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It’s a 1,000 year flood. Hundreds of miles of Louisiana are underwater—and animals across the affected areas of the state are calling out for your help. While rescue efforts have been underway all week for both people and animals alike, cats are often the overlooked victims in disasters like this. That’s why Alley Cat Allies is going to make sure that this time, no cat is overlooked. Right now, Alley Cat Allies is providing emergency funds to local boots on the ground activists, with the help of the Humane Society of Louisiana, to pay for necessary supplies including a boat. But we need your emergency donations to support our disaster rescue efforts. The cats in harm’s way simply can’t wait. Every hour that passes is an hour that cat victims of the flood risk drowning before help arrives. Every day that passes is a day a cat who survived the floods faces starvation before a helping hand can feed them. Your emergency support right now ensures Alley Cat Allies can continue to provide immediate aid to local Louisiana groups and shelters impacted by this devastation. But how many cats we can save is up to you, Katie. Please make your emergency donation right now to support our Louisiana disaster rescue efforts. Thank you! For the cats, Becky Robinson
President & Founder
Alley Cat Allies

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