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Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, Red Hour Films, TSG Entertainment, Samuel Goldwyn Films and New Line Cinema present a 114 minute, PG, adventure, comedy, drama, directed by Ben Stiller, screenplay by Steve Conrad and based on the short story by James Thurber with a theater release date of December 25, 2013.

As part of its merger with Continental Airlines, United Airlines has announced that on March 3 it will drop its current flat rate for pets that are checked as excess baggage and instead require all animals to be shipped as cargo. For those changing duty stations in the Pacific, the change could mean paying about $1,440 to $3,869 to fly with an animal back to the United States, depending on its size. Currently, United charges $283 for most pets, according to estimates provided Tuesday by Continental customer service.

This is a huge blow to many military families with pets. A lot of families will be forced to either abandon their pet, or accrue a large debt in order to keep a beloved member of their family. This is an ill advised decision to those at Continental/United Airlines.

This will also cause a ripple effect on international relations. Think of the amount of families who will be left with no choice but to abandon their pets in countries our servicemembers are stationed such as Korea, Japan, Italy and Germany just to name a few. Is it really fair to not just the families, but the pets as well for this to happen? It will put America in a bad light to countries that host our military when we are the cause of a stray dog problem.

Also, military families have been dealing with separation for the past twelve years with the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Now this will cause families to be further separated from their loved ones when they receive orders for such overseas destinations as Korea or even Hawaii or Alaska. Haven't our military families spent enough time apart without something as small as how much it cost to fly a dog to cause it to happen once again? Our servicemembers and their families sacrifice enough as it is, yet we dare to ask them to sacrifice even more?

I ask today that you know how much your pet would do for you, now what are you willing to do for your pet? Take a stand against Continental/United today and sign the petition! Don't forget to share with your friends and fellow pet lovers!

Sign the Petition at the link below - thanks...


Activists pushing an online campaign on say R300 is suffering, not recovering at Marine Mammal Conservancy


KEY LARGO, FL – More than 1,500 people have joined a campaign on calling on the National Marine Fisheries Service to end the suffering of a pilot whale known as R300.


Marine mammal activist Barbara Napoles launched the campaign on after a video (featured on the petition) exposed Marine Mammal Conservancy President Robert Lingenfelser showing the whale to tourists, which is in violation of the National Marine Fisheries Service regulation prohibiting display of marine mammals in rehabilitation


The video shows the whale being observed by tourists during a physical therapy session. Lingenfelser is heard soliciting donations as he explains to tourists that R300 is suffering from a fully collapsed right lung and one-third collapsed left lung. She has also been diagnosed with scoliosis, pneumonia and MRSA, a staph infection that can be transmitted between whales and humans.


More than 1,500 people have signed the petition on, urging the National Marine Fisheries Service to investigate R300’s condition and use their authority to end R300’s suffering


“If she is found to be suffering from the ailments being used to raise money in her name, please ensure that she is humanely euthanized to end her suffering,” reads the petition. “If she is healthy, she needs to be moved to an appropriate rehab facility where she is not being used to raise money.”


R300 was one of 23 pilot whales stranded on the Gulf Coast in May. Fifteen of the whales didn’t survive the stranding, two were humanely euthanized. Of the remaining whales that went into rehabilitation, two were released, two were euthanized, and one was moved to SeaWorld. More than 90 days later, R300 is the last of the pilot whales to continue rehabilitation at the Marine Mammal Conservancy.


Marine Mammal Conservancy’s supporters are hoping to see R300 released back into the ocean, but that doesn’t seem to be a likely prospect, even under the best circumstances. According to Erin Fougeres, SE Stranding Program Administrator for National Marine Fisheries Service, even though the goal of the agency is to release stranded animals, "If an animal has ongoing health issues, it is highly unlikely to be a candidate for release.” Fougeres notes that R300 appears to have been showing some improvement over the past month, but at this point, her continued recovery would mean achieving a high quality of life in captivity, not back in the open ocean.


Russ Rector, former dolphin trainer and founder of Dolphin Freedom Foundation, knows from experience how serious R300’s situation is. “This animal is so debilitated 90 days in, she will never recover,” Rector said. “If she somehow miraculously does, there is no place to put her. She is too old and too big for any facility to want. This ordeal we are putting her through has crossed from rehab into cruelty.”


“What right do we have to continue to prolong her suffering?” said the petition starter Barbara Napoles. “These pilot whales stranded because they were all sick. We have to try to take care of them as respectfully and humanely as possible.”  


“Thousands of people come to every day to speak out against animal suffering,” said Pamela Black, an organizer with “The decision as an animal advocate to consider euthanasia as an option is never an easy one. But Ms. Napoles has used the platform to bring a difficult issue to light and connect with more than 1,500 people who agree that R300’s misery has to end.”


Live signature totals from the campaign on



View the video of R300:


Additional background: is the world’s fastest-growing platform for social change — growing by more than 400,000 new members a month, and empowering millions of people to start, join, and win campaigns for social change in their community, city and country.