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The Heartwarming Series HEARTLAND DOCS, DVM Returns for an All-New Season on Nat Geo WILD, Married Couple Drs. Erin & Ben Schroeder will join Jon & Talkin' Pets 5/14/22 at 5pm ET to discuss their show Featured

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The Heartwarming Series HEARTLAND DOCS, DVM Returns for an All-New Season on Nat Geo WILD Speak with the Show’s Stars, Married Veterinarian Team Drs. Erin and Ben Schroeder Get Important Springtime Tips for Keeping Your Pets Clean & Healthy! HeartlandDocs_S4_PR_HP_CAROUSEL_PREMIERE 2 In picturesque, rural Hartington, Nebraska, Drs. Erin and Ben Schroeder are a married team of veterinarians whose unbridled commitment to the community’s generational farmers is paramount to the preservation of the nation’s food supply. Along with their teenage sons, Charlie and Chase, the doctors are always on the go as their veterinary practice cares for the region’s myriad of animals in need, including cows, pot-bellied pigs, llamas, deer and possum. The Schroeders’ credo extends beyond saving the animals on which America depends; it’s about making each visit something to look forward to for both the animals and their caretakers, even in the toughest conditions. From winter blizzards to spring tornadoes and blistering summer heat waves, Drs. Erin and Ben Schroeder overcome the obstacles with skill and heart. The hit series Heartland Docs, DVM returns for a third season on Nat Geo WILD on Saturday, April 23 and Wednesday, April 27 on Disney+, and there’s no shortage of animals in need of help. This season, viewers will see Drs. Erin and Ben rush to the rescue when a car accident leaves three beloved horses injured; save a fawn after she falls off a cliff; rescue a tiny Silky Terrier with three babies stuck inside; come to the aid of a heifer who has her head stuck in a gate, and much more. And with the arrival of spring and springtime cleaning plans, the doctors can offer a number of tips for pet owners on keeping dogs & cats healthy and clean. Drs. Ben and Erin can recommend how often to wash pets’ beds, water & food bowls, and toys and what cleaning products to use (or not use). Find out which flowers and plants may be toxic for pets; which pets’ products you should upgrade or toss out; and reminders for sometimes-overlooked pet care tasks like tooth brushing, nail trimming and flea and tick prevention. A homegrown Nebraskan, Dr. Ben Schroeder was born into his family’s veterinary practice and has been assisting animals since before he could walk. At Kansas State University, he met his partner in life and business, Dr. Erin -- a fellow animal lover from a small town in upstate New York who knew from an early age that she wanted to be a veterinarian. Within six months they were married, and the two moved back to Ben’s hometown in Nebraska (which they consider the best spot in the country) to take over the family practice. Click Here for Bios For more info, visit: NATGEOWILD-Logo-Blk HeartlandDocsS2_20201110_0109_f RADIO INTERVIEW WITH DRS. ERIN AND BEN SCHROEDER DATE Thursday, April 21, 2022 TIMES 9:00am - 11:30am ET 6:00am - 9:30am PT Heartland Docs, DVM Returns Saturday, April 23, at 10pm ET/PT on Nat Geo WILD and is Available Wednesday, April 27 on Disney+

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