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Grow It; Eat It!

CLEVELAND, OH- Dune Craft is excited to present its newest offerings to its two edible lines including Sprout n’ Grow Greenhouses and Organic Veggies. These lines are designed to sprout and grow plants in and then transplant them or to sprout them and plant the entire container in the garden.
These lines are fun, educational, and promote healthy eating. Growing what you eat is smart and the trend is catching on! That’s right, having your own vegetable garden is now trendy. In fact according to the 2009 Edibles Gardening Trends Research Report conducted by the Garden Writer’s Association (GWA) Foundation, over 41 million U.S. households, or 38 percent planted a vegetable garden in 2009. And, more than 19.5 million households (18 percent) grew an herb garden and 16.5 million households (15 percent) grew fruits during the same period.
The study found that there was a growth in edible gardening from both experienced gardeners and from an influx of new gardeners: 92 percent of respondents had previous experience and 7 percent (7.7 million households) were new edible gardeners.
Another survey done by the American Gardening Association showed a 19 percent increase in new hobby country farms and urban edible gardens in 2009 over 2008.
Sure to be a big hit is the company’s newest addition to the Sprout n’ Grow line- Coffee! The plants make wonderful houseplants with their glossy, green foliage while consumers are waiting for the Cherries to form. Another addition to this exciting line is Mini Cantaloupes. These four-inch fruits have a thin rind to make a perfect one-person snack. Other additions to the line include Hot Peppers.
DuneCraft doubled the number of choices in its popular Organic Veggies line. All the seeds used in this line are organic and have not been genetically modified. Some of the new additions include Finger Eggplant, Sweet Peppers, Sunflowers, and Watermelon.
DuneCraft’s Edible Lines can be found at Tractor Supply, Wegman's, JoAnn, Hobby Lobby and many other retailers, catalogs, and web sites. For more information please visit www.dunecraft.com.
Fluffy- 8 lb male, 10-12 month old, neutered and vaccinated. He is very friendly, good with kids, dogs and adults. Purrs constantly and loves to be held.
Skinny- 9 lb male, 10-12 month old, neutered and vaccinated. He is also very friendly, good with kids, dogs and adults. He loves to be scratched behind the ears and tummy.
Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any interest in giving these brothers a home

This cat is very sweet, she is about 5 years old, she belonged to one of our friends who passed away and now needs a home.
She has feline leukemia and cannot be with other cats but she can be with dogs.

We need your help in finding her a good home.
If you can adopt her, we will provide the pet food and pet supplies through the Pet Project.

Please help.
Contact Tanya at 954 318 7145 to see her.




 Los Angeles, Calif., March 7, 2012 – Animal advocates from Stray Cat Alliance, a national nonprofit advocacy organization for the humane care, rescue and protection of cats, continues to pressure officials in Sacramento regarding California Governor Jerry Brown’s plan to repeal provisions of the Hayden Law, which will put pets in California's animal shelters in danger.
Stray Cat Alliance met with the governor’s finance staff last week to discuss the repeal, explain the consequences for animals, and present a petition with 13,500+ names and comments from SCA supporters against the proposed repeal.
"We don’t believe the Governor's office understands this issue fully yet, and how dire the future will be for animals if it is permanently repealed," said Stray Cat Alliance executive director Christi Metropole. "Californians need to keep up the pressure and explain this is precedent-setting law that saves lives and saves tax dollars."
The Hayden Law, introduced in 1998 by then-State Senator Tom Hayden, allowed families more time to recover lost pets and made California shelters more accountable to animals in their care. The Hayden Law reimburses shelters for expenses related to holding animals longer than 72 hours to give families reasonable time to reclaim lost pets, give animals a better chance for adoption, provide veterinary care if needed, and other provisions.
Brown’s plan for permanent repeal eliminates these safeguards entirely, even though the law was suspended in 2009 due to financial constraints and there is currently no cost to the state. A repeal also eliminates the possibility that the mandate can simply be reinstated in the future when the economy improves.
Advocates point to the success of the law in reducing the number of cats and dogs killed in shelters. At the time the law was enacted, shelters killed more than 570,000 cats and dogs per year. Following Hayden, these numbers were reduced to around 400,000. In 2009, when the law was suspended, kill rates increased again.
"Thanks to misinformation and erroneous assumptions, the governor's office has been led to believe that the Hayden Law incentivizes killing, but nothing could be further from the truth," said Metropole. "Even though it doesn’t make fiscal sense to even suspend Hayden, we are not asking for it to be reinstated right now. We are asking for them to just continue the suspension. It’s literally a matter of life and death."
SCA asks Californians to call Governor Brown's office, members of the Assembly Budget Subcommittee and other key officials to state their opposition to repealing any part of the Hayden Law. The organization continues to request signatures on its petition.
On the same trip, Metropole and other activists also met with Assemblyman Mike Gatto (D-Los Angeles), who has a long history of working on animal issues, to come up with other, long-term solutions to the problem.
At a press conference held tomorrow morning at Los Angeles City Hall, Metropole and other SCA members will join 5th District Councilman Paul Koretz to address media about the City’s opposition to the repeal. The press conference begins at 9:00 a.m.in the Council Media Room (third floor behind Council Chambers).
Next Tuesday, Stray Cat Alliance will join HSUS, Last Chance for Animals, and other national organizations to continue lobbying on behalf of California pets and attend a budget subcommittee meeting March 13 at 1:30 p.m. in Capitol Room 447.
About Stray Cat Alliance
Stray Cat Alliance works for a no-kill nation, where every cat has a right to be safe, healthy and valued. Since 2000, it has empowered hundreds of volunteers and thousands of community members to care for more than 75,000 cats in need. Stray Cat Alliance performs no-cost Trap/Neuter/Return (T/N/R), advocacy, and other health services, and runs an adoption program in Southern California, and has placed thousands of cats in homes. Stray Cat Alliance advocates humane care and protection of free roaming community cats, supports the reduction of kill rates for cats in shelters today, and helps communities develop cost-effective spay/neuter programs of their own. See www.StrayCatAlliance.org for more information.


Innovative Solutions Serving Over 80 Million Senior Pets


NEW YORK, NY – (September 9, 2011) If you know anyone with a pet, you understand that pets are part of the family.  But did you know that approximately 50% of the U.S. pet population (over 80 million dogs and cats) is over age 7? With increased access to superior healthcare, pets are living much longer and deserve special products created for their evolving needs.


After extensive research and understanding the challenges pet-parents face with their aging pets and the needs of pets themselves, Quaker Pet Group (QPG) created an extensive health and wellness line just for seniors to help make them happy, healthy, and comfortable in their older years: SILVER TAILS™ Senior Pet Products.


To-date, an entire product collection of health and wellness solutions for the underserved and ever-growing senior pet population has been non-existent.  QPG is launching its Silver Tails collection with the following senior product innovations: a hand-held massager (standard and infrared), a specially-formulated dental care system, bamboo-charcoal pet bed covers and mats, magnetic therapy collars, Bottoms-Up™ support harnesses, age-appropriate chew toys, flavor enhancing supplement powder, and soft-chew treats.


“A silver tail deserves to keep wagging.  As pet-parents ourselves, we saw first-hand the changes our four-legged friends go through later in life, and saw an opportunity to not only fill a needed market gap but also make a real difference in pets’ lives,” states Quaker Pet Group’s President and Chief Operating Officer Neil Werde.  “Easing the stress associated with the care of older pets, we know Silver Tails products will make a huge impact towards improving the lives of pets and pet-parents.  Our retail partners like PETCO® understand the needs of senior pets, and we are thrilled they are bringing the entire line of product innovations to market to improve the lives of this fast-growing and underserved segment of aging pets.”


Silver Tails Products’ Features and Benefits:


·         Hand-Held Massager – Ergonomically-designed massager improves health by promoting circulation, bonding, and relief from age-related discomfort and stress; Sizing easily adjusts comfortably for every hand

·         Infrared Hand-Held Massager – Used for years by Veterinarians, infrared therapy has deep-penetrating and soothing effects on sore muscles, arthritic joints and common challenges like hip dysplasia

·         Vet Tech™ Dental Care System – Invented by a leading Veterinarian, this easy-to-use bristle-less dental cleaning system is safe and effective for dogs and cats to clean and polish teeth and sensitive gums; Handheld toothbrush comes with disposable and highly-absorbent microfiber heads for maximum hygiene; Specially-formulated enzyme cleaning solution is highly palatable and effective

·         Bamboo-Charcoal Mats – This holistic material reacts with the pet’s own body heat and effectively eliminates odor, absorbs moisture, and promotes improved blood circulation; Padded throw mats come in 2 sizes for use on floor, furniture and car interiors, have a non-skid bottom for added traction, and includes sturdy integrated handles for lifting and moving older pets; Machine washable cover and hand-washable inner lining

·         Bamboo-Charcoal Pet Bed Covers – Comfortable bed covers feature a waterproof lining and are available in 2 shapes and sizes to fit most pet beds; Highly effective in absorbing moisture and eliminating odors; Infrared rays and negative ions are known to relieve aches, pains and joint discomfort naturally

·         Magnetic Therapy Collars – Believed to be effective for arthritis, muscle and joint pain, wound healing, nerve injury and general fatigue, this natural, non-invasive, and patented magnetic design fits most existing dog and cat collars; Each includes flexible 500+ Gauss magnets known to improve circulation, energize, and increase oxygenated blood flow while stimulating a pet’s natural healing process

·         Bottoms Up™ Harness – Specially-designed to relieve the weight from hind legs and hips while aiding maneuverability and steading older, overweight, post-surgical and/or arthritic dogs; Attachable leash for comfort and stability when walking and patented design allows elimination without removing the harness; One size adjusts to fit dogs 20 to 150 pounds.

·         Senior Friendly Chew Toys – Promoting mental and physical stimulation for older dogs, these toys combine two soft, yet durable materials for sensitive older teeth and gums; Blue and yellow colors are still visible to pets battling loss of vision; Toys can be soaked with water/frozen to help reduce mouth discomfort; Available in 2 sizes and 3 shapes for every breed

·         Flavor Enhancing Supplement Powder – For finicky senior pets or pets recovering from illness or surgery, this specially-balanced protein powder has an irresistible flavor and delivers essential vitamins and minerals, Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids for improved skin and coat, and Inulin to promote digestion; Wheat-free, gluten-free and made in the USA

·         Senior Wellness Soft Chews – Packed with essential nutrients senior dogs need, these bite-sized morsels come in 3 natural formulas that target specific issues senior pets face (Skin & Coat, Hip & Joint, and Multi-Vitamin Formula); Soft and easy to chew, these treats are wheat-free, gluten-free and made in the USA


QPG is thrilled to announce that the Silver Tails products will be available in over 1,000 PETCO and Unleashed by PETCO stores mid-September.


Formed in 2010 by pet industry veterans David Blatte and Neil Werde, QPG acquired New York Dog in 2010, a leader in pet apparel and accessories, and the Sherpa Pet Group in 2011, a leader in pet travel, safety and fun.  The Silver Tails collection will continue QPG’s momentum of providing first-class innovations and solution-oriented products to the pet industry. 


For more information about Silver Tails Senior Pet Products, please visit www.silvertails.com or call the Quaker Pet Group at 303.623.3327.   



Headquartered in New York City and Denver, the Quaker Pet Group is actively seeking strategic opportunities to grow through key retail partnerships, innovative product development, and acquisitions. Quaker Pet Group is committed to providing pet products that will enrich the lives of pets and their pet-parents worldwide. Registered brands include: New York Dog™, Hear Doggy™, Vet Tech™, Sherpa’s Pet Trading®, Fox & Hounds™, Cloak & Dawggie™, GoDog™, Luna Brite™, Dog Mountain™, Pez® for Pets and Woof Wear Organics® and Rain™ products.


Talkin Pets NEWS
Saturday, Feb. 25, the 56th day of 2012.
There are 310 days left in the year.

Natural Healing for Cat, Dogs, Horses and Other Animals

Arizona to Alaska

Born in Phoenix, Lisa lived in numerous Arizona towns as a child and later spent several years in California. By young adulthood, she was in Alaska and started mountain climbing. She climbed in South America on different expeditions, seeking summits in Ecuador, Chile and Argentina. She also traveled solo through Europe and Asia.


From Fire to Shield to Evergreen

Climbing left Lisa wanting strong first-aid skills and she signed-up for an Emergency Medical Technician course. The class included a ride-along with the Fire Department which exposed her to the rewards of helping people in crisis. She moved to Oregon for training and was soon back in Alaska, pulling 24-hour shifts as a paramedic.


“Paramedicine is physical and autonomous and demanding and technical. I loved it.”

After a number of years, she transferred to the Police Department. Her second career started with the position of street officer and she still claims it is the most demanding job in law enforcement. After a few years, she became a detective, working in the Vice unit and later in Crimes Against Children, with a special assignment as a Hostage Negotiator. She went back to the street as a sergeant and later returned to investigations, supervising Internal Affairs.


“All those years in emergency services made the city a map of memories, many of them very sad. I wanted to move…a couple of thousand miles.”


Riding, Writing and Running

Lisa and her husband relocated to the Evergreen State and adopted two former racehorses from a rescue facility. She turned to writing, working on both mysteries and mainstream novels. One novel was selected as a finalist in the 2007 Malice Domestic contest and another made the Top 100 in the 2008 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award contest. Lisa also began competing in the obscure sport of Ride and Tie, a back country trail race that combines running and riding, covering distances of 20-35 miles.


“Writing is such a sedentary pursuit, it would be dreadful without the promise of hours on trails.”


Miles alone on the million acres that is Washington’s Olympic Peninsula left Lisa wanting protective company. She found a German Shepherd at a pet rescue site and taught him tracking, as she had with her previous dogs.


“My last shepherd earned the FH title twice. This was before the existence of the FHII and VST titles. He also earned the Schutzhund III with decent scores, but we never V-scored”. (The FH, or FährtenHund, is a German sport tracking degree. A V-score is a judge’s rating at or above 96%.)


She resurrected the training log (the Canine Scent Work Log) she had created and used when teaching her previous trackers. Her rescue dog V-scored at his first trial and she sent the log to Alpine Publications. Alpine released the book in 2007

Saturday, Jan. 28, the 28th day of 2012. There are 338 days left in the year.

Los Angeles, Calif., January 10, 2012 – Stray Cat Alliance’s “I Spayed L.A.” program kicked off late last year in South Los Angeles, and is already making progress toward serving the feral, stray and homeless cat population. I Spayed L.A. provides L.A.’s poorest demographic areas with spay/neuter and other health services for cats and kittens, both owned and free-roaming in the neighborhood.
The program, unique in the nation, is expected to take three years. It began in the zip code 90037, an area just south of the USC campus with a population of about 60,000 residents and 10,000 cats.
Stray Cat Alliance, a nonprofit with an 11-year history of serving Los Angeles, along with local organizational partners, more than 60 volunteers, and residents of 90037, canvasses the neighborhood on an ongoing basis to offer information about spay/neuter services. Like a grassroots political campaign, I Spayed L.A. uses proven community organizing tactics. Volunteers go door-to-door; block and neighborhood captains provide information and resources so local residents are empowered to help their own communities. Stray Cat Alliance has set up two trap depots in the area, and is teaching residents how to use them humanely. Spay/neuters are performed locally at Animal Rescue Center in South Los Angeles, and paid for by Stray Cat Alliance.
“I can’t say enough about the work that Stray Cat Alliance is doing in South Los Angeles,” said Animal Planet’s Jackson Galaxy, animal behaviorist and star of “My Cat from Hell.” “From hands-on rescue to educating the community about responsible pet care, I Spayed L.A. is a model program for trap/neuter/return that urban areas all over the country should be implementing.”
“U2” and Jay MacNeal, currently homeless in the 90037 area, help feed and take care of cats, even sharing their own dinners with the local cats if necessary. “There are a lot of stray cats around here,” said U2. “They keep getting pregnant over and over again. Get your cats spayed or neutered and stop the population, because no one wants to take care of them.”
In addition to nearly 300 cats already spayed/neutered by Stray Cat Alliance, the organization has saved numerous abandoned, injured, ill and dying animals in 90037. In just one day, three dogs, two cats and two kittens were rescued, treated for injuries, and placed into foster homes.
“I Spayed L.A. is a partnership with community residents to give them the tools and resources they need to continue this work,” said Stray Cat Alliance executive director Christi Metropole. “We know that even if we came in and fixed every single cat, two years later, the population would return to its original numbers. Our goal is to change hearts and minds so there is ongoing positive momentum, and 90037 can solve this problem without outside help.”
Stray Cat Alliance estimates that by sterilizing 70 percent or more of all cats in this zip code over the next three years, it would eliminate, or nearly eliminate, intakes from that zip code at the South Los Angeles shelter, where the kill rate for cats exceed 80 percent.
About Stray Cat Alliance
Stray Cat Alliance works for a no-kill nation, where every cat has a right to be safe, healthy and valued. Since 2000, it has empowered hundreds of volunteers and thousands of community members to care for more than 75,000 Southern California cats in need. Stray Cat Alliance performs Trap-Neuter-Return and other health services, and runs an adoption program in Los Angeles, placing thousands of cats in homes. Stray Cat Alliance advocates humane care of homeless cats, and reducing kill rates for cats in shelters today. See www.StrayCatAlliance.org for more information.


Alley Cat Allies welcomes conviction; calls for Dauphine’s dismissal from Smithsonian Institution



BETHESDA, MD —Alley Cat Allies, the only national advocacy organization dedicated to the protection and humane treatment of cats, today welcomed the guilty verdict in the case of Nico Dauphine, a Smithsonian researcher charged with attempting to poison a colony of feral cats in a Washington, D.C. neighborhood.  


“We are satisfied with this verdict,” said Becky Robinson, president of Alley Cat Allies.  “Americans care about cats and will not tolerate cruelty towards them.  We are grateful to law enforcement and to the prosecutors for treating this crime with the seriousness it deserved.”


Dauphine, a researcher at the Smithsonian Institution’s Migratory Bird Center, was found guilty of misdemeanor cruelty after an investigation last spring showed her in video surveillance placing rat poison in the cats’ food bowls. 


Research summaries posted to the Migratory Bird Center’s web site indicate that one of Dauphine’s research projects involved “mounting small cameras on domestic cats that roam outdoors to see how they affect wild bird populations,” putting Dauphine in direct contact with cats.


“We call on the Smithsonian to immediately dismiss Ms. Dauphine from her position and cancel any research projects in which she was involved,” said Robinson.  “Her conviction for attempting to kill cats, along with her history of condemning cats in research, leaves her work suspect of major bias.  Her work should be discredited and disregarded by the scientific community.”


“Killing cats is illegal, and feral cats are protected under the law,” said Robinson. “Anti-cruelty laws protect all cats—pet, stray, or feral—in every state and the District of Columbia. Americans who are demanding humane approaches for cats are not going to allow this kind of cruelty to go unpunished.”




About Alley Cat Allies

Alley Cat Allies is the only national advocacy organization dedicated to the protection and humane treatment of cats.  Founded in 1990, today Alley Cat Allies has more than 260,000 supporters and helps tens of thousands of individuals, communities, and organizations save and improve the lives cats and kittens nationwide.  Their web site is www.alleycat.org.

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