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Motto for 2019: New Year. New You. New Leaf.
Sanctuary's free global mentor program seeks to support 200,000
aspiring vegans by 2021
Saugerties, NY— January, 2019
Veganism is poised to dominate the globe— and the New Leaf Vegan Mentor Program is
leading the way.
With The Economist dubbing 2019 “The Year of the Vegan” and Forbes including 1 it in the
list of “Top Health Trends to Go Mainstream in 2019,”2 veganism is getting closer to the
crucial 10% tipping point3 when a minority belief can become a majority belief— and not a
moment too soon. With only twelve years left before climate change becomes irreversible4,
veganism is the single most impactful step that an individual can take to combat it.5
With the arrival of a new year, there’s no better time to make a resolution to adopt a vegan
lifestyle, whether for animals, the planet, one's own health...or all three! Enter New Leaf : a
free vegan mentor program created by Catskill Animal Sanctuary for folks needing
support. After a successful national launch, and with applications from over twenty
countries, New Leaf is enrolling mentors and matching them with aspiring vegans through
a convenient website and cell phone app. For vegans looking to gain new advocacy skills,
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2 Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/eustaciahuen/2018/12/25/healthtrends/#30bd62511b82
3 Source: http://freakonomics.com/2011/07/28/minority-rules-why-10-percent-is-all-you-need/
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make a difference in an individual’s life, and join a global community working to create
positive change, New Leaf welcomes mentor applications from around the world.
“People want to become vegan but don’t know where to start, what to eat, how to shop or
find community. . New Leaf provides ample support so folks can be successful long-term.
The program is a game-changer for a more just and compassionate world,” says New Leaf
Program Manager Elana Kirshenbaum.
The New Leaf team offers the service free to all, believing in minimizing economic barriers
to adopting a vegan lifestyle. New Leaf is powered by grants and seeking robust, mutually
beneficial partnerships with like-minded organizations and brands.
For information about joining New Leaf as a mentor, mentee, or funding partner, go to
newleafvegans.org or contact Elana Kirshenbaum: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
About New Leaf:
The New Leaf Vegan Mentor Program combines the proven effectiveness of one-on-one
mentor relationships, the power of superior matching technology, and data from a
successful Pilot Mentor Program to combat the 84% recidivism rate among self-identifying
New Leaf's parent organization, Catskill Animal Sanctuary, has been promoting veganism
in New York's Hudson Valley region and beyond since 2003.
About Catskill Animal Sanctuary:
Founded in 2001, Catskill Animal Sanctuary is a non-profit, 150-acre refuge in New York's
Hudson Valley. It is home to eleven species of rescued farmed animals with between 300
and 400 residents at any given time. In addition to direct animal aid, the Sanctuary offers
on-site tours, vegan cooking lessons, and educational programs that advocate veganism
as the very best way to end animal suffering, improve human health, and heal an ailing
Catskill Animal Sanctuary is Charity Navigator’s #1 farm sanctuary for fiscal accountability,
and the only U.S. farmed animal sanctuary with highest honors