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Kat Drovdahl Author of The Accessible Pet, Equine and Livestock Herbal choosing abundant wellness for your creatures will join Jon and Talkin' Pets Saturday at 5 PM EST to discuss her book and autograph a few copies for give away Featured

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"It will be like having you in the barn with me..."  S.D., Illinois

"I am reading your book and it is fantastic! I love your writing style, its so easy to read.  Not at all like reading a text book, but full of info like a text book.  Back to your book!  God Bless,"  S.T., Ohio

"Got it, got it, got it, got it
LOVE it, LOVE it, LOVE it, LOVE it"   S.H., Nebraska after receiving their copy in the mail

"I love your site and book! Your herbs saved our calf and that is just one example of the good they have done" S.P., WA

"Since using the Wounderful! Salve the wisdom tooth has straightened and come in correctly (it started out pointing almost completely toward my cheek) and the pain in my mouth has gone away." H.B., ID

"At last a complete herbal for our furry friends!

The Accessible Pet, Equine and Livestock Herbal by Katherine A. Drovdahl M.H. is destined to become one of the great herbals of the Century.  Kat in a true Vitalistic style no only lays out precise medical care for animals but also teaches the whys, the anatomical pathways and spiritual advantages of adhering to nature.  kat through personal experience can guide us, with great detail, in caring for our animals.  This is the herbal to acquire for school, nature companies and personal libraries.  While you are at it get another one for taking with you out to the barn."

David W. Christopher MH, Director of The School of Natural Healing

(please see our links to connect to the school if you decide to take courses from them- you'll get a discount and I'll get a referral).

"This comprehensive, practical, all text guide teaches herbal and essential oil use in animals- from bees to chickens to pets to reptiles and exotics.  It covers the basics of herbs and EOs, the animal's lifecycles, body systems, common challenges, and what to do to help a wide variety of animals naturally.  This definitive guide instills confidence and adheres to Nature.  It is well organized, well-written, and contains a handy index.  A great addition to the animal lovers library."  Natural Horse Magazine Jul/Aug/Sep 2012 issue

Imagine a generation of healthier & happier pets and livestock!  Imagine a generation of happier owners because maintaining their healthier creatures becomes easier and makes them more productive.    This book makes that possible.

"The Accessible Pet, Equine and Livestock Herbal" by Katherine Drovdahl is now available for $49.95 plus shipping and handling ($6.55) or include it with an order of products to make your shipping go futher.   We can ship worldwide (16.95 plus handling ($1.25)), Canada is 12.95 plus 1.25 handling.  See our shopping cart website for details.  It is a large book and is easy to follow for the beginner or advanced person working with herbs and animals.  Topics included are instruction in essential oil use, whole herb use, how to use this book for humans, exotics, reptiles all types of livestock including ratites and camelids, all types of pets, fish, and bees.  Information to help you build a sound foundation so that you are not confused by much of the conflicting data out there, building a pet or livestock herb garden, going through life cycles of your creatures, how to handle birthings, young stock care, exhibitions, parasites, senior care, and body organs and systems care and quite a bit more.  This is the only book available that covers this span of information and is in a user friendly format.   Look for future book and other projects from Kat.   I can sign the book at your request if that is something you would like,  I need an email from you immediately after I receive your payment.  Otherwise it may still get shipped without a signature.  If I am out of town I will leave some signed copies with my husband, they just won't be personal in that situation.

Watch here for more book reviews. They are starting to come in from the media.

To purchase this book you can make payment by clicking the shopping tab at the top of this page and then clicking on books under catagories.   You must supply your regular US MAIL address.   International orders please also pick the Canadian or other countryshipping.  Payment may be made by check.   Use the shopping directions above and select check as payment to get your total, invoice and place to pay.  Payments by check will be held 10 business days for check to clear.  US Post Office money orders will clear in one business day.    Click on the Shopping Tab above and then on the books catagory.

Welcome to Fir Meadow LLC.  We are located in the Siskiyou mountains of southern Oregon.      Kat has her masters degree in herbology and Master Herbalist (MH) designation and is a Vitalist.  Vitalism goes back to Hippocrates,  which is cause oriented rather than just symptom oriented (allopathy).  It is a small branch of herbalism,  but a very effective one.         Kat also is a Certified Reflexologist (CR) and a Holistic Iridologist (Dipl.H.Ir.).  She has completed studies in Aromatherapy (essential oils) with two different schools, is taking continuing education from a third school and has international  certification in that field.  She also is a C.E.I.T which is a Certified Equine Iridology Techincian and researcher. She is currently completing a book on pet and livestock herbalism with several more book projects lined up.  Her work is about evenly split up between human and creature herbalism and her training allows her to consult on any condition.  For creatures she also is not limited but can assist people with livestock, horses, pets, exotics, reptiles, birds, poultry, ratites, bees, fish and more (is there anything else?) to move them towards optimum wellness.

All of our livestock products Kat formulates.  Some of the herbs we ship in from pesticide/herbicide free resources that Kat trusts.  Some are organic, some are not,  as not all herbs can be acquired with an organic label,  and high quality wild crafted or naturally raised herbs Kat finds just as effective, without the higher price tag on them which would then have to be passed on to you.   She also raises many of her own herbs (over 70 at last count) in an organic manner.  You will find many of those in her livestock tinctures and salves.  You will find these products to have strong herbal smells and colors- we do not adulturate our products and use highly efficiacious herbs.  We use them here on our farm too- she NEEDs them to work!  She also places safety high on her list of priorities, and does not use toxic, habit forming, or poisenous plants.  We also offer steam distilled & CO2 extracted pure essential oils that she has sourced from wholesalers with integrity.

Kat offers consultations via email, in person and by phone for both human wellness concerns and for pet and livestock concerns.    Consultations must be prepaid before an appointment is set up.     Payments currently can be received by check, by money order,  or by paypal.    Appointments will generally be set up for Monday through Friday afternoons,  Pacific Standard Time.

Kat does speak at conferences and conventions and can offer Iridology and reflexology at many of those.   Contact her by email if you would like to set up a conference to find out her availability and details.

She also raises, along with her husband,  a nationally recognized and awarded herd of LaMancha dairy goats, with a couple of Toggenburgs thrown in for variety.   They are on a complete alternative health program,  yet are able to receive Best in Show, Top Ten milkers (in the US), and high appraisal scores.   We sell milking stock and breeding stock every year and ship US wide.   Please see that website if that interests you.  They also curently raise Norwegian fjord horses, great pyrenees guardian dogs, a barn cat, assorted chickens (mostly australorps), and a couple of pigs each year.  She has owned and worked with most types of farmstock and even exotics such as iguanas and geckos.   If the creature is important to you,  then it is important to her.

Your purchase or use of any product that we offer implies your taking full responsibility in use and in safeguarding them from children, creatures, or mentally inequipped persons from use as well as proper storage.     Per the FDA's requirements we do not make any claims of prevention, cure, or treatment with any of our products, nor can we or will we diagnose.  Kat is not a licensed medical doctor or veterinarian and makes no claims express or implied to be either.  She has claimed her 9th amendment rights to be able to offer  any products and services she chooses that are not expressly forbidden by law.   If a diganosis is wanted,  you may always consult a licensed professional for that service.

May you and your beloved creatures find Abundance in Wellness!

Give thanks to the Lord for He is good, His mercy endures forever...

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