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Tune in Saturday when Jon's good friend Celebrity Pet Trainer Bash Dibra joins Talkin' Pets at 5 PM EST to discuss the Dog Days of Summer and how you can build a Canine Court in your local neighborhood Featured

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Canine Court in Van Cortlandt Park is a living symbol of Fieldston Pets belief in giving back to the community. America's very first pet playground, Canine Court is a green oasis of pastoral pet pastimes that includes an agility course and a custom people/pet water fountain. Safely fenced in within Van Cortlandt Park's rolling fields and forests, Canine Court has been the go-to destination for recreation, socialization and pet-centric events and festivities since 1998.
Canine Court is the cornerstone of Fieldston Pets' mission to ensure that all pets have "forever homes". A safe and inviting sanctuary, Canine Court is a playground for pets, and a meeting place for "pet parents" to exchange ideas, build support systems, and create safety nets for lost, at-risk, or homeless pets. And because pets are our passion, and our mission is to ensure that pets who have homes remain in those homes, and that pets who are abandoned to shelters can be adopted into good homes, Fieldston Pets also offers educational classes, seminars and training sessions.
The Story of Canine Court and Fitness With Fido
Summer Begins with a scorch of the Early Dog days Of Summer...When you take your dog to Canine Court and enjoy the cool shade of the new willows
planted in the Park, and drink from the water fountain opposite Canine Court, made especially for both people and dogs...Remember its beginnings .....
Canine Court Dog Run in Van Cortlandt Park was created by Bash Dibra and opened on April 14, 1998 and celebrated it's 14th year this past April.
It was the first agility dog run in New York City..
We have created the story of Canine Court on YouTube that can be accessed on Bash Dibra's website at
If you could pass along this address to your readers it would be greatly appreciated.
The story in brief
In the beginning Bash Dibra created Canine Court Dug Run on April 14, 1998. But last year torrential rain and winds came and Canine Court was
flooded. The dogs had
lost their playground. The floods went away but some of the trees were missing so Canine Court volunteers helped
plant trees, and they are flourishing. This year on May 6th
Bash Dibra created the
Fitness With Fido Dog Walk to raise needed funds to repair the fencing.
Canine Court needs your readers and dog lovers support.
Howl-O-Ween is the next big event that will take place on October 28, 2012.
Look for the Save The Date info in your email box in a few months.
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