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Movie review written by Jon Patch with 4 out of 4 paws

The Intruder

Screen Gems, Hidden Empire Film Group and Primary Wave Entertainment present a PG-13, 102 minute, Drama, Mystery, Horror, Thriller, directed by Deon Taylor and written by David Loughery with a theatre release date of May 3, 2019.


Scott Russell (Michael Ealy) is the top earner and at the top of his game at his marketing agency where he works. He is married to a beautiful woman named Annie (Meagan Good) who works as a writer for several different publications. Since both of their careers are doing well they decided it’s time to leave the city and head to the country and where better than Napa, California, wine country. Looking for a home they meet with Charlie Peck (Dennis Quaid) to check out his 3.5 million dollar home for sale. When they arrive on the grounds what they encounter as a first impression is not what they had in mind, a Bambi killer. Yet a few laughs later and some negotiations and the Peck home has now become the Russell home. At least that’s what the new owners thought!

It seems Charlie made plans to move to Florida to live with his daughter since living in a large home after his wife died was a bit too much in his older years. One small factor Charlie keeps pushing the moving date forward and happens to keep showing up at his old home. Kind of like a cat that always finds its way back to its original territory. It’s Thanksgiving and Annie invites him to have dinner with the couple and her two close friends Mike (Joseph Sikora) and Rachel (Alvina August). You can tell right from the start that Mike and Charlie do not see eye to eye. Christmas and yes Charlie is still showing up and Scott is swiftly losing his patience. What happens later as Charlie starts to show not only his continued obsession with his old home but that of Annie everything goes to hell and Charlie is no longer the nice old man you might think he was in the beginning. Secrets get revealed and the creepy in Charlie makes a turn for the worst as he tries to take what he thinks is his.

I really did not expect much from this film since I did not hear too much about it before screening it but much to my surprise I loved it. It is directed and written superbly and although there are several cliché moments there are some original ones as well. My low expectations were reversed making this film one of my favorites of the year so hats off to the casting department as well for making some great choices in actors. I was on the edge of my seat in the end and at one time my friend Joe who went with me jumped out of his. The film has those creepy moments that work so well making you squirm with anticipation. Being a fan of this genre of film it could also be why I personally liked it so much because it was actually done so well.

Ealy was strong yet vulnerable and a good lead to accompany Good who tends to own her screen time. Sikora is that friend that we all want, one that has your back in thick and thin moments no matter what the circumstance. August is probably the only weak link but her screen time is so short she is a bit over-looked anyway. The real gem in this film though is Quaid who really brings his creepy on and he does it so well that at times you quiver just watching how off the wall this character can be. So overall I would highly recommend this film if you’re looking for a great story with some great acting and the possibility that this could actually happen to you. As for the animals in this film if you saw Bambi you already know what happens to the deer. Humans do hunt!

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