen M. Verified Buyer
Life Boost Coffee is more than just drinking coffee - it’s an experience that no one should miss. It’s smooth with no bitter aftertaste and it’s delightfully pleasant. I’m glad Life Boost Coffee found me.
Everet K. Verified Buyer
My husband love it and I start drinking coffee too. Knowing it’s stomach friendly, that’s why I’m confident to drink it.
Thelma K. Verified Buyer
We love Lifeboost coffee! been buying it for almost two years, with no plan to stop! Great taste, great value! Arrives right on time in super condition.
Deborah E. Verified Buyer
This coffee is so good and so much flavor. The decaf process was so clean with no chemicals and still retains the flavor. I served it to guests from Hawaii and he just texted me on how wonderful the coffee was I and I didn’t tell him it was decaf.
Kathleen M. Verified Buyer
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From My House to Yours: Lifeboost Coffee

Now I’m able to drink coffee guilt-free. It tastes delicious and is free of all those harmful chemicals, additives, and pesticides in so many brands found in stores and coffee shops.

This great-tasting, pure coffee is Lifeboost.

I know this may be your first time as a Lifeboost
customer. This is likely your first time trying a coffee
so pure, clean, and delicious.

So I have a deal for you.

I know you’re going to love this coffee. After one
try, you’ll never go back to mass-produced
toxin-loaded “generic” coffee.

Today you can get full 12 ounce bags of Lifeboost Coffee, large enough for 40 cups each, for 50% off!

This is for new customers only. Limit one per household.

You’re going to love this coffee.

I can’t wait to hear about your experience.



Step 1
Caffeinated or Decaffeinated?

Pure Light Roast

Ingredients: Organic coffee

Pure Medium Roast

Ingredients: Organic coffee

Pure Dark Roast

Ingredients: Organic coffee

Pure Medium Roast

Ingredients: Organic coffee

Step 2
Do you prefer ground or beans?

If you want quick and easy, choose this. You will sacrifice a bit of freshness, but the speed and the simplicity may be worth it. Don't worry, we seal it air tight to preserve the highest amount of freshness possible!

If you want the absolute freshest cup of coffee, then you'll want to choose beans and grind them yourself. It's a little more work, but coffee connoisseurs have their rituals!

Step 3
Choose How Many Bags You’d Like:
Triple Boost great value

A great fit for 1-2 Lifeboosters who start every morning with a mug of coffee. Three bags include enough coffee beans to last about a month and a half.

$104.85 $51 (50% Off)
*On Continental US orders only
Turbo Boost Best value

6 bags of premium single origin, non-GMO coffee! Enough to last…

$209.70 $99 (Save Over $100!)
*On Continental US orders only

Free shipping on your first order!

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“There Just Is No Better”

So smooth, and absolutely no acidity. believe I will have to become a monthly subscriber to bring the cost down even further. When you buy in bulk the price plummets. Do yourselves a favour, come on, you deserve it. Shade grown, hand picked, hand washed, lightly roasted and no pesticides equals this incredible quality.

Sonia P

“Best Coffee
I’ve Ever Tasted”

I’m used to doctoring up my coffee to make it palatable, but with this coffee, I can get away with less sugar/and or creamer. It’s fruity tasting with no bitterness at all. I will definitely be purchasing more!

Ziggy L

“This Coffee Is Delicious”

It is full bodied flavor with a great aroma and the packaging is natural and adorable. It feels great to know that the beans were grown and sustainably harvested from a single source. This makes all the difference! I would definitely purchase this again for my family as well as for gifts for friends. An excellent product!

Chrissy B

“It Is Smooth, No Bitterness, With Full Bodied Flavor”

A bit of cream and this coffee is wonderful. The fact that it is grown on a small farm and the coffee you receive is from just this farm, and is what makes this coffee have its wonderful flavor. I am on my second order and am now will be a customer for life.

Nichele G

“Drink Coffee and Save the Planet”

A Portion of the profit from each bag you purchase will be donated to: www.rainforesttrust.org

Rainforest Trust is able to allocate 100% of YOUR donation DIRECTLY to conservation!

Martha Gonzalez is a 4th-generation coffee farmer.

Once the Nicaraguan civil war broke out in the early 90’s, Martha’s husband left her to join one of the warring sides. As the war drew closer to her land, Martha fled the farm in fear for her life.

Today, Martha’s returned to her family farm and has continued where she left off years ago. Now with her daughter Emily, and sons Norvin and Angel, she tends the 6-acre farm that’s part of the Bosawas Biosphere Reserve (BBR); the second- largest rainforest in the Western Hemisphere.

The BBR covers 22,000 square kilometers in northern Nicaragua. This lush territory is largely unexplored.

But the BBR is renowned for its premium coffee plants. And it's from small farms in Central America like these that grow the gourmet coffee you're invited to try today.

They’re a natural part of Martha and the other BBR farmers’ land. The BBR farmers’ prized coffee plants are sheltered under ancient guava trees that help seal in the rich, yet smooth flavor inside the plant’s cherries.


Martha faithfully tends these plants and nurtures every single harvest with her bare hands. She oversees the entire process to ensure the beans stay pristine and avoid any contamination.

Martha and her BBR colleague’s fairly traded farms nurture these beans that turn into the top 0.5% of coffee beans in the world.


It’s the attention to detail and the painstaking harvesting process that allow only premium beans to be roasted.

Every dollar you spend on Lifeboost Coffee will ensure Martha and her BBR colleagues can continue producing this fine coffee. And it will ensure they can continue to put their kids through school, hire more farmers, and preserve their natural treasure.

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Free shipping on your first order!




Dr. Charles Livingston

Founder of Lifeboost Coffee

  • ★★★★★

    “Lifeboost Coffee is my favorite! It’s extremely low acid and easy on the stomach. It gets my 5 star recommendation.

    Dr Aaron Oxenrider

    Board Certified Chiropractic Physician and Regenerative Medicine Expert

  • ★★★★★

    “Best tasting low acid coffee ever! And it’s great on your teeth!”

    Dr Gary Sanchez

    Board Certified Dentist

  • ★★★★★

    “Lifeboost Coffee is one of the healthiest, smoothest coffee's I've ever had. The ultra low acidity makes it perfect for those with stomach issues and digestive problems. Couple that with the rich, full bodied flavor and it's a treat I look forward to every day.”

    Joseph R. Feste, M.D., FACOG, AACS, AACG,

    Natural Bio Health Hormones & Weight Loss.

  • ★★★★★

    "Lifeboost is by far the smoothest, most delicious coffee I've ever tasted. Whether I'm using intermittent fasting or just need a burst of energy and focus for my intense work load, Lifeboost delivers the cleanest, purest coffee energy you can find. I look forward to my daily cup (or two) each day to help boost my immune health and increase my productivity."

    Shaun Hadsall

    Owner of GetLeanAfter40

  • ★★★★★

    "Wow! This coffee is incredible! Super smooth and the lowest acid coffee I've ever drank. It doesn't hurt my stomach at all! Careful though, it goes down really fast! It's my perfect way to start out my morning with a cool smooth burst of energy. Thanks Dr Charles!"

    John Rowley

    America's Lifestyle Strategist, Best Selling Author and Speaker


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Producer - Kayla Cavanaugh

Network Producer - Kevin Lane

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Special Guest - Co-Founder of Mission K9 Rescue, Bob Bryant will join Jon & Talkin' Pets at 5pm ET 7/10/21 to discuss Working Dogs, the international Rabies ban and his national non-profit organization

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Lifeboost Coffee Hey Lifebooster, It's our 6th Birthday! To celebrate, we've created a very special, Birthday Batter Coffee! Birthday Batter Coffee Velvety vanilla cake batter extracts infused into our medium roast, single origin, low acid, specialty beans...Yum. If you love vanilla, this is a dream flavor. No calories, no sugar, no fat. Have your cake and eat it too ;-) YES! I Want My Bags Of Birthday Batter Coffee! To Amazing Coffee! Dr Charles Livingston CEO of Lifeboost Coffee P.S. Your Lifeboost For The Day: A Birthday is just the first day of another 365 day journey around the sun. Enjoy the trip! P.P.S. Over the past few years, we've been able to build a school for children of coffee farmers, we're corporate sponsors to the Rain Forest Trust (which protects the wildlife and vegetation in Central/South America) and we donate thousands of pounds of coffee every year to various charities, food shelters, and first responders. One thing we know for sure... We couldn't of done that without you!
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I asked myself a question...


How Can I Improve My Digestion, Boost My Metabolism, Defy Aging, And Kick Start My Day With An Extra Energy Bump That Doesn't Make Me Crash?


You see, as I age, I'm always looking for something HEALTHY that will give me a slight edge on my QUALITY of life.


I embrace getting older, but what I don't embrace is not feeling great 99.9% of the time.


So, I'm on a constant quest to find those little things that get me the results I'm looking for.


After Hundreds of HOURS of research, I've FINALLY found something that I'm happy with!!


And I'm so excited to share it with you. 


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Why We Do What We Do


Martha Gonzalez inherited her 6 acre farm from her deceased father; she was 22 at the time------a single mother with 2 small kids.


With the farm, she also inherited debts as well as friendly disputes over the land with her 2 younger brothers.


She started working the farm with the agricultural knowledge she had acquired from her late father, and decided to do everything in her power to make this plot of land profitable, for the benefit of herself, her 2 children and her widower mother.



It was very hard to work with very little money or help, but she kept working from sunrise to sundown to get out her first crop.


Her first experience in business came at the hands of outside brokers----- who came to her farm and offered her money and a working loan for her crop, but without disclosing the high interest rates applied to her loan.


That year was very difficult for her, and making ends meet with defaulting on her loan or going under was an extreme challenge.


Trying to stay positive through this ordeal, she combined her strong work ethic along with daily prayers ----all the while trying to make arrangements with the lenders so she would not lose her farm.


Her persistence and determination eventually paid off, and she met a family that offered her a more productive way of producing her goods and services.


A family farmer and coffee roaster from Matagalpa, Nicaragua offered to pay her debt, and also help her with the financing for the new crop.


But it was not only that-------- she was going to be able to sell her entire production... her coffee was going to be in the local and regional supermarkets, roasted and packaged!


And she was going to participate in the profits, advancing her financial capability to educate her kids, nurture her elderly mother and work with more help at her farm.


Martha's success came because of her determination to never quit, no matter how hard the circumstances.


If you ever get down and depressed about a tough situation. Just think about Martha and her success. If she can do it, you can too! 


We love to support Martha and others like her.


There is magic in these small farms! If you'd like to support Martha, we've got a special deal for you.


Go here to order now:


I'd love to support Martha! <==


I'll leave you with this affirmation that you can say daily to give you that little Lifeboost:


I am too positive to be doubtful

I am too optimistic to be fearful

I am too determined to be defeated!


Make it a great day today!


Dr Charles Livingston

CEO and Founder of Lifeboost Coffee