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Saturday, May 21, the 142nd day of 2016. There are 224 days left in the year.CREW
Jon Patch - Host
Jillyn Sidlo - Co Host
Lexi Lapp - Producer
Ben Boquist - Network Producer
Bob Page - Executive Producer
Special Guest:  PetStaurant Owner and Founder of The Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation, Marc Ching, will join Jon and Talkin' Pets 5/21/16 at 5pm EST to discuss Japanese herbal and holistic nuitrition for pets as well as his efforts to save animals

--------------Watch where you sit... When you go...A Baby opossum was rescued from a..... toilet!!!The San Diego County Department of Animal Services says a baby opossum is doing well after being rescued from a toilet.The agency says a Pacific Beach woman found the critter in her toilet on May 1 and Animal Control Officer Carlos Wallis responded and took it to the San Diego Humane Society's Project Wildlife. It will be released when it is old enough to survive on its own.A second opossum was found in the home later, along with a broken window which likely allowed the animals to enter.Animal Services Deputy Director Dan DeSousa says both opossums are doing OK.----------------

German shepherd survives 5 weeks on California freewayA dog that fell from a truck onto a California freeway eluded capture for five weeks among the oleander bushes of the median before being rescued.Authorities are looking for the owner of the German shepherd nicknamed Freeway Frida, who was rescued from Highway 99 in Galt, California on Saturday.Authorities first received a call about the wayward pooch on April 10 and fielded several more throughout the weeks.Frida weighed 44 pounds when she was found, well below normal for her breed. She's also being treated for a broken leg.The brown-eyed girl is now recovering at an animal hospital near Sacramento. Dr. Mike Johnson, medical director at the animal hospital, says it's obvious she is looking for her home.--------------------

Killer Nile crocodiles in Florida? Experts say it's possibleThe Burmese python might have to step aside: It's possible the animal is no longer Florida's scariest invasive species. Researchers have confirmed that three Nile crocodiles were captured near Miami, and there could be more of the man-eating reptiles still out there, although no one can say for sure.The University of Florida researchers' paper says it's likely the crocs were brought to Florida illegally. They could be bad news for the Everglades ecosystem.The paper shows that DNA samples proved the animals captured in 2009, 2011 and 2014 are Nile crocs. The species is responsible for about 200 deaths annually in sub-Saharan Africa.University herpetologist Kenneth Krysko said more Nile crocs may live in the Everglades. He says the captured trio were most likely brought to Florida by an unlicensed collector who let them escape or released them.-------------------

In an update to a story we brought you last week... Hero Dog Is Heading Home After Saving 7-Year-Old From Rattlesnake...Haus, a German shepherd being hailed as a hero for saving his 7-year-old owner, Molly DeLuca, from a rattlesnake in the family’s backyard last week, is finally going home from the animal hospital.The DeLuca family was reunited at BluePearl Veterinary Partners in Tampa, Florida, this morning with their protective 2-year-old dog, which they recently adopted from Heidi’s Legacy Rescue, a local nonprofit shelter. The family said the dog is doing “remarkably well.”Haus has also received the Heroic Dog Award from PETA.PETA stopped by the family's home to present him with the award along with a get-well care package which includes toys, treats, and a comfy blanket.
The community and well-wishers around the world rallied for Haus as he made his recovery, contributing more than $50,000 to a GoFundMe page set up for his medical expenses. -----------------

This past week our social media channels saw some solid posts... we learned that Houston is #1... and not in a good way... the Texas city leads all of the USA in postman getting bite by dogs... in the post we share some ways you can make sure your city doesnt end up on this list...We also shared an amazing video of a Take Your Dog To Owrk Project... where so many dogs and puppies were unleashed on an unsuspecting busy office... lets just stress levels were way down that day... the video is adorable...Also Jon posted video of his "city chickens" and thier love of grapes... the Golden Girls are so sweet and more and more people are making chickens pets in urban settings... And finally the major radio trade publications recognized Talkin Pets Radio for celebrating 26 years on the air... 26 years of bringing you fresh, informative and entertaining pet content... so a big thank you to all the listeners and radio stations along the way... we love you!!Please make sure you follow, friend and like us on all of our social media channels... twitter, facebook, instagram and helio... you can find links to all of these outlets on our webpage... talkinpets.comt-a-l-k-i-n

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