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This email newsletter contains news, tips and other content that help you learn more about Neutricks, and, if you're a distributor, you can include in your marketing efforts and messaging.

January is National Walk Your Dog Month

January is National Walk Your Dog Month: Promote Exercise!

Did you make a New Year’s Resolution to get more exercise? This is a common goal due to the fact that exercise holds many physical and even mental health benefits. Coincidentally, January is National Walk Your Dog Month: the fitness partner that you need to keep your resolution just may be sitting next to you right now.

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February is Pet Dental Health Month

February is Pet Dental Health Month: Let Your Patients Know!

As January comes to a close, it's a good idea to start reminding your patients and their families that February is focused on caring for their teeth and gums to prevent periodontal disease or other serious conditions.  

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Pet Exercise Programs for Senior Dogs and Cats

Pet Exercise Programs for Senior Dogs and Cats

Exercise is essential to your senior pet’s health, whether you have a dog or a cat. It can keep them at a healthy weight, and increase physical and mental stamina, all of which lead to a better quality of life.

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Neutricks Vet Portal

Our Research is now Easier to Find

Our research has always been available in the vet portal on our website.  However we've gotten feedback lately that it was still hard to find.  So at the end of 2016, we added a link to "Research" right at the top of our site in the main navigation.  This is a shortcut to the vet portal and gives you a quicker way to access the research section.  We hope this change will make our research more convenient to vets and other animal professionals.

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