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Theresa A. McKeown, author of 3 new children's books, including "The ABC's of Living Green" and "How to Eat Your ABC's" will join Jon and Talkin' Pets 5/12/18 at 5pm ET to discuss and give away her books Featured

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The ABCs of Everything

Children’s Book Series

By Theresa A. McKeown


The ABCs of Living Green is a story that connects eager minds with important lessons about taking pride in caring for our planet. This, the third and final book in the well-received The ABC's of Everything series, focuses on the transformative power of thought, word and deed as it relates to "living green." The ABC's of Living Green teaches young readers about mindfulness, action, transformation, and most importantly, responsibility for the healthy future of our planet and ourselves. It also empowers and inspires readers to actively participate in making change a reality. It illustrates that by making one small change at a time, their actions will truly transform and heal our planet. The ABC's of Living Green guides young readers into becoming the kind, caring, and fiercely protective future custodians of planet Earth that we so desperately need. (Appropriate for ages 8 - 14)

How To Eat Your ABCs. "L" is for Lemon, a fruit oh-so-tart, it makes your lips pucker and quickens your heart" begins the L page of this easy-reading book that educates parents and children alike on healthy, organic eating. Kids join our adorable honeybee, BuzzBee, on an A to Z garden adventure of fun food facts and the magic of nature. Thought there was no fruit or vegetable that started with the letter "X"? Well, Buzzbee has one (and here's a hint: "It lives in deserts low and high, where cacti love it hot and dry"). Written entirely in rhyme, this delicious book is one fun way for kids to learn their alphabet and harvest a true appreciation for mother earth! Best for children ages 5-8, but younger kids love the colorful illustrations and honeybee character whose rhyming words of wisdom make for perfect bedtime reading.


The ABCs of Being Me is meant to be a collaborative work of art created by both the author and the reader. Once completed, this interactive alphabet book of character development will serve as a permanent reflection of how the readers viewed themselves and their world at a particular moment in time. Part journal, part scrapbook and part photo album - each completed activity book will be a personal time capsule to be opened, remembered and cherished over the course of a lifetime as we look back on the roads we've taken. Written in verse, this poetry book of core values promises to be a gateway to meaningful conversation between parents and children in any grade of elementary school.

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