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Thomas M. Edling, DVM will join Jon and Talkin' Pets 4/28/18 at 5pm ET to give away and discuss the advantages of using Felisept Home Comfort which is available in stores and Featured

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The latest in cat calming products is here: Felisept® Home Comfort, popular across Europe and now available in the United States, is the ultimate in cat-calming care.

Unlike many other calming products marketed for cats, Felisept uses an extract of Nepeta cataria—commonly known as catnip or catmint—in its approach to helping cat households. Designed to reduce stress-related behaviors, it naturally soothes and calms distressed felines without the use of man-made chemical pheromones.

Whether caused by vet visits, new furniture, other pets, fireworks, or other common environmental changes, a cat’s reaction to stress can affect all human and animal members of the household, and can even be physically damaging to the home and furniture.

Cats may show their distress through scratching, lashing out at other animals or people, persistent meowing, spraying, or even going outside of the litterbox.

Ultimately, Felisept offers relief for the whole family: for cats, relief from feeling stressed or anxious, and for their parents, relief from the resulting behaviors that can be destructive and disrupt household harmony.

Felisept® Home Comfort is available as a fast-acting spray great for traveling and spot use in key areas, and as a plug-in diffuser for home use and coverage of full rooms. The products will soon be available at and independent pet retailers throughout the United States. To learn more, visit

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