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Our 2018 Accomplishments
Looking back, looking forward
This past year has been a story of challenges: Our coastal community faced another season of devastating storms, navigated a challenging political scene, and fought against cutbacks to vital programs and resources. 
Yet at year end, as I reflect upon all we have accomplished despite these hardships, I remember how much we can accomplish together – and that is truly inspiring.
In places like Long Beach and Annapolis, we brought together experts and passionate leaders to discuss the future of our estuaries and how to leverage the power of our collective voice. We understand the importance of both science and community, and know that now is the time to take action to protect our coasts for the future. 
I’m looking forward to what’s next, knowing that if we tackle it together, our estuaries will surely thrive.
Note from RAE president, Jeff Benoit
Cleaning toxic habitats
We're working to remove creosote wood pilings from the beaches of the Puget Sound – helping to restore the local food chain for the region's orcas.
Bay Grasses in Classes
Tampa Bay Watch has partnered with 15 schools to educate the next generation of environmental stewards by restoring their estuary.
Convening the experts
The Blue Carbon National Working Group meeting took place this past year and brought together more than 40 experts in science, academia, research, and policy.
Green tip of the month
Adding a rainwater harvesting barrel to your house can help cut down on water utility costs and benefits the environment by preventing contaminated runoff from entering our streams.
Upcoming Webinars
RAE is a national leader in understanding the economic importance of estuaries, advancing blue carbon science, creating an imperative for living shorelines, and promoting strategies to enhance coastal resilience across the country.
Photo credits: Aerial photos of the Snohomish Estuary courtesy of Whit Hassett.
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