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Neutricks Newsletter in April for Pet Parents Featured

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APRIL 2017

Each month we deliver content that helps you be the best human you can be for your pet. This month we're spotlighting our new Spring Guide for Senior Pets eBook and focusing on spring safety.


Easter Safety: A Tip for Pets

Easter can be a lot of fun for you and your family, but it can be incredibly dangerous for your pets. However, if you take the time to learn about the potential hazards that could be in your home during this holiday season, you can enjoy your celebration without worrying about your best friend— your senior pet.

Easter Lilies: Is there anything more beautiful than an Easter lily? These plants are very pretty, but they’re also very toxic to your pets, particularly our feline friends. Avoid bringing these seasonal plants into your home to keep your pets safe. Cyclamen and Amaryllis are also dangerous to pets, so be careful with any flowers or plants you bring in the house. If you must have a lily, choose an artificial one.

Get More Easter Safety Tips in our Spring Guide

Pet Holidays in April

You might think you know the holidays in April — Earth Day, Easter... what else could there be? Surprise! There are a number of pet-centric holidays that happen to fall in the spring. Maybe you’ll find one you’d like to celebrate with your senior pet!

National Pet First Aid Awareness Month

Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month

National Pet ID Week (3rd Week)

National Pet Day (April 11)

International Guide Dog Day (April 26)

National Kids and Pets Day (April 26)

Hairball Awareness Day (April 28)

National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day (April 30)

Get More Spring Holidays in our Spring Guide for Senior Pets

New Neutricks Store: Now You Can Buy Direct with Ease 

Do you find it hard to remember to ask your vet about re-ordering more Neutricks? Now you can buy directly from us via our updated online store at! 

Our new store allows you to checkout using our secure shopping cart, create an account, use available discount codes and more, all without having to leave our site. 

Visit our Neutricks Store

Updated Blog: Easier to Read, Better Subscription Options

We are excited to announce the release of our newly redesigned "Senior Pet Wellness Blog"!  Here are a few of the updates that this redesign includes:

Bigger Text Size: Our articles now have bigger and darker fonts for easier reading, plus links are bold and blue, making it easier to read and click on links of interest.

More Ways to Subscribe: Before you could only subscribe and receive an email digest once a month. Our new format now allows you to select from four (4) options:

Instant: Receive an email as soon as we publish a new article

Daily: Receive an email every morning if there is a new article

Weekly: Receive an email every Monday if there is a new article

Monthly: Receive an email on the first of the month with new articles

To choose your subscription, click "View the Updated Blog" below and use the subscription form at the top of the right column.

View the Updated Blog



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