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The Team at The Linda Blair WorldHeart Foundation would love to wish our Founder and President, Linda Blair, a very happy, wonderful birthday! Linda's lifelong commitment to animal advocacy and friendship, dating back to her early childhood, has been an inspiring journey. She chose a path to give a voice to the voiceless, support those facing challenges, and ensure every creature experiences love, full bellies, and full hearts. Over the last 17 years, Linda has been the heartbeat of the Linda Blair Worldheart Foundation, marching forward with a vision for a better tomorrow for our companion animals.


Currently, California is in a crisis state, with record numbers of animals being abandoned and turned into overcrowded shelters. Linda, receiving triple the daily pleas for help, tirelessly works to provide assistance, fueled by a promise she made to these animals- a promise she will never break. Despite the challenges and the stress visible in Linda's eyes, she fights through it, continuing her dedicated work in rescuing animals.


This year, we're embarking on an extraordinary mission to make Linda's 65th birthday extra special with a crucial fundraiser. Our goal is to raise $10,000 and we need your help to turn this vision into reality! Linda's journey hasn't been easy, but her unwavering commitment to creating a brighter tomorrow for our companion animals has remained steadfast.


Linda's birthday wish remains unchanged- to continue doing the work she loves most. You can play a vital role in this mission by volunteering, adopting, donating, spreading awareness among your friends and family, and actively participating in your community's efforts to end pet homelessness.


Let's come together to make Linda's birthday wish come true and create a lasting impact on the lives of countless animals in crisis. Your support is the key to unlocking a better future for them. Join us on this incredible journey.



Together we CAN make a difference!


We wish Linda a very happy, wonderful birthday!


The Dedicated LBWF Team


We Love You Linda!

Fifty years ago, in a world that was vastly different from the one we know today, a movie emerged that would leave an everlasting imprint on the hearts of millions. It was "The Exorcist," a film that not only challenged the norms of its time but also altered the course of one remarkable woman's life-Linda Blair.


As we celebrate Linda's 65th birthday and the 50th anniversary of "The Exorcist," we invite you to join us in honoring a woman whose journey has been nothing short of extraordinary.


Flashback 50 years, and picture a young Linda, whose dream was to heal and care for animals as a veterinarian. Little did she know, her path was about to take an unexpected turn, guided by the mesmerizing tale of a theological thriller.


The world was captivated by Linda's performance, but many failed to understand the journey that awaited her beyond the silver screen.


Behind the scenes, Linda's true passion for animals yearned to shine. Despite the controversies and misunderstandings surrounding her and "The Exorcist," she transformed her celebrity into a force for good. She was still determined to help animals. She worked with a variety of organizations from animal welfare to environmental preservation and in 2003, she founded the Linda Blair Worldheart Foundation- a haven for the voiceless and a testament to Linda's unwavering commitment to making the world a better place.


The 50th anniversary of "The Exorcist is not just a milestone; it's a story of resilience, transformation, and the birth of a legacy.


Linda has dedicated her life not only to captivating audiences but also to making a profound difference in the lives of both people and animals. As we mark her 65th birthday and the 50th anniversary of "The Exorcist," we ask for your support in honoring a woman whose journey is a testament to compassion and selflessness.


Your contribution is an opportunity to be part of the heartwarming story that Linda continues to write- one of resilience, transformation, and unwavering commitment to creating positive change. Every donation, no matter the amount, contributes to the greater narrative of saving lives and giving hope to the voiceless. It's a story of compassion, of a woman who turned a movie milestone into a lifelong mission.


Together, let's make Linda's 65th birthday truly special by writing the next chapter of Linda Blair's legacy —a story where every donation is a plot twist, and the ending is a world transformed by compassion and change. 




"Sometimes the strongest women are the ones who love beyond all faults, cry behind closed doors, and fight battles that nobody knows about."
A Lifetime of Love
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