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Saturday, Sept. 26, the 269th day of 2015.
There are 96 days left in the year.Host – Jon Patch
Co-Host – Dr. Anne Lampru
Executive Producer – Bob Page
Network Producer – Sonar Greene
Studio Producer – Lexi Lapp
Special Guests – Hour 1 - Author Laura T. Coffey will join Jon and Talkin' Pets 9/26/2015 at 5pm EST to discuss and give away her book MY OLD DOG
Hour 2 - Chris Ruben of Eurocan Pet Products will join Jon and Talkin' Pets Saturday 9/26/15 at 630pm EST to discuss and give away Bullwrinkles - The ultimate treats for dogs


You have heard of snakes on a plane... now - how about Spiders!!!A tarantula that escaped in the cargo hold of a passenger flight from Maryland's BWI airport to Atlanta grounded the plane before it could take off and sent passengers onto another flight.Brian Kruse, spokesman for Delta Air Lines said that baggage handlers noticed a baboon tarantula had gotten out of its container on Flight 1525 earlier this week.Kruse says the captain grounded the plane so it could be searched for any additional arachnids. Passengers were put on another flight.Kruse says the spider was confined to the cargo hold and never entered the cabin. No other tarantulas were found.-----------------------------


Couple find 'strange animal' in toilet bowl... A Mississippi couple returning from their honeymoon shared pictures of a mysterious "strange animal" they discovered in the bowl of their toilet.Carol-Anne and Ronald Morris said they had just returned from their honeymoon Sept. 18 when they looked into the toilet and beheld a bizarre sight."I didn't know [what it was]," Carol-Anne Morris said. "I mean, I stood there for a second and I was like, 'I'm not seeing what I think I'm seeing.' The whiskers, the ears, just right there."Ronald Morris described the sight  as a "big brown mass, and beside this had ears and whiskers on was very shocking."The couple posted pictures of the creature to social media in the hopes of identifying it, and friends variously suggested it could be a rat, mole, squirrel or other small rodent.Experts at the Jackson Zoo were equally stumped."It's just really hard to tell. I can't even give you a good guess," zoo director Beth Poff said after viewing the photos.Plumbers said there are a number of ways the animal could have gotten into the toilet bowl, including coming up through the sewer."It's going to have to have traveled all through the sewer in your house, came up into your actual line for your house all the way through your front yard," plumber Wesley Brisendine said.Ronald Morris said he and Carol-Anne have accepted that they might never know the identity of the creature, but he said the incident taught them both a valuable lesson: "Make sure to look before you sit down."---------------


The most popular Halloween costumes for pets
 If your beloved pet is snuggling with you while you listen to this, you might want to distract them away from the radio. Our furry friends tend to be, well, a bit less enthusiastic about their Halloween costumes than we are.And this is shaping up to be a very big year for pet costumes: Everything from minions to wild animals and superheroes are top choices."With the highly anticipated release of 'Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens,' we are anticipating classic Star Wars characters such as Darth Vader and Yoda flying off our shelves," a "spooksperson" for Party City said."'Minions' recently became the second biggest animated movie of all time," added the Party City rep, who noted that the quirky pill-shaped creatures also make a great group costume for the whole family.Data collected by Amazon confirms that Star Wars characters and minions are indeed among the top-trending themes for pet costumes. Data pulled from eBay shows quite a different set of themes.  With Superman and a Lion one that is for cats! leading the way...
And while the best-selling costumes are for dogs and cats, there are plenty of options out there for pets like guinea pigs, and even fish and lizards! Eran Cohen, chief customer experience officer at PetSmart, said that the pet retailer has carried a Halloween-themed fish aquarium for about three years, to increasing consumer interest.
 Remember that costumes aren't for every pet. But if you do plan on dressing up Fido, make sure your pet's costume is comfortable, non-restricting and doesn't have any loose pieces they might try to swallow.

Kylie Jenner Introduces Fans to Her New Dog Sophia on SnapchatThe 18-year-old evidently acquired another Italian Greyhound, named Sophia, as seen on her Snapchat account on Thursday."Stop crying Sophs, c'mon, it's okay," Jenner comforted her latest addition.The youngest daughter of Caitlyn Jenner is already a loving parent to Italian Greyhounds Norman and Bambi as well as a bunny named Bruce.Aside from little Sophia, another member of Jenner's inner circle featured heavily on her Snapchat is rapper boyfriend Tyga.The Keeping Up With the Kardashians recently denied engagement rumors after the 25-year-old hitmaker appeared to call her his fiancée.The couple continue to share PDA-filled videos on their respective Snapchat accounts since seemingly affirming their romance in his "Stimulated" music video. -------------------


'Pope dogs' craze triggered by papal visitPope Francis's visit to the United States has been marked in an unexpected way by some Americans.From Florida to New York and Pennsylvania dog owners have been dressing their pets in canine papal outfits with the hashtag #popedog on Instagram."Everyone loves cute puppies, and everyone loves Pope Francis," said John Scorr from Brooklyn, who dressed three-year-old Puggle Giles in full papal regalia minus the staff.
"Giles wanted to show his support for a more progressive pontiff. Also, I suspect the Holy Father himself would find it funny."Melissa Joy, who photographed Colin and Erica Cissne's dog Babs, in Philadelphia said: "It's very festive, and embracing of a huge event that's happening in our city."Asked if the Pope was aware of the trend, a Vatican spokeswoman said: "I don't know if he's conscious of that. I imagine he has more important things to think about." Dressing dogs as popes may not be a new phenomenon, however.The Twitter account PopeDog was set up in 2013 as "a bit of fun", apparently inspired by a video of Pope costumes being made for dogs in Germany that was posted online in 2008.Remarking on the latest craze, 'PopeDog' who owns three dogs and works in IT in the British town of Swindon said: "The US have always been crazy bonkers for dressing up their dogs, and the Pope's outfits are crying out for some canine fashion pimping - it's a collision of awesome."

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