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Film District, WWE Studios, Original Film, Automatik Entertainment and Frequency Films present an R rated, 110 minute, action, crime, drama, directed by Niels Arden Opley and screenplay by J.H. Wyman with a theater release date of March 8, 2013.

Are we meant to be alone?  I think everyone asks that question of themselves or to someone else especially those with a damaged heart.  A conversation is going on between Victor (Colin Farrell) and his partner in crime buddy Darcy (Dominic Cooper) about relationships and family.  A subject that is very well chiseled in Victor’s heart, since he lost his family two years ago when both were brutally murdered by a group of Albanians.  Both men work with a ruthless kingpin in the crime world, Alphonse (Terrence Howard), who has suddenly lost one of his men later found killed in his ice box with a note that states, ‘719 now you realize’.  The riddle begins for Alphonse and his men as they try to figure out who is out to kill them all.
Victor has been trying to live with the death of his family while constructing a plan of revenge against the people that took their lives including his own.  Across the way from his high-rise apartment he has noticed a young woman on her balcony who he later finds out has been harboring a very dark secret herself.  The stares, the wave and eventually the meeting Victor finally gets to have words with Beatrice (Noomi Rapace) a young beautician that lives with her mother Valentine Louzon (Isabelle Huppert).  Beatrice some time ago was a victim in a car accident caused by a drunk driver and after several reconstructive surgeries she lives with the left side of her face scarred so much so that the neighborhood children call her “monster”.  What starts out as a possible date and hopes of romance ends up with two people out for revenge and both using each other to fulfill their wishes. 
One must always remember to kill the devil quickly when you find him.  If you don’t then there’s always that chance the devil may kill you first even after he’s stolen your soul.  As Alphonse continues to receive puzzles and riddle’s he knows he’s set against a time clock especially since the truth behind Alphonse, his men and the Albanians is all coming to the surface making a revengeful plan come to light which will hopefully fulfill  the darkness in one man’s heart.  As for Beatrice she and Victor have grown closer not only due to the information she holds over Victor and the demand she awaits him to fulfill in hopes of mending her heart and mind but somewhere in all this mess there could be a flicker of love growing among two people who thought their hearts were dead.  In the end daddy took care of the monsters both the good and the bad as his plan suddenly came down to once again saving the one he loves.  The rabbit foot may not have been so lucky for the rabbit but it surely came in handy during the final moments of this story. 
The story is very well written adding enough twists and turns that may confuse you at first but eventually ties it all together to make sense of the entire plot.  The direction was spot on but about fifteen minutes off the story could have definitely helped to make it seem that the pace of the film was better suited since at times although interesting still seemed to drag out a bit.  Some nice city back-drops along with some well-placed special effects and this crime drama with a touch of romance is very intriguing, raw and somewhat believable. 
Farrell once again controls the big screen making his character not only loved but feared.  He has a way of pulling the audience into his character showing every ounce of his emotions.  Rapace has a beauty about her that is not quite overstated but appreciated and she really did a wonderful job of making the audience relate to her emotional disgrace for the man that took her life as she once knew it.  Cooper was a wonderful support to Farrell making their connection come across as genuine to the story line right down to their important last words.  Howard does well playing the ruthless man with eyes of cold steel that lacks any emotional attachment to anything other than himself.  Not sure what the man is like in real life but he surely plays the dark side well.  There is a vast cast of supporting characters to the crime world and all do justice to their roles but it is the inner struggles that Farrell and Rapace are feeling that truly move this film from start to finish making it worth the ticket price even if it is a bit too lengthy and drawn out at times.  No major animal moments in this film other than that of the poor rabbit that lost its foot and a pack of rats that feast on a dead body.  Written and appreciated for its writing and lead characters with two paws out of four by Jon Patch.

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