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Steve Irwin meets David Attenborough in this jaw-dropping account of studying the world’s most venomous creatures. Venom Doc The Edgiest, Darkest, Strangest Natural History Memoir Ever By Bryan Grieg Fry
Praise on behalf of Venom Doc
“Venom Doc is jam-packed with wildly entertaining behind-the-scenes stories of how Bryan became an expert on venom and the trials and tribulations of a life in science. Brilliant, flamboyant, and sometimes controversial . . . This book is thrilling and thought-provoking!” —Nigel Marven, BBC television host
“If you’re a fan of the animals most love to loathe, then this book is definitely for you.” —Discover magazine
“If the first two rules of writing one’s memoirs are to live a remarkable life and to relate its anecdotes in an interesting, entertaining way, then Bryan Fry's Venom Doc nails it on both counts.” —Ray Morgan, The Venom Interviews
A One-of-a-Kind Tale of a Man’s Passion for Poison
Venomologist Bryan Grieg Fry has one of the most dangerous jobs on earth: he works with its deadliest creatures. He’s been bitten by twenty-six poisonous snakes, stung by three stingrays, and survived a near-fatal scorpion sting while deep in the Amazon jungle. He’s also broken twenty-three bones, including his back in three places, and had to learn how to walk again. But when you research only the venom you yourself have collected, the adventures—and dangers—never stop. Imagine a three-week-long first date in Siberia catching venomous water shrews; a wedding attended by Eastern European prime ministers with their machine-gun-wielding bodyguards and snakes; or leading a team to Antarctica that results in the discovery of four new species of venomous octopi. With an insatiable appetite for venom, Bryan has traveled the world collecting samples. He’s encountered poisonous creatures of all kinds, including the Malaysian king cobra, the Komodo dragon, and the brush-footed trapdoor spider. He recounts his lifelong passion for studying the world’s most venomous creatures in this outlandish, captivating memoir, where he and danger are never far apart. Venom Doc: The Edgiest, Darkest, Strangest Natural History Memoir Ever (Arcade Publishing; October 2016) is a one-of-a-kind tale of a man’s passion for poison. Fry is a doctor, writer, documentary and TV personality, and professor at the Venomics Laboratory at the University of Queensland. Originally published in Australia, this is Venom Doc’s North American debut, and it will be many readers’ first exposure to Fry. Prepare to follow his colorful journeys into remote corners of the world where he searches for venom that has led to medical cures and scientific breakthroughs. Fry experienced an Icarus-like crash when he sustained a near-career-ending injury, breaking his back. While stuck in a hospital for four months, and during his long recovery, Fry thought up this book as a self-help exercise. The result is a wild, sometimes zany, gripping, and surprisingly inspiring read. Anyone who loves adventures, big personalities, animals, and moving stories will adore the fiercely exciting ride that is Fry’s memoir Venom Doc.
About the Author: Bryan Grieg Fry was born in 1970 to a Norwegian mother and an American father and educated in the United States, attending Portland State University before pursuing a PhD in Australia at the University of Queensland’s Centre for Drug Design and Development. His papers and articles have been published widely in academic journals and in the trade media, including Wired, Cosmos, and National Geographic, and he has appeared in documentaries and television programs. He also is the author of Venomous Reptiles and Their Toxins (Oxford University Press). He is associate professor in the School of Biological Sciences at the University of Queensland where he is group leader of the Venomics Laboratory. He resides in Queensland, Australia.
Venom Doc The Edgiest, Darkest, Strangest Natural History Memoir Ever By Bryan Grieg Fry | Arcade Publishing hardcover, also available as an ebook On Sale: October 4, 2016 ISBN: 978-1-62872-699-2 Price: $24.99
Additional Praise for Venom Doc:
"Ask Bryan Grieg Fry what he does for a living, and you're suddenly thrown into a strange world full of venom and danger. In Venom Doc, Fry takes readers on a gripping tour of that world, showing why the dangerous creatures he spends his life with are also among the most fascinating."—Carl Zimmer, author of Parasite Rex
"A pioneering scientist of the topmost caliber” —Sean P. Bush, MD, FACEP, Professor of Emergency Medicine, with Tenure, East Carolina University Brody School of Medicine "Venom Doc is a rollercoaster ride. . . . Venom Doc offers a no-holds barred account of his life journey and transformation, interspersed with near-death experiences, euphoric highs and reflections on his own mortality. . . . Throughout, Bryan offers his scientific insight into the creatures he studies and the elixir he ultimately craves—venom." —Dr. Nick Casewell, Senior Lecturer at the Alistair Reid Venom Research Unit, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine
“A wild acid-soaked synthesis of Hunter S. Thompson and Gerald Durrell . . .”—Dr. Steve Backshall, BAFTA-winning naturalist, writer, and television presenter for Discovery Channel and National Geographic

March Edition

Thanks to your support, we’ve been busy this month protecting cats around the globe. Here are just a few of our current projects and topics of interest:

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Help Us Fight for Cats in Australia—Sign the Pledge


The Australian government is waging war on cats, and we need your help to speak out against them. Right now, Australia’s Ministry of the Environment is killing two million cats by 2020 with cruel methods like poison in a misguided and ineffective attempt to save endangered wildlife. Our new pledge calls for the killing to stop, supports nonlethal methods, and addresses the real threat to Australia’s wildlife—human habitat destruction. By signing the pledge, you tell the world that you want to protect cats and oppose the cruel plan to kill them. As the cats’ leading advocate, Alley Cat Allies pledges to work to end the killing of Australia’s cats. We hope you will join us. Sign the pledge and learn more about Alley Cat Allies’ work in Australia.

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Lifesaving Change for Cats in El Paso, Texas

El Paso’s community cats now have more protections! On February 23, the El Paso City Council voted unanimously to amend the city’s animal ordinances to include protections for community cats and their caregivers. They also voted to create a Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) program through El Paso Animal Services. El Paso’s ordinances now support TNR, and include special policies that will keep cats that are already eartipped, which indicates that they are neutered and vaccinated, out of shelters. See how El Paso has changed for the better of cats and the community.

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Dangerous Bill in Virginia Amended

Great news for Virginia’s animals! A bill that could have contradicted the Promote Adoptions Bill no longer poses a threat. The Promote Adoptions Bill, which passed last year, was a great achievement for advocates and guaranteed that private animal shelters are only “operated for the purpose of finding permanent adoptive homes for animals”. A new bill, introduced this year, challenged that, but amendments ensured it stays true to the intent of the Promote Adoptions Bill. Learn more about the bill amendment and what it means for Virginia’s animals.

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Kristen Lindsey Hearing Postponed Indefinitely


The hearing on the case of Kristen Lindsey, the Texas veterinarian who killed a cat with a bow and arrow and bragged about it on Facebook, has been delayed indefinitely for a mediation period. Mediation could allow more time to investigate new details in the case, including evidence that Lindsey made false statements and misrepresentations. Alley Cat Allies submitted an amicus brief in support of revoking Lindsey’s veterinary license, and we will keep you updated on developments. Read more about the new details of the Kristen Lindsey case.

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Hawaii Feeding Ban Bill Deferred

Hawaii Feeding Ban

Thanks to the overwhelming support of Hawaii cat lovers, a bill that would have banned feeding cats on public lands was deferred. The bill, which was considered by the Hawaii Senate Committees on Water, Land, and Agriculture and Economic Development, Environment, and Technology, would have made it illegal for people to practice TNR, the humane and effective approach to community cats. This is a great first step, but it’s important to keep speaking out so the bill won’t be reconsidered! Learn more about the feeding ban bill and how Hawaii residents can act against it.

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Alabama Spay/Neuter Clinic Reopens

The North Alabama Spay-Neuter Clinic, which shut down in April 2014, has reopened as of February! The non-profit, low-cost clinic is now available to the community with no income or residential restrictions. Alley Cat Allies has been very involved with cat protection efforts in Alabama, especially protecting the state’s few spay/neuter clinics. We’re happy to see the clinic reopen, as they provide vital services that protect Alabama’s animals and make TNR possible. Read about the reopening of the North Alabama Spay-Neuter Clinic.

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Adoptable Cat: Dunesberry


Dunesberry was found outside as a very small kitten in Atlantic City, New Jersey, but now she is growing up and is ready to give you all her energy and love. She’s peppy and curious, loves to eat, and enjoys a good game of fetch. She’s very playful, so she would do great with another young cat who can keep up with her. Dunesberry is FIV positive, but she’s not worried about it! She can live just as long, happy, and healthy a life as any other cat. If you’re in the Atlantic City area, Dunesberry would love to join your family and liven up your home! Find out how you can adopt Dunesberry today.

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Leaping Kitten

Connecting with future veterinarians at SAVMA! We’re exhibiting at the Student American Veterinary Medical Association (SAVMA) Symposium in Ames, IA from March 17–19. Learn about the Symposium and how to attend.

Meet us at the Whole Cat Workshop on March 20! Becky Robinson will be the keynote speaker at this Massachusetts workshop for cat lovers, professionals, and volunteers. Learn how you can attend the workshop.

We’re exhibiting at the VFHS Conference! The Virginia Federation of Humane Societies (VFHS) Conference in Charlottesville, VA from March 31–April 2 is a great opportunity to connect with animal lovers and professionals. Learn about the conference and how to register.

Walt Disney Pictures, Ruby Films and Essential Media & Entertainment present a PG-13, 125 minute, biography, comedy, drama, directed by John Lee Hancock, written by Kelly Marcel and Sue Smith with a theater release date of December 20, 2013.