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Educating Inner-City Youths Can Potentially Reduce Euthanasia of Animals Featured

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 LOS ANGELES, CA – It’s been noted that the great majority of animals euthanized in LA come from inner-city communities.  Numerous strays roam the streets, and animals are notoriously mistreated & abused in many inner-city areas.  Though an after-school program has partnered with an animal advocacy group, attempting to give the youths in these neighborhoods knowledge that will potentially change the future for the better.


After-School All-Stars, Los Angeles (ASAS-LA) is a leading after-school program provider whose programs educate, enlighten and inspire thousands of students each day through after-school activities centered around health, fitness and nutrition; the visual and performing arts; and youth leadership and community service learning.


The organization brings innovative, cutting-edge enrichment programs to K-12 students that contribute to reducing drug use, crime and violence; while increasing their safety during the after school hours. The organization serves 5,000 students daily across 36 schools located in deserving areas throughout LA County.  Kobe Bryant is an ASAS-LA Program Ambassador.


In partnership with Voice for theAnimals, a non-profit animal protection organization that runs several programs dedicated to saving animals’ lives, After-School All-Stars, Los Angeles students will learn about animal rights, safety, spaying and neutering.


Bob Ferber, a 32-year veteran prosecutor and the first full-time prosecutor in the nation that exclusively prosecutes animal abuse and neglect cases, will come to a school site each month to interact with the students, teach them, and assign community service projects to work on throughout the semester.  Fury animals will accompany Bob on all school visits.


“Inner-city youths face stray animals on a daily basis and sadly form many of their opinions based on the behavior of these anti-social (actually defensive) strays as well as guard or junkyard dogs they pass on the way to school each day,” says Ferber.


“I am beyond excited to have this partnership with After-School All-Stars,” he continues.  “Voice for the Animals is dedicated to educating the public about the humane treatment of all living creatures.  I view this as a way to potentially end animal abuse and euthanasia by educating the children in the communities where the majority of it originates.”


Last month, After-School All-Stars students had the opportunity to visit the South LA Animal Shelter, where they saw first hand the predicament that strays and unwanted animals face.


“We need as many people involved in this as possible—as many people willing to help,” says Ferber.  “You will find that the students do care about the animals, and maybe through empathizing, they will fully understand their part in being able counteract the outcome through prevention.”




For more information on After-School All-Stars, Los Angeles please visit:


For more information on Voice for the Animals, please visit:


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