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Issue #11 - Frequently Asked Questions about Neutricks

Where can I get Neutricks®

Neutricks® is sold to veterinarians from the following distributors;

What is the dose for Neutricks®?

One (1) chew tablet per 40 pounds is recommended.

How does Neutricks® work?

The technology revolves around the patented protein 'apoaequorin', a Calcium Binding Protein (CaBp) found in a specific species of jellyfish, (aequoria victoria).

As animals age, they stop producing their own Calcium Binding Proteins and we simply replace these diminished proteins with our 100% natural protein (apoaequorin).

Quincy Animal Health is now prepared to help our pets.

What is the active ingredient in Neutricks®?

Apoaequorin, (the active ingredient in Neutricks®) is a naturally occurring substance; discovered in 1962 in a species of jellyfish (Aequoria Victoria) in Puget Sound, WA. This research eventually led to the 2008 Nobel Prize in Chemistry. This natural calcium-binding protein is remarkably similar to the ones found in the human body! It is actually closer to some cells than they are to their cousin cells.

Is Neutricks® safe?

100% Natural and Proven to be Non-Allergenic and our toxicity studies have also shown that Apoaequorin is non-toxic (5,000 mg/kg), non-allergenic, and has no known adverse reactions.

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“I gave him Neutricks® on the advice of our vet and saw improvement quickly.”


Last summer my now 11 year old Jack Russell, Biscuit, began looking and acting confused. He would go hide behind our sofa (never did this before), go out at night in our yard and get lost (I had to go out and bring him in) and often looked at me as though he was "out of it."

I gave him Neutricks® on the advice of our vet and saw improvement quickly. We are almost at the end of our 60 count bottle, and he has been his usual self for awhile now. I will continue buying this for him because it works really well.

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