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JUNE 2017

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Does your Veterinarian have Specific Senior Pet Programs for the pet and their pet parents?

In the recent DVM360 veterinary magazine survey, it was reported that most of veterinary hospitals do not have a special emphasis on Senior Pet Wellness. If your veterinarian or your practice does have a Senior Pet Wellness program – Congratulations!

For those who don’t there are great resources available from the AVMA, AAHA and even the DVM360 magazine web version. All these will have procedures, brochures and suggestions for a successful Senior Pet Program.

Here are some suggestions gleaned from these resources:

Make sure the entire staff is on the same page. You can use a chart that lists recommended procedures for every age. The chart can function as a reference for receptionists when they are checking in the patient.

Talk to your lab about custom panels or develop your own Senior Pet Panel.

Teach Team Members. Make certain that all on your team know the basics about common problems in senior pets.

Implement a Senior Pet Discount. A senior pet really needs to be seen more often so a discount could encourage more frequent visits.

Interested in Adding a Senior Wellness Program to your Practice?

Neutricks encourages you to do an on line research at DVM360, the AVMA or AAHA and check out all the great resources.


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