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Saturday, April 9, the 100th day of 2016.
There are 266 days left in the year.Crew
Jon Patch - Host
Dr. Adriana Odachowski - Co Host
Zach Budin - Producer
Ben - Network Producer
Bob Page - Executive Producer
Special Guests -
Author of "Into The Nest" Laura Erickson will join Jon and Talkin' Pets Saturday 4/9/16 at 5pm EST to discuss and give away her book
Ware Manufacturing Inc. Director of Product Development Dave Hitsman will join Jon and Talkin' Pets 4/9/16 at 630pm EST to discuss their Backyard Charm Open Air Hutch and Jon's new venture into chicken parenting------------------------


Talkin Pets Social Media Update....This past week we posted some great stuff to our social media channels like the great read about your pets and taxes... as the April 15th Tax Day approaches this post outlines how and when you could possibly use your pets as deductions and also when not to...Jon also posted some pictures of one his bucket list items that is now checked off... thanks to Ware Manufacturing Jon is the new Dad to City Chickens... you have to see the pics...With the NHL Playoffs right around the corner we posted one of the cutest videos we have seen in awhile if you are a hockey fan... Doxies playing hockey... Go Bolts!!!Couple of great videos of a frog saving tadpoles and dogs saved from a Korean Meat Farm get the first taste of real human TLC... grab that box of tissues for those posts... it is getting dusty in here...And finally we would like to tell you about a new app: Heilo (pronounced Hello)... This is a new social media platform. But unlike all the others it relies on the spoken work... audio posts... We will be posting one minute pet tips and other great stuff on Heilo... you can download the brand new app at or see our post about it on our facebook page...Remember to follow all of our social media channels... new content all week long... search for the TalkinPetsRadio or head over to our website - all of the social media links are on top of the home page.--------------------

No one claims wayward Bay Bridge ChihuahuaNo one has come forward to claim a wayward Chihuahua who led police on a chase across the Oakland-San Francisco Bay Bridge earlier this week.Ponch will now head to foster care. He was named after the California Highway Patrol Officer Frank Poncherello played by Erik Estrada in the 1970s television series "CHiPs."The C.H.P. says the small black dog led them on "quite a chase" and posted a video of it running furiously on the upper level of the bridge while being trailed by a motorcycle officer.A spokeswoman for the city's Department of Animal Care and Control said the dog wore a tag decorated with a human skull, but it had no identification.---------------------

Would you park your dog in a locker while you eat brunch?In a city that’s expert at peddling solutions to problems no one quite knew they had, the Dog Parker was probably inevitable: a rentable doghouse that allows New Yorkers to stash their furry charges while they fetch groceries and retrieve dry cleaning, errands only complicated by a leash and a Labrador.There are five of these cramped canine quarters so far, none bigger than 30-by-40 inches, and all on the sidewalks in front of stores in — where else? — Brooklyn. Part of a pilot program begun last fall.Dog Parker describes itself as “like Uber, but for tying your dog outside the deli.” It’s a box that locks, into which can be put a dog while the owner runs an errand. The boxes are climate controlled so there is no danger of the dogs overheating, and they’re cleaned every day. They’re designed to give owners a place to stow their pets where they won’t have to worry about someone running off with their dogs, which can be a concern with the traditional method of simply tying a dog outside of a store.  Owners who want to use a Dog Parker box pay an annual membership fee of $25, plus 20 cents per minute or $12 per hour to stow their pets, but it seems pretty easy to stash a dog that way for a quick stop into a deli for toilet paper and beer. People planning on lingering at brunch for a few hours might want to just leave the dogs at home, though.Founder Chelsea Brownridge says she came up with the idea because she kept having to leave her dog behind while she was out, and that it was a “bummer.” She currently has five boxes in Brooklyn, and has plans to bring out more this year.--------------------------------

America's first dog cafe opens in Los Angeles...The Dog Cafe, which held its grand opening this week, is a coffee shop that also lets customers cuddle with adoptable rescue dogs.Customers can order coffee or tea in the cafe and then play with pups in the dog lounge next door -- all of which are in need of a forever home.The Dog Cafe offers a comfortable and fun space for humans and dogs to hang out with each other, away from overcrowded shelters, which can provoke fear and aggression in perfectly adoptable pups. In addition to helping worthy pups find homes, they also offer the opportunity for people unable to have pets of their own to spend quality time with furry friends (and vice versa) without the commitment of adoption.There is an entrance fee of $10 per person to reserve a 55-minute time slot with the dogs -- and includes one beverage. You can reserve your spot online, but walk-ins are also accepted on a first come, first serve basis.  The Dog Cafe is located at 240 N. Virgil Avenue in Silver Lake Calf.--------------

Should Medical Marijuana Be Used to Treat Pets?
As is the case with humans, pets suffer side effects — including liver and kidney damage — from the medication they’re prescribed. But L.A. veterinarian Dr. Tim Shu says there’s a safe alternative for some of these prescriptions: medical marijuana.The marijuana extract Shu created for pets, called VETCBD, is meant for animals suffering from arthritis, separation and travel anxiety, appetite loss, seizures and chronic pain. VETCBD is made from cannabidiol, a non-psychoactive extract of marijuana. In other words, pets can’t get high — and, according to Shu, the side effects are almost non-existent.The extract is 19 parts CBD and one part THC, only enough to help activate the CBD so that it zeros in on pain and anxiety, Shu says. “We don’t know how animals are feeling, so we look for signs such as barking like crazy or urinating in the house or tearing up the house.”VETCBD is hardly the only medicinal marijuana product geared toward pets. Dre Arriola, retail manager at Southern California Collective in downtown L.A., says she recommends CBD-infused dog and cat biscuits from Gem Stonz Botanicals.  But don’t expect to be able to get your dog or cat medicinal marijuana through your vet. “There is no evidence to support its use for any indication,” says David Bruyette, medical director at VCA West Los Angeles Animal Hospital. “Studies are simply not there to suggest it has any proven positive effects.”In fact, it's illegal in every state for a vet to prescribe marijuana to treat a pet. But pet owners can still get their paws on pet-friendly medicinal marijuana at many dispensaries. More than 60 medical marijuana dispensaries in California carry VETCBD, which is given orally with a syringe or put on food. Pet size determines the amount given from one-ounce bottles that cost $40 each and that, for an average-sized dog, last about a month.Shu and his business partner, Don Duong, say that, as with anything new and foreign, the key to understanding medical marijuana for pets is education. Duong does a lot of “demo days” at dispensaries, where he hands out samples and talks with pet owners.Though Shu says VETCBD is not a cure-all, he’s convinced it can extend pets’ lives by easing their discomfort: “People aren’t as likely to jump the gun and euthanize because they think their pet is suffering.”

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