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Vitakraft’s Newsletter • June 2024

This month at Vitakraft: Foster a Pet, Adopt a Cat, and Join My Beautiful Bird Contest!

Our Commitment

At Vitakraft, we believe in the magic of giving pets a loving home. Whether you’re fostering or adopting, you're making a difference in the lives of these animals. Here are some tips to help you get started:

  • Prepare Your Home: Create a welcoming space with all the essentials, such as food and water bowls, cozy beds, litter boxes, and engaging toys to keep your new pet entertained and comfortable.

  • Meet Their Needs: Understand and cater to your new pet's unique needs. It may be providing safe play areas for a playful kitten, a quiet resting spot for a senior cat, or a comfortable space for a shy dog to feel secure.

    Visit Your Vet: Schedule a health check-up as soon as possible to ensure your new pet is healthy. The vet can also help you set a vaccination schedule and provide nutrition and overall care guidance.


Let’s make this month special by opening our hearts and homes to needy pets!

The Spotlight

Inspiring Stories: A Foster Parent's Perspective, Kate Houston's Journey

We are excited to share the heartwarming story of Kate Houston, a dedicated foster pet parent who has made a significant impact on the lives of many animals.


What initially inspired you to start fostering pets, and how has that journey evolved over time?

I was initially inspired to start fostering pets after seeing a heart-wrenching video of abandoned animals needing homes. It struck a chord with me, and I felt a strong desire to make a difference. Over time, my journey has evolved from fostering one pet at a time to working closely with local shelters and rescue organizations to help multiple animals. Each pet has taught me something new, and the joy of seeing them thrive in loving homes is indescribable.


Can you share a particularly memorable or touching story of a pet you fostered that significantly impacted you?

One particularly memorable foster was a dog named Max. He came to me severely malnourished and scared of human contact. It took weeks of patience, gentle care, and lots of love to get him to trust again. The day he wagged his tail for the first time was incredibly emotional!!! Max eventually found a wonderful forever home, and his transformation from a fearful dog to a happy, loving pet left a lasting impact on me.


How has fostering pets changed your perspective on animal rescue and the importance of finding loving homes for them?

Fostering pets has profoundly changed my perspective on animal rescue. I've seen firsthand the resilience and capacity for love that these animals have, even after experiencing trauma and neglect. It's underscored the importance of providing them with stable, loving environments where they can heal and flourish. It has also made me a strong advocate for adopting rather than buying pets, as there are so many wonderful animals in need of homes.


What has been the most rewarding and challenging part of your experience as a foster pet parent?

The most rewarding part of fostering is seeing the transformation in the pets from the time they arrive to when they leave for their forever homes. Knowing that I played a part in their journey to a better life is incredibly fulfilling. The most challenging part, however, is saying goodbye. Each pet takes a piece of my heart with them, but knowing they are going to loving homes makes it all worthwhile.


Kate’s journey is a testament to the difference one can make in the lives of animals in need. We hope her story inspires you to consider fostering or adopting a pet.

Feline Right At Home

Transforming Lives Through Compassionate Training

In honor of National Adopt a Cat Month, we’re spotlighting our Feline Right At Home (FR@H) program. In collaboration with Molly DeVoss, this initiative helps cats overcome behavioral challenges, making them more adoptable and improving their chances of finding a forever home. Our latest graduates are:

These stories highlight the importance of personalized care and training in transforming the lives of shelter cats. Through FR@H, we help cats become loving and adoptable companions.

For more information on how you can get involved, visit


My Beautiful Pet Bird

Vitakraft/Sunseed is sponsoring this contest: Is your pet bird the fairest of them all?


Submit a photo or video of your beautiful pet bird to find out! Everyone will have a chance to vote for their favorite entry. The top ten entries as determined by popular vote will then be reviewed by a committee of judges. The top three entries selected by the judges will be eligible for cash prizes and some beautiful bragging rights.


Contest Details:

  • Submission Deadline: All eligible submissions must be received electronically by 9:00 PM EDT on August 14, 2024.

  • Voting Period: From 12:00 AM EDT Thursday, August 17 to 11:59 PM EDT September 13, people can vote for their favorite entry at [](#). Each entrant will receive a link to their submission to share with family and friends.

  • Winner Announcement: On National Pet Bird Day, September 17, 2024, winners will be announced.

  • Be sure to share your entry on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, TikTok, in an email, on your blog, in a newsletter, etc., to capture votes! Use the hashtags #MyBeautifulPetBird and #BestPetBird to join the conversation and increase your chances.

Monthly Offers

June Special Offers

This month, we bring exclusive Sunseed deals through Astro Loyalty to our loyal customers in the Frequent Buyer section.

These promotions are designed to give back to our dedicated shoppers, ensuring you get the best value while keeping your pets happy and healthy. Take advantage and stock up on quality supplies for your pets and enjoy great savings!

*All promotions and products are subject to availability. For more information, check the Astro Loyalty website or local retailers.

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