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Kristin Allen, Wildlife Rehabilitator, from Bandit Patrol on Nat Geo Wild will join Jon and Talkin' Pets 01/17/15 at 5 PM EST to discuss the premiere of her show Featured

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Wildlife Rehabilitator

Kristin Allen is a volunteer wildlife rehabilitator with the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife. She rescues orphaned, sick, displaced, or injured wild animals. Kristin houses them and arranges for veterinary medical care with the goal of releasing them back to their natural habitat. She has cared for hundreds of animals over the years.

For Kristin, rehabbing is a family affair. Her children, Adrienne, Grant, Madeline, and Sophia, are all animal lovers and help with everything from feedings to vaccinations to cage cleaning. Her husband John is a pro at bottle washing.

Kristin has completed coursework with the International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council and has held her wildlife rehabilitation permit for the last three years. In 2014 she was added under a federal raptor permit with the Western Kentucky Raptor Center. When she isn't tied up with animals, Kristin can be found in her studio, where she has run a successful photography business for over a decade. 

Kristin has a degree in elementary education from the University of Southern Indiana.

Bandit Patrol Description

Bandit Patrol Premieres Saturday, January 17 10/9 C on Nat Geo WILD

Meet the everyday heroes who rescue, rehabilitate, and release injured and orphaned wild animals in Western Kentucky. These state-licensed volunteers answer emergency calls day and night to provide the best care for each species. For these dedicated individuals, the animals come first, despite the constant sacrifice of time, money, and sleep. The ultimate goal is to return the animals back to the wild, where they belong. Along the way, they must strike a delicate balance between up-close care and doing everything in their power to ensure the animal remains wild. From abandoned owls, to aggressive raccoons, to ailing raptors, these are the rescuers who make sure our wild animals remain safe.

For these dedicated individuals, the animals come first— despite the constant sacrifice of time, money, and sleep—with the ultimate goal of one day returning them back into the wild, where they belong. Along the way, we will see the delicate balance these women and men must strike with each animal, providing up-close care, but doing everything in their power to keep it wild.

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