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Author of DILLIE THE DEER, Melanie R. Butera will join Jon and Talkin' Pets 12/12/15 at 5pm EST to discuss and give away her book Featured

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“Though Dillie cannot leave our five-acre property, she has touched people around the
world. Her reach is a miracle of modern communications, but it is also a miracle of love.
This blind rescued deer has had an impact that continues to ripple throughout the
world... Love and providence are the foundations of Dillie's life. As I marveled at all that
had come to me because of Dillie, I began to see that in saving her life, I had saved my
Melanie Butera, DILLIE THE DEER
A True Story of Love, Healing, and Family
By Melanie Butera, DVM
Sometimes, we are touched in ways we never would have expected. For veterinarian Melanie Butera, it
was not one of the thousands of dogs or cats she had treated over the years that changed her life—it was
a blind, dying fawn.
Melanie Butera’s memoir DILLIE THE DEER: A Story of Love, Healing, and Family (Regan Arts,
Hardcover, October 2015) is the remarkable true story of how one tiny fawn inspired people
everywhere—from South Korea to the International Space Station. Even more than twenty years of
emergency veterinary experience could not prepare Melanie for the day that a farmer brought Dillie to
her clinic. From a rambunctious fawn to an Internet sensation, Dillie was an endless source of joy for
Melanie and her husband, Steve. But when Melanie was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer, they realized
the real reason Dillie was put in their life: to provide the love and support that would give Melanie the
courage to fight.
DILLIE THE DEER gives readers a personal look into Dillie’s likes, dislikes, inspirational courage,
and delightful adventures, including:
• How she learned to climb the stairs, open cabinets, play the piano, and work the ice
• Why linguine is her favorite food.
• The epic battle of tag between Dillie and arch-nemesis, Steve’s grandson Akheem.
UNFORGETTABLE STORY.• Her heartwarming relationships with her two best friends, Lady the standard poodle and
Niffie the cat.
• The creation of the Dillie Cam: a 24/7 live streaming camera where fans can watch Dillie
in her room.
DILLIE THE DEER is the perfect book for those who believe in the unique connection between
animals and humans and for everyone who believes in the power of the human spirit.
“I am fighting cancer again, but with confidence this time. No matter what the disease
does to me, it cannot erase the impact of my life. It cannot reverse the work I have done,
or end the friendships I have made. It cannot end the love I share with my husband. It
cannot erase the smiles I have seen on children’s faces when they meet Dillie. It cannot
remove the cherished memories I have of all the wonderful Dillie fans who reach out to
us from around the world, sending us love and prayers. I will continue on my journey
without fear, with the peace of knowing that my path is lit by love, joy, and a deer named
Melanie Butera, DVM, is a veterinarian with more than twenty years of emergency experience. She has
owned the Elm Ridge Animal Hospital for the past ten years and the Stark County Veterinary
Emergency Clinic before that. She has treated more than 100,000 emergency cases in her career and
now enjoys the different challenges of private practice work. Dr. Butera and her husband, Steve
Heathman, live in Canal Fulton, Ohio.
Check out Dillie’s website:
A portion of the proceeds from the
sale of this book is donated to
Dillie’s charity for UNICEF and
local animal rescue charities.
By Melanie Butera, DVM
Publication date: October 27, 2015 | Price: $24.95 | ISBN: 9781942872108

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