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Thursday, 23 March 2023 21:44

John Wick: Chapter 4

Movie Review written by Jon Patch with 3.5 out of 4 Paws     

John Wick: Chapter 4

Lionsgate, 87Eleven Entertainment, Summit Entertainment and Thunder Road Pictures present a 169-minute, Action, Crime, Thriller, directed by Chad Stahelski, written by Shay Hatten, Michael Finch and based on the characters by Derek Kolstad with a theater release of March 24, 2023.

“LOVE YOUR PET DAY” on Feb 20th, Briton Publishers and author/photographer, Johanna Siegman, released “In Good Company.” A book that features many personalities with their furry loved ones with a portion of the proceeds benefiting Apex Protection Project, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

BOOK PARTICIPANTS INCLUDEEd Asner, Liz Abbott, Caroline Beck, Ed Begley Jr., Garrett Bennet, Raissa Katona Bennet, Jenny Bilfield, Carlos Carrasco, Laura Cohen, Michael & Tom d'Angora, Patricia de Leon, David Dubinsky, Danielle Eskinazi, Lorraine Feather, Paula Ficara, Frances Fisher, Heather Frank, Justin Frank, Joel Friedman, Tracey Gluck, Gina Hecht, Katie Hoff, Richard Karn, Ron King, David Koz, Norman Lear, Tanya Moss, Lu Parker, Bill Peterson, Arcadio Poveda, Gretchen Reinhagen, Allan Rich, Claudia Russell, Alex Rybeck, Arturo Sandoval, David Scharf, Adam Schiff, Mark Schiff, Dave Scott, Columbus Short, Jackie Speier, Molly Stern, Gabrielle Stone, Gene Stone, Tierney Sutton, Eric Swalwell, Gregory Tororian, Dee Wallace, Steve Wastell, Gren Wells, Vernon Wells, Adrienne Wilkinson, Mark Winkler, Richard Yniguez, Margarita Zavala and Cecilia Ramos

People are their most genuine selves when they’re with their pets. No matter how experienced or nervous someone is about being photographed, interviewed or even in crowds, as soon as they are with their pets, everything changes. This coffee table book of fine art portraits, featuring notable people from a wide range of fields (arts, science, literature, performance, music, etc.), with their pets. A portion of profits will go to support Apex Protection Project, a Los Angeles-based 501(c)3 non-profit organization, created to save the wolf species through education, rescue and advocacy. Unlike traditional pet portraits, these unique images depict the relationship between people and their beloved pets. They portray everyday moments between them, which are intimate and mundane, often humorous, whimsical, or touching, and always genuine. Each person provides me with personal details of their relationship with their pet in order for me to envision a concept that is particular to them.

All online booksellers, worldwide, and directly from the author via her website (
Wednesday, 15 March 2023 23:35

Talkin' Pets News

Talkin' Pets News

March 18, 2023

Host - Jon Patch

Co-Host - Jillyn Sidlo - Celestial Custom Dog Services - Roan Mt, TN

Producer - Devin Leech

Network Producer - Jayla Green

Social Media - Bob Page

Special Guest - Johanna Siegman Author of "In Good Company" Personalities and Pets for "Love Your Pet Day" at 5pm ET on March 18, 2023 we will be giving books away as well

Saturday, 11 March 2023 01:50


Movie Review by Jon Patch with 2 out of 4 Paws


Universal Pictures, Focus Features, Gold Circle Films and Seven Deuce Entertainment present a PG-13, 123-minute, Comedy, Sport, Drama, directed by Bobby Farrelly, screenplay by Mark Rizzo, based on the Spanish Film ‘Campeones’ by Javier Fesser and based on the Spanish film ‘Campeones’ written by David Marques with a theater release of March 10, 2023.

Saturday, 11 March 2023 01:40

Scream VI

Movie Review written by Jon Patch with 3.5 out of 4 Paws

Scream VI

Paramount Pictures, Project X Entertainment, Spyglass Entertainment and Radio Silence Productions present an R rated, 123-minute, Horror, Mystery, Thriller, Directed by Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett, written by James Vanderbilt and Guy Busick and based on the characters created by Kevin Williamson with a release date of March 10, 2023.

Saturday, 11 March 2023 01:07

Talkin' Pets News

Talkin' Pets News

March 11, 2023

Host - Jon Patch

Co-Host - Dr. Linda Register - East West Animal Hospital - Lutz, Florida

Producer - Matt Matera

Network Producer - Ben Boquist

Social Media - Bob Page

Special Guest - Dr. Joren Whitley will join Talkin' Pets at 5pm ET on March 11 to discuss his animal chiropratic practice

Jake Ybarra Conjures Magic With SOMETHING IN THE WATER

South Carolina Singer/Songwriter’s Debut Album Available April 7

“A great discovery - akin to John Prine's first offering and Paul Siebel's ‘Woodsmoke And Oranges’.” -  Le Cri du Coyote Magazine
Nashville, TN (March 2, 2023) – Jake Ybarra’s first full-length album, SOMETHING IN THE WATER, a coalescence of nature, nurture, influence, and observation will be available April 7. The well-paced project resonates with emotion and insightful storytelling. From a sense of yearning - for life, for love and for understanding - to a celebratory joy at rekindled love, demons chased, and lives well lived, Jake plumbs the hidden corners of the heart. Ybarra’s rich, rumbling baritone is magical … hear the catch in his voice and feel your own heart break; “hear” the smirk and feel the smile. There are hints of humor, legions of loss, and heaps of honest reflection in this diverse collection. Influenced by the “church” music on which he was raised and secular icons Guy Clark, John Prine, James McMurtry, and Townes Van Zandt, the characters in Jake’s songs are often reminiscent of those found in the writings of his favorite authors, George Saunders, Stephen Vincent Benet, and Ernest Hemingway.
Recorded at The Castle Studio in Nashville and produced by William Gawley (Taylor Rae, Taylor Hicks, Taylor McCall), SOMETHING IN THE WATER was engineered and mixed by Bryce Roberts (Lady A, Florida Georgia Line, Hootie & The Blowfish). The project brought together notable pickers, including David Flint on acoustic guitar/electric guitar/mandolin (Highway 101, Billy Montana); Dow Tomlin on bass (Wynonna, Brooks & Dunn, Lee Ann Womack); Dane Bryant on piano/organ (Dolly Parton, Olivia Newton John, Clint Black), and Billy Thomas on drums/backing vocals (Vince Gill, Willie Nelson, Miranda Lambert). Ybarra played acoustic guitar throughout.
Two streaming tracks and their companion music videos have already been released from the album. The color-drenched “Late November” video aired on high-profile outlets, including, IndiMusic TV and This Week in Americana. The Rockabilly-tinged “A Whole Lot To Remember” inspired a striking black & white video which premiered on Other highlights include the reflective “No Reason Or Right,” which takes the listener inside a 100-year-old love story when a homeowner discovers letters written long ago, while “Long Winter” captures a stir-crazy day in the life of a couple as they strive to avoid conflict. Ybarra’s first radio single, the guitar-driven, Roots/Rocker “BloodFire” will issue later this month. The track, musically edgy and lyrically pointed, is an ode to the devil inside us all. Fans can pre-save SOMETHING IN THE WATER now.
Track List (All songs written by Jake Ybarra)
1: Late November
2: BloodFire
3: Savannah’s Song
4: A Whole Lot To Remember
5: Long Winter
6: Call Me By My Name
7: Something In The Water
8. Disappear
9: No Reason Or Right
10: Silly Little Things
Stay social and learn more on Jake’s website, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube
Born in Texas but raised in Greenville, South Carolina, Jake started off singing in choirs as a boy, then playing in Rock bands as a teen. With a classically trained pianist for a mother, a semi-professional horn player for a dad, and a couple of guitar-playing brothers, it was only natural that Ybarra (pronounced e-BAR-a) eventually found music in his future. Originally dreaming of a career in baseball, an injury forced Jake onto a different path at the age of 15. After high school, he moved on to college at Furman University, where he earned a degree in Political Science and Government, which included a legislative internship at the European Parliament in Brussels. After graduating, Jake got serious about songwriting. Inspired by Townes Van Zandt, Guy Clark, James McMurtry, John Prine and Lucinda Williams, he turned his full attention to creating music. In 2020, Ybarra recorded his “pandemic project,” a four-song EP called Basement Songs. That effort earned him a dedicated local following and landed him a management deal and the opportunity to record SOMETHING IN THE WATER, which drops April 7. An avid runner, Jake also enjoys reading, cooking, and hanging out with friends. He currently lives in Nashville, TN.
# # #

Jake Ybarra PR Photo Credit: Charlotte Avenue Pictures

Captive-bred lion hunts for sale against convention rules; potential violations of state law; hundreds of hunts targeting rhinos, leopards, elephants; practices that violate hunting ethics; custom products made from skin and claws


WASHINGTON (March 7, 2023)—A shocking undercover investigation released by the Humane Society of the United States and Humane Society International exposed the hypocrisy that the trophy hunting industry uses to promote the killing of imperiled species. The Safari Club International convention in Nashville, Tennessee Feb. 22 through 25, hosted over 850 exhibitors from more than 140 countries peddling trophy hunts and products made from animal skins and claws. The event brought in about $6 million in revenue for SCI to further its lobbying efforts to roll back laws and regulations that protect vulnerable species from trophy hunting, including Endangered Species Act protections.

Trophy hunts were offered in at least 65 countries with the majority in South Africa, Canada, Namibia, Zimbabwe and New Zealand. Almost 100 outfitters offered elephant hunts, at least 115 offered leopard hunts, 98 offered lion and giraffe hunts, 89 offered hippo hunts, and 39 offered rhino hunts. On exhibitors’ websites, critically endangered animals, like the forest elephant and the black rhino, were also available to hunt, as well as captive animals such as scimitar oryx, a species classified as extinct in the wild and bred almost exclusively for trophy hunting.

The investigation revealed hunting trips sold from $2,500 to $143,000 with menus so hunters could “add-on” animals in addition to their primary targets. Most African carnivore hunts were advertised to include baiting—a practice that uses carcasses of other animals, like impala and zebras, or other items to lure the target species, which violates fair chase ethics and causes conservation issues by drawing out animals from protected areas into hunting zones.

Among the most revealing investigation findings is a recorded conversation with an exhibitor who encouraged the investigator to schedule a white rhino hunt before it is too late as the species is on the brink of extinction. They stated: “The one that’s gonna be closed down the soonest to import to the United States because of the numbers going down is the rhino… and if you want something Africa[n], you have to get the rhino as soon as possible.”

Outfitters were also vocal about “bending the rules” and broke policies to make a sale. One vendor violated the convention’s own policy against promoting captive lion hunts—a cruel, senseless practice condemned by the South African and U.S. governments and many others. He told the investigator, “You can hunt...captive bred lions in South Africa, cause this way you’re not impacting the wild lions...but they...catch their own animals; they’re as wild as can be.” Another told the HSUS/HSI investigator, “...we’ve got hunters that really can’t walk at all…we do bend our own rules a little and we shoot them from the truck...we don’t have a problem with it.” Hunting from a vehicle is illegal in many places because it violates fair chase ethics and invites numerous safety hazards.

Kitty Block, president and CEO of the Humane Society of the United States, said: “Despite the public’s growing disdain for trophy hunting, Safari Club International’s convention celebrates the senseless killing of animals, putting their deaths up for sale around the world, all to be turned into nothing more than trinkets and stuffed trophies. Make no mistake: This is an industry that threatens our most imperiled and ecologically important wildlife. As one of the world’s largest consumers of hunting trophies of imperiled species, the United States government has the responsibility to end hunting trophy imports.”

Jeff Flocken, president of Humane Society International, said: “Iconic species like elephants, rhinos and leopards play critical roles in their respective ecosystems, with many other species dependent on the delicate balance they provide. Sadly, these same animals are also highly coveted by trophy hunters. And as they often target the largest individuals of a species, they weaken the gene pool and can even cause collapses of small populations. In the midst of this biodiversity crisis in which over one million species face extinction, the global community must strive to protect wild animals by eschewing cruel practices like trophy hunting.”

Hundreds of luxury items were offered at the convention and for custom order including elephant skin luggage sets ranging from $10,000 to $18,000 and jewelry made from leopard claws. Both African elephants and leopards are listed under the Endangered Species Act. Exhibitors also offered lynx coats for $14,000 and purses made from zebra for $2,350. Multiple vendors displayed or offered for sale items made from imperiled species in potential violation of state law. At one booth, for example, a taxidermy company advertised its services by displaying horns from an endangered black rhino. Tennessee state law prohibits the commercial use of federally endangered species.

Among the hunting trips up for auction were a lion, leopard and plains game hunt in Zambia valued at $143,000; a hunt for a brown/grizzly bear, Dall sheep, moose, black bear and caribou in Alaska valued at $100,000; a white rhino hunt in South Africa valued at $100,000; a canned hunt for a bongo antelope in Texas valued at $41,870; and a polar bear hunt that sold for $100,000.

“Trophy hunting is an archaic and abhorrent practice that we must no longer tolerate,” said Sara Amundson, president of the Humane Society Legislative Fund. “It is unthinkable that endangered and threatened species are killed just to have their parts put out on display. Congress has been urging the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to look into its trophy import program for years and this convention is another reminder that the Biden administration must take a hard look at trophies coming into the U.S. so that species are not further pushed to the brink of extinction. We must continue to fight to end this egregious display of blatant disregard for the future of these imperiled species.”

Dr. Joren Whitley


Dr. Whitley grew up in Oklahoma and many of its surrounding states. In 2012 he received a Bachelors of Science degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from Oklahoma State University. During college Dr. Whitley worked as a laboratory technician for the National Institute for Microbial Forensics & Food and Agricultural Biosecurity and the United States Department of Agriculture.

After college he worked in concrete construction where he was injured on the job. This led him to find Chiropractic and ultimately his love for how the body functions.

Dr. Whitley Graduated from Parker University in Dallas, Texas in April 2016 with a Doctorate in Chiropractic. He then opened our Edmond Office in January 2017. Since then he has been the Chiropractor for the OKC Ballet, UCO POM Squad and the animal Chiropractor for the OKC Zoo and many other Animal Sanctuaries and Safari’s. He has also gained international attention on TikTok with his work on domestic and exotic animals. Being featured on The Tamron Hall Show, Buzzfeed, Unilad, and many more.

Dr. Whitley has a passion for working on people and animals alike, helping to unlock their bodies ability to function at its very best.

Friday, 03 March 2023 00:57

Creed III

Movie Review by Jon Patch with 3.5 out of 4 Paws

Creed III

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, United Artists, Chartoff-Winkler Productions, Glickmania, Outlier Society and Proximity Media presents a PG-13, 116-minute, Sport, Drama, directed by Michael B. Jordan, screenplay by Keenan Coogler, Zach Baylin and story by Ryan Coogler with a theater release of March 3, 2023.

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