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Amy L. Peterson, author of "Something Furry Underfoot" will join Jon and Talkin' Pets this Saturday 12/14/13 at 5 PM EST to discuss and give away her book Featured

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He’d Always Wanted this Pet and that Pet, and…

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Humorous memoir chronicles one household’s unpredictable cornucopia of creatures and offers indispensable advice on raising, spoiling, and loving them
For certain individuals in the world, having their own personal menagerie to spoil and love constitutes paradise. Amy L. Peterson’s biologist husband is one of those people.
In her engaging new memoir Something Furry Underfoot, Peterson tells how, upon marrying her husband Mark, she unwittingly opened the door and ultimately her heart to the unpredictable cacophany of creatures that Mark had "always wanted."
Take the African pygmy hedgehog, for example. Charmed by the prickly creature, Peterson, a softy at heart, wanted it to have a pal so it wouldn’t get lonely. Along came Louie, who upon escaping from his cage for flings with Sonic, presented the stunned Petersons with several unplanned litters of baby hedgehogs.
Four mischievous ferrets came next. These were soon joined by a variety of mice, gerbils, and hamsters. A white frou-frou puppy named Dusty and then another beloved pup, Little Dipper, followed. Somewhere along the way, the Petersons also acquired a duck, frogs, fish, rabbits, kittens, birds, and sundry other creatures.
Besides chronicling the ups and downs of caring for all these animals, Something Furry Underfoot also contains fifty sage tips for pet owners, making the book more than just an entertaining read; it’s also a how-to book full of helpful advice learned the hard way.
Tips include the following gems: Tip #9: Breeding pets to make money doesn’t always work out so well. Tip #14: A devilish ferret may not look devilish upon first inspection. Tip #28: It is important (although not easy) to know a boy gerbil from a girl gerbil.
Peterson comments, "When I started writing this book, I set out to document the variety of pets my husband brought into my life and how unique each was: each hamster in a litter of hamsters has a different personality; even two mynah birds that look identical have different personalities. As I wrote, I realized that not only was each and every pet different, they all had different needs and wants. That led me to the book's overall message: that every pet has a story, and our role as owners is to make that story as good as possible."
In telling the stories of her pets, Peterson tells her own, revealing how her heart has expanded and her marriage has endured the countless surprises, challenges, and expenses presented by the endless stream of furred and feathered creatures that first entered and then altered her life.
The only question is, what’s next?
"Want to know what it’s like living with a houseful of pets while still holding onto your sanity? Then you’ve got to read Something Furry Underfoot, Amy Peterson’s warm and funny book about her experiences coping with and caring for all manner of animals. Not only will you get a lot of laughs but you’ll also pick up some valuable tips about co-existing with your own critters!"Bob Tarte, author of Enslaved by Ducks, Kitty Cornered, and Fowl Weather
A portion of the proceeds from the sale of Something Furry Underfoot will be donated to animal rescue organizations. visit
Author: When Amy married Mark in 1994, she became a stepmother to four children ages three, five, thirteen, and fifteen. Unable to find uplifting self-help books about step-parenting, Amy documented her own humorous and stressful experience in From Zero to Four Kids in Thirty Seconds. Their kids now grown, Amy works for the state of Michigan and lives with Mark and numerous critters. When not working or caring for animals, Amy tends to get in trouble while traveling, the details of which may be the basis for her next book.


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