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RouTTe One Productions and Houston PetSet to Debut Photography Exhibition “Exposé of Street Dogs in Houston, Texas” in London on Tuesday, April 30 Featured

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RouTTe One Productions and Houston PetSet to Debut Photography Exhibition

“Exposé of Street Dogs in Houston, Texas” in London on Tuesday, April 30


London, UK (April 4, 2024) --- Animal crusaders, philanthropists, and identical twin sisters Tama Lundquist and Tena Lundquist Faust are introducing a photo exhibit entitled Exposé of Street Dogs in Houston, Texas. The purpose of this exhibit is to bring international awareness of the plight of strays on the streets who are struggling to survive.

This international photography exhibition will debut in London on April 30 and features the work of award-winning photographer Jack Opatrny along with scenes from the For the Animals documentary. This powerful film, which screened in the United States and London in 2023, garnered extensive news coverage as well as Oscar consideration.

“Exposé of Street Dogs in Houston, Texas” is open to the public from 1 to 6 p.m. and to invited guests from 7 p.m. to midnight GMT at the Home House located at 21 Portman Square in London, UK. Donations from exhibit patrons will benefit Houston PetSet, a nonprofit organization working to end Houston’s homeless animal crisis. Lundquist and Lundquist Faust serve as co-presidents for Houston PetSet.

The exhibit showcases the heartbreaking realities of the catastrophic number of strays on the streets in the greater Houston area, which is the fourth largest metropolitan area in the United States. The exhibition also delivers a message of hope for the animals. Patrons of the photography exhibit will see “before and after” images of street dogs who have been successfully rehabilitated and rehomed – two of them being a pit bull named Sonny who was adopted by Lundquist and a “Heinz 57” mix breed named Benjamin who was adopted by Lundquist Faust.

“Tena and I hope that our film and this companion photo exhibit will ignite compassion in the hearts of animal lovers everywhere. We hope that the images that we are spotlighting in both the film and the photo exhibit will urge people to act, both as individuals and entire communities, to work together toward meaningful change. Anything anyone can do to help the animals makes a positive difference for the animals,” Lundquist commented.

What many people around the world are shocked to learn is that Houston, Texas, has one of the highest populations of homeless, discarded, and neglected animals in the world. Hundreds of thousands of homeless dogs and cats are wandering the Houston streets – fending for themselves and, if they are lucky, benefitting from the benevolence of kind “street feeders” and private animal rescue organizations.

“Animal shelters are stretched to overflowing, making humane euthanasia necessary for many healthy dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens. News reports of stray dogs attacking, injuring or killing adults and children are being reported more frequently. In some neighborhoods, children are afraid to go outside or to walk to school because they might be attacked by a stray dog. And many elderly citizens are fearful and are prisoners in their own homes,” Lundquist Faust commented.

Lundquist and Lundquist Faust are planning to host this exhibition in Houston and other U.S. cities this summer. Most of the photos in the exhibition have been captured by Opatrny, who is an award-winning Houston photographer. Opatrny’s heartfelt love for dogs also his photography project, “Street Dogs of Mexico.”

Exhibition Complements Documentary Film Released in July 2023

For the Animals is a 73-minute film produced by RouTTe One Productions that tells the story of Tama and Tena, identical twin sisters who bravely combat the abuse and neglect of companion animals that are discarded in the streets of Houston. The animal overpopulation crisis is referred to by these crusaders as "Houston's dirty little secret."

“We are thankful for the continued support of Lady Penny Mountbatten and Rachelle Rowe. These women have considerable influence in both the U.K. and the U.S. Lady Penny and Rachelle are not only friends to Tena and me, but they are advocates for animals who depend on us humans to take care of them. Lady Penny and Rachelle graciously hosted a private screening of the For the Animals film in London last year, and they have been instrumental in helping us to engage other animal lovers in our crusade to end companion animal suffering – not only in Houston, but everywhere,” Lundquist added.

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