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Will Bohuslavizki, CEO and Co-Founder PetMatrx - he will join us at 630pm ET - supplements for your dogs - Protect, Move, Think, listen to win give aways Featured

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The Science of Pet Wellness

That’s where our story starts.

We started out in human health, using cutting-edge science to make supplement ingredients more effective. Then we realized we could use our knowledge to help pets—specifically our own pets, Bae, Opal and Pakalolo.


By combining our love of science, nature, and our deep love of animals, we created Pet Matrx and developed a nutrient delivery method to revolutionize pet supplements.

Our Mission

Pet Matrx is committed to expanding the life and longevity of pets through highly bioavailable and deliverable nutrition, for greater and prolonged companionship.

Our Promise to You

We promise to deliver nutrition to your pets like they’re our own. We will pair quality natural ingredients with advanced science to effectively and safely help fill your companion’s nutritional gaps and support their overall health.

Technology Tested on Humans

While our Cell Matrix Delivery™ method has never been applied in pet supplements, it has been used with great success in human health and wellness. We’ve personally experienced the results in humans, and that’s why we trust it for our own pets.

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