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Warner Bros. Pictures, Gary Sanchez Productions and Everyman Pictures present an R rated, 85 minute comedy directed by Jay Roach, written by Chris Henchy and Shawn Harwell with a theater release date of August 10, 2012.

Everyone knows politics really has no rules and the same can be said for this film.  Grant it it’s a simple story but one that falls perfect into an election year.  Cam Brady (Will Ferrell) is running for re-election as the North Carolina Congressman.  A family man with wife Rose (Katherine LaNasa) and two children Cam Jr. (Randall D. Cunningham) and Jessica (Madison Wolfe) Cam feels his re-election is a sure thing.  Well guess again!  His polls are down and his original supporters, the Motch brothers, Glenn (John Lithgow) and Wade (Dan Aykroyd) are out to find a candidate that thinks he can make a difference and in return put money in their own pockets at the expense of the Hammond fourteenth district.  The Motch brothers have always been job creators and candidate creators and by choosing a basic idiot Marty Huggins (Zach Galifianakis) to run for Congress of North Caroline they feel they could create a winner in their favor.  Marty is currently married to Mitzi (Sarah Baker) with two children, Clay (Grant Goodman) and Dylan (Kya Haywood) along with two adorable Pugs. 
One problem, the Motch brothers believe they need to do a total make-over on Marty in order for him to stand a chance of winning.  First change the house to look more conservative, a few deer heads throughout the house, euthanize the Chinese Pugs, Pound Cake and Muffins for more popular American breeds like a chocolate Lab and Golden Retriever and hire Time Watley (Dylan McDermott) to turn his life around full circle within eight weeks until election day.  There are a number of hysterical moments during the makeover especially when he convinces the family not to lie and to come clean on embarrassing things they’ve done that could affect his campaign.  Grant it maybe something’s are better kept in the closet.  As for McDermott he once again proves he can look good on camera as a good and bad guy and in this case a little bit of both.
Five weeks to election and the candidates are set for a debate where they as well as their fans let all hang out, hence the R rating, thanks to Becky (Amelia Jackson-Gray).  Although nothing would go down quicker in the broadcast and political books than the right arm that created ‘Baby Punch Gate’.  The film takes a nice direction into the world of politics both in front of and behind the camera.  In week four to Election Day religion and snakes take on a whole new faith, apparently one that contains the worst day of all for candidate Cam.  Everyone knows the balance is not equal in terms of what you give up for what you get in the political war zone and this film brilliantly portrays that sentiment.  The elephant and the jackass are symbols of the political parties but I guess the writers decided to throw in the Independent cow to take the fall or should I say hit.
There are a number of cameo appearances throughout the film by major news correspondents but also one very famous dog named Uggie that happened to be on my national talk show, Talkin’ Pets, as well as part of the team that swept the Oscars for a well-known film called “The Artist”.  I wonder if the “Price is Right” for all the newspersons that lent a face and a few words to this play on political warfare.  Like any competition at some point one player may ask, what will it take to win?  Some say publicity good or bad is good so maybe a sex tape or a twelve point buc shot will prove for higher polls.  The Motch brothers have a motive for their backing of Huggins and it all falls into place for an “insourcing” win win situation.  That is until the tables turn for Cam once again since he will do anything to win.  Overall though in the end, truth be told, that the jungle gym was a mess years ago and that politics today is an even bigger mess but through it all may the best man not be caught with is pants down and win!
A great team with Ferrell and Galifianakis, both men play well together on an equal level.  I personally tend to like Zach a bit more.  The direction is perfectly in line along with the writing as they spoof on what elections and politics is truly all about, money and power.  Even though there are numerous comedic moments in the story I felt like there were some missed opportunities but none enough to say don’t attend this film at a theater near you.  If you pay close attention to the story and several lines throughout the entire film you’ll definitely become aware of the messages laced within this comedy of words, actions and scenarios that are sure to have you thinking about your choice for the Presidential race this November 2012.  Written with two and half paws out of four by Jon Patch.

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