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From the New York Times bestselling author of
Soldier Dogs, Top Dog, & Secret Service Dogs…
How Our Best Friends Are Becoming Our Best Medicine

DOCTOR DOGS by Maria Goodavage; On-Sale: October 1, 2019
978-1524743048 | Dutton | $28.00 | hardcover | 368 pages
Praise for Doctor Dogs and Maria Goodavage
“This is a fascinating book about the amazing ways dogs can, and do, help people with physical and emotional problems.” —Dave Barry
“If you take an amazing subject and put it in the hands of a wonderful writer, you get…SPOILER ALERT…a truly fantastic book. Every single page of Maria Goodavage’s Doctor Dogs is made up of remarkable research and storytelling.”
—David Rosenfelt, bestselling author of Dogtripping
“Goodavage has done it again, with her fascinating investigation into the world of doctor dogs. A testament to the extraordinary connection between dogs and ourselves, and one more piece of evidence that their love for us truly knows no bounds.”
—Brian Hare, co-author of The Genius of Dogs
Three-time New York Times bestselling author Maria Goodavage is known for her powerful books about military and Secret Service dogs who keep everyone from troops to presidents out of harm’s way. In DOCTOR DOGS: How Our Best Friends Are Becoming Our Best Medicine (Dutton; publication date: October 1, 2019; hardcover, $28.00), the former USA Today journalist reveals the fascinating new ways dogs are saving lives every day in their emerging roles as “doctor dogs.”

DOCTOR DOGS by Maria Goodavage; On-Sale: October 1, 2019
978-1524743048 | Dutton | $28.00 | hardcover | 368 pages
This groundbreaking book is an in-depth and engaging investigation of the cutting-edge science behind how dogs are able to detect disease and aid people who suffer from a wide range of physical and mental health conditions, including cancer, Parkinson’s, diabetes, sleep disorders, autism, and schizophrenia. DOCTOR DOGS is Goodavage’s most personal book to date, as she has a difficult-to-diagnose cancer threat in her own family. Dogs have been shown to be able to detect this cancer in laboratory samples in its earliest stages.
The dogs’ primary tool for their medical feats? Their astonishingly sensitive noses, which can sniff in parts per trillion, as well as in 3-D.
Goodavage traveled around the world to see firsthand the advancing technologies involving dogs and their super noses. In Japan, where the world’s first scientific cancer screening by canines was taking place, she spent days with researchers in a remote region that has the highest mortality rate for stomach cancer in the country. She also witnessed the awesome power and sensitivity of the canine nose as dogs sniffed out cancer, malaria, and deadly bacteria at a research center in England, colorectal cancer in the Netherlands, ovarian cancer in Philadelphia, and the superbug C. difficile at a hospital in Vancouver. She interviewed a team that trains diabetic alert dogs in Rome and spent time with a Croatian family and their daughter’s autism assistance dog, Bob. During her extensive U.S. travels, she uncovered riveting stories of the lifesaving power of highly skilled doctor dogs—from canines who can sniff out seizures in advance to dogs who help their people cope with mental illness, including terrifying hallucinations.
The author balances a deep dive into science and medicine with warm storytelling about the people who have doctor dogs in their lives. Her meticulous first-hand research is made easy to understand by her highly readable style. One doesn’t have to be a dog lover to be engrossed in and inspired by the narrative, as well as be charmed by the humor inherent in some of the stories of the dogs, who are performing life-saving tasks for the simple rewards of a treat, a toy, or a pat on the head.

DOCTOR DOGS by Maria Goodavage; On-Sale: October 1, 2019
978-1524743048 | Dutton | $28.00 | hardcover | 368 pages

When members of Navy SEAL Team Six raided Osama bin Laden's compound on that now infamous night last spring, they didn't go in alone. They were joined by Cairo, the Belgian Malinois who captured America’s heart and imagination with his furry and heroic swagger. Now journalist Maria Goodavage, an editor and featured writer at the popular website, Dogster, goes behind the gated government facilities to discover the untold stories of military working dogs and handlers across all four services.


Goodavage, a former USA Today reporter, provides an unprecedented window into the world of these adventurous, loyal warriors. A detailed account driven by extensive “boots-on-the-ground” reporting, SOLDIER DOGS recounts the tales of dozens of incredible military working dogs, including the legendary Lars J274, a scrappy 15-pound Jack Russell terrier and seven-year veteran who sniffs out explosives on submarines, as well as Fenji M675, an IED-seeking dog on the treacherous front lines in Afghanistan. Moving beyond the schools where dogs and handlers first earn their chops, Goodavage speaks with dog-cognition experts about why dogs love nothing more than a mission with someone they trust—even if they have to rappel from helicopters deep in enemy territory.

Soldier dogs are an invaluable, limited-in-number asset to military operations, but some, like their human allies, return from missions too scarred from battle to ever resume active service. This occurrence has recently led military veterinarians to officially recognize canine post-traumatic stress disorder. Goodavage discusses canine PTSD in SOLDIER DOGS, where we meet Buck P027, a chocolate Lab suffering from this affliction.

Heartwarming and informative, this book is the perfect read for dog lovers, military enthusiasts, and anyone wondering how the dogs who share their homes and lives could possibly be related to these helicopter-jumping, explosives-seeking canine heroes.



Maria Goodavage, a former reporter for USA Today and the San Francisco Chronicle, is the news editor and a featured writer for Dogster.com, and author of three other dog-oriented books.


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