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Jim Quarles, Director of Pet Development for Indigenous Pet Treats will join Jon and Talkin' Pets 8/6/16 at 630 PM ET to discuss and give away their treats Featured

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B & R Pet Treats acquired the pet treat product line developed by Penford Foods and later acquired by Ingredion Incorporated.

Early this year Ingredion decided to spin-off the pet treat segment it had acquired as part of it’s purchase of Penford Foods.

About June 1st, 2016 B & R acquired the pet treat business from Ingredion. B & R has been in the injection molding business since 1967, almost 50 years. For the last 20 years, B & R Pet Treats has molded pet treats for various pet treat marketers, starting with Aspen Pet Products in the late 1990’s.

B & R Pet Treats acquisition consisted of patents, trademarks, formulas and fixed assets. Including the asset purchase were the Indigenous and Pegetable Brands of pet treats. B & R has been the molder of these two brands as well as more than 6 other contract brands.

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