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Pets in the Classroom Seeks Funding through Crowdfunding Campaign Featured

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Pets in the Classroom launches social media campaign to raise $60,000 to aid educators and students

The Pets in the Classroom grant program is joining the crowdfunding revolution in an effort to raise funds needed to help them reach their goal of impacting the lives of 5 million students by 2017 through classroom pets and the benefits they provide.   With a hope of raising $60,000, Pets in the Classroom is asking people to support the grant program by making a donation at

 Donations to Pets in the Classroom will aid in the development and learning of children inspired by interactions with a classroom pet. Classroom pets benefits students by teaching them responsible, long-term pet care at an early age and providing the psychological and developmental benefits associated with the human-animal bond. Studies have shown that caring for pets has a positive effect on children, improving school attendance, teaching children responsibility, encouraging nurturing and building self-esteem.  Numerous Pets in the Classroom grant recipients have confirmed the emotional and educational value to students in having small animals in the classroom as well as the importance of having the financial support of the Pets in the Classroom grant program:

"My students come from very poor, rough neighborhoods and homes. When school first started six weeks ago, I had to write multiple referrals per day for violent acts. Since Ella the Guinea Pig came to share our classroom, I have not [had] any violent acts and the noise level has gone way down because they don't want her to be frightened. They beg their families to let them bring a carrot stick from home or they ask me if they can save part of their lunch to share with her. The best part is watching the empathy they developed for Ella begin to transfer to their peers. Ella has done something in four weeks that I may or may not have been able to do all year."

~ Marie Roberts, Prime Prep Academy, Fort Worth, Texas

"My experience with the program has been overwhelmingly positive.  I am an elementary music teacher in a low income district in southern New Jersey, serving approx. 650 students per year.  "Phil", our bearded dragon has become a school mascot of sorts.  Not a school day goes by without countless students coming to see him, talk to him, or for the privileged ones, feed him.  He has become an integral part of science lessons in several classrooms, graphing and charting his growth rate, and even has his own Instagram page.  Students are very motivated to be chosen as the weekly "Phil's Feeders Club".  I cannot thank the grant enough for opening my eyes to just how much ANY student can benefit from the experience."

~Chris Hannah, Dr. William Mennies Elementary School, Vineland, New Jersey              

 “Through this grant, we were able to offset the cost of a few months supply of food and hay.  By saving these costs, we are able to provide more educational supplies and materials to our students.” 

~ Lani Douglas, Inman Park Cooperative Preschool, Atlanta, Georgia

 Pets in the Classroom is overseen by the Pet Care Trust, a non-profit, charitable, public foundation  incorporated in Washington, D.C. in 1990. The Pets in the Classroom grant program was established by the Pet Care Trust with the knowledge that, while they are a valuable teaching tool, many teachers have very limited resources for the support of classroom animals.  Through this educational grants program, teachers can obtain a grant for the purchase of new pets, pet environments, or pet food, and supplies for existing classroom pets through a direct, no-hassle grant application on the Pets in the Classroom website ().

To date, more than 50,000 grants have been awarded to elementary and middle school classrooms. Each grant, ranging from $75-$125, aids one classroom, and on average 45 children. Since the program began just four years ago, The Pets in the Classroom grant has impact around 2,250,000 children. To help Pets in the Classroom reach 27,000 more students through the crowdfunding campaign, donate at ;

About Pets in the Classroom

Pets in the Classroom is a grants program supporting responsible pet care for our public and private school classrooms. Grants are available for elementary teachers grades pre-K through 8th grade.

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