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Forever My Girl

Review written by April Enright


This movie was promoted to attract all Nicholas Sparks fans. If you are a follower of his novels and/or movies, you will love this one. It has all the elements of a Sparks storyline. Small southern town, love story gone wrong, etc.

It’s based in small town St. Augustine, LA where Liam Page (Alex Roe) stands his fiancé Josie (Jessica Rothe) up at the alter to run wild as a reckless country music star. He has been hopping from city to city on tour when he learns his childhood friend back home has died in a car accident. He leaves his tour to attend the funeral after not having been home or spoken to anyone, including his father who is the town’s Pastor, in eight years. The saying, “It’s never too late to go home again” comes to mind as Liam crosses paths with Josie and her little girl named Billy (Abby Ryder Fortson). Josie, his father and the rest of the townsfolk are less than welcoming.

As the movie unfolds, we learn about Liam’s childhood tragedy that resulted in his failed relationship with Josie and the relationship he lost with his father in the process. We also learn he has never gotten over Josie in all the years he has been away. He carries an old phone because it contains the last voicemail Josie left all those years ago. Although he listens to the message every day, he has never returned her call to find out what she was trying to explain to him so long ago.

When Liam realizes Josie has a daughter who is seven and named after his mother, Liam wants to get to know her and attempt to learn how to be a father.. Billy is a spunky little girl who brings humor and touching moments to the movie. In the process of building a relationship with his daughter, Liam also tries to get back in Josie’s good graces. Will he make it as a new father and be willing to share his fame with her and her mother? You will have to check this movie out to find out if the story ends in a Happily Ever After.
This was an enjoyable film that will be most appreciated by viewers who enjoy romantic love stories with characters that are easy to love. I give it 4/5 stars

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