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Warner Bros. Pictures, RatPac-Dune Entertainment, Kramer & Sigman Films and Zaftig Films present a 104 minute, R rated, Comedy, Crime, Drama, directed and written by Glenn Ficarra and John Requa with a theater release date of February 27, 2015.


Is it possible to experience love at first site or is it possibly more like lust at first site either way when Nicky (Will Smith) saves the day for Jess Barrett (Margot Robbie) from a drunk in a local bar what happens next is totally unexpected. Or is it? Well at least wait until the pants are off to find out! Oh let the games begin! To know a thief is to be a thief and as for Jess when she finds out Nicky is one of the best con men in the country she wants in and will stop at nothing to make her way into his business, Question is Jess is small time watches and wallets whereas Nicky is the big time.

Yet Nicky and his right hand men Farhad (Adrian Martinez) and Horst (Brennan Brown) along with an array of other thieves give her a shot in New Orleans and low and behold she passed the test. Once the items are stolen nothing gets saved leaving no chances for failure and after 1.2 million dollars later that includes Jess. Well that is not until Jess unknowingly helps Nicky con a con, Liyuan (BD Wong), at a New Orleans football game in a mind game that could go totally wrong. Wrong or not Jess is history that is until three years later in Buenos Aires.

Nicky while trying to con a race car industry and Rafael (Rodrigo Santoro) and his wing man Ownes (Gerald McRaney) out of millions for information on the EXR happens to bump into the lady in red herself Jess. Trust, lies, truth, watches, and a so called race skank discover that no one is to be trusted in this game of twist and turns on and off the race track. Love will get you killed in their racquet leaving no true honor among thieves but in the end people have choices sometimes making the right ones and sometimes the wrong ones both knowing or not but when it comes down to love and war in the game of thieves always “watch” your step.

The film is nicely directed but more so nicely written making the audience second guess who you can trust and whether they are who they say they truly are. Many twists and turns around every corner making you feel especially vulnerable being out in public. Apparently people need to pay attention and focus while out and about since lurking in every corner of the world is a thief. The film has a nice score and runs at an appropriate length in order to not drag out the plot and story line.

I’m already a huge fan of Smith and once again he does not disappoint although it may not be his best role even though he’s getting older like everyone else he still knows how to control the big screen. Robbie was a nice mix of salt to his pepper and the two really played well together. Wong is a treat and Brown is a compliment along with McRaney and Santoro but it is Martinez that controls his every moment on screen making himself come across as the comic relief to help lighten the load. Overall I enjoyed the smartness of this story and the lessons to be learned about the bad guys out in the real world. Written and enjoyed with two and half paws out of four, I’m Jon Patch.

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