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Review written by Jon Patch with 3.5 out of 4 paws

Beautiful Boy

Amazon Studios, Big Indie Pictures and Plan B Entertainment present an R rated, 120 minute, Biography, Drama, directed by Felix Van Groeningen, screenplay by Van Groeningen and Luke Davies with a theatre release date of October 12, 2018.


At birth no one knows what life will throw our way! It could be something good and sometimes something bad but either way it always takes a strong will to deal with whatever happens in this so called life. David Sheff (Steve Carell) and Vicki Sheff (Amy Ryan) had a beautiful baby boy but later in life the parents split-up and David married Karen (Maura Tierney) whom he has two children with, Jasper (Christian Convey) and Daisy (Oakley Bull).

Nic (Timothee Chalamet), David’s first born son is now eighteen years old, six feet tall and one hundred and thirty pounds. He is addicted to crystal meth and has detached himself from his parents many times. David has tried to help as much as possible with trying to be his father, sending him to rehab and so many other ways that it is all playing a toll on his family with Karen. There are moments of cleanliness throughout Nic’s life even when he went to college where he started dating Lauren (Kaitlyn Dever) but those moments seemed to never last for long. In times of need Nic would reach out to his parents for comfort or money because he could still not give up on drugs.

David had no option since Nic was not changing and life at home for David was beginning to implode and would definitely end if something would not change. My best friend is going through life with his addicted daughter and he said this film was very real and heartbreaking but sometimes tough love is the best way to heal a wound. When a user hits the very bottom they have two choices whether to live or die but it has to be their choice before it’s too late. David gave up but in this particular life for Nic, did he?

The film is very slow moving but it truly has a wonderful message and for many including that of my friend a sense of relief that he has tried his best to help his daughter. I don’t predict a big box office for this film not because it is bad but rather a subject that many will shy away from. One can only hope that for all of those dealing with a relative or friend that is dealing with a drug problem I hope they see this movie. The movie may be a bit dry at times and depressing but overall it is a must see for those dealing with this senseless addiction. There are many scenes that cut back and forth to different stages of Nic’s growing up that at times it gets a bit confusing. Even the locations at times were difficult to keep up with since one moment Nic is here than there. I’m used to seeing Carell as a comedian but he was very dramatic in this film. Chalamet was not only a beautiful boy but also very believable in this role. Nice to see Tierney on the big screen since she has disappeared for a while. All the other actors contribute so much to this story whether short or long screen times. It is a must see for the importance of the drug problem in America and beyond.

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