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Author Jennifer Szymanski, National Geographic's Dealiest Animals On The Planet will join Talkin' Pets December 9, 2023 at 5pm ET to discuss and give away the book Featured

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Did you know that the amount of electric current generated by a large electric eel could knock down a horse? Or that killer whales are seriously smart and can cut through the water at 33 miles an hour?



Our Earth’s oceans, forests, grassland deserts, and even cities are home to a wide variety of amazing animals with crazy cool slaying skills that help them hunt for food and defend themselves. In National Geographic’s DEADLIEST ANIMALS ON THE PLANET, find out where these impressive creatures live, what makes them tick, how they beat the odds in harsh habitats, and just what makes them so deadly. Meet the Nile crocodile and learn about its astonishing bite force. Discover the elephant seal’s deafening roar. Explore how the jaguar’s speed and night vision help it ambush prey. Encounter enormous harpy eagles, bone -crushing snakes, venomous spiders and more.

With jaw dropping photos and surprising facts, animal lovers can get up close and personal with the word’s most fearsome and fascinating animals. With snackable content, and humor DEADLIEST ANIMALS ON THE PLANET, is great for readers of all levels. Even tiny animals like cute little jewel-toned frogs or massive sleepy-looking , plant eating hippos can pack a deadly punch.  A perfect stocking stuffer for young animal lovers!

Join Jennifer Szymanski as she shares fun and off beat facts about the animal kingdom. She will answer questions about her new book:

BIOJennifer Szymanski is a freelance science writer and editor. She specializes in writing materials that support both teachers and students in meeting national and state science standards, but she considers her "real" job to be helping students connect science to everyday life. Szymanski, who has spent time as a veterinary technician, has taught students from pre-K to college and is an all-around cheerleader for STEM education.

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