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May 3, 2017

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Fantastic Five!
Mercy For Animals celebrated its five-year anniversary fighting for farmed animals in Canada with a beautiful fundraiser in Toronto that raised over $100K! Get the details.
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Plant-Based President
Brooklyn Borough President Eric L. Adams has been speaking out about his transition to a plant-based diet. After just eight months, he’s lost 30 pounds and reversed his diabetes! Learn more.
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Disgusting Dairy
A dairy farm in Oregon has come under fire after an above-ground tank leaked more than 190,000 gallons of cow manure into Tillamook Bay, forcing a closure. Read on.
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Savvy Scientist
In a recent AMA, Bill Nye, also known as Bill Nye the Science Guy, recommended a plant-based diet to fight climate change. Check it out.
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Mourning Mothers
With Mother’s Day approaching, an MFA staffer tells us why, as a mom, she no longer consumes dairy. Read more.
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“Tuna” Without Torture
With just a few simple ingredients, we show you how to make a vegan tuna salad sandwich that will astound your meat-eating friends. Go now.
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