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Please help Maria with her Stem Cell MS Treatment - Donate Today Featured

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OMG why does
MS have to suck so much!! Today is one of those days
;-( Please share my campaign. I just want to feel normal again!!!
I have had Multiple sclerosis for many years.  I was diagnosed in March 2001.  I was 31 yrs old. I had a vision problem with my left eye that brought me to my eye doctor,  who thankfully was smart enough to send me to a neurologist who specilaized in MS.  I was devastated when I was diagnosed.   I was a new business owner and couldn't walk away from it nor did I want to.  However I needed  to prepare for my future and whatever this disease was going to visit on my body and life.  My body started to decline slowly and became very noticeable around 2006. I couldn't run 5k's anymore, I couldn't box anymore, and walking became more and more difficult.  I felt and experienced my body slowly slipping away from me.  I have tried several of the disease modifying drugs to help slow the progression but my body kept on the decline.  They didn't slow anything down.  I had to say goodbye to my career along with the function of a normal body.  I had to say goodbye to so many things in my life because of this damaging disease.  I am a positive person and have the most wonderful friends and family in my life who help me get through my life.  I am very grateful to them.  
I live with my dog Rufus and he is the best dog ever!  I have now lost a lot of function in my legs, they shake a lot, my entire body is compeltly numb, my vision is poor and my hands have tremors and shake.  I can walk very short distances with a cane and use a wheel chair when I go out. I fall every few days because my balance is terrible.  It's as if I am drunk all the time.  Not fun!!  There is no cure for this disease.  However,  now there is hope of repairing the damage done to my central nervous system through stem cell therapy treatment with my own adipose stem cells.  It will repair the mylein sheath that has been destoyed. I have done hours of research on this procedure and read studies on this treatment. It's only in my dreams at night that I have regained function in my body and can walk and even run.  But then I wake up and reality has slammed me in the face again.  I still have MS and still wobble to the bathroom and get my day started.  This treatment to me is life saving and could give me back function in my legs, help me stand upright, walk without assistance, remove the constant fear and embarrassment of falling, help me stand upright, walk without assistance and be independant again.  
I have never asked for money from people. I have lived on my own since age  15. I have always been independant.   This is definitely not something I wouldn't do if it wasn't for the ability to get function back. This treatment is 15,000.00 and is in CA.  I live on the eastcoast.  I have asked for an additional $2000.00 for travel to and from CA.  I wish I could do this myself but I am reaching out for help on this journey.  I live off of 900 a month from social security disablity and $16.00 a month in food stamps. So this is totally out of my reach without your help.
I can't even remember what it is like to feel normal. To feel anything except numbness.  It is very hopeful to regain physical ability again.  Please help me get better.  Please help me walk again.  Please fund my treatment.
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